Twitter Free Milo Block Sponsors and Promoters of Tweets

by Franco on July 20, 2016

Twitter on a Social Justice Warrior Fascist Binge Permanently Suspending Milo Yiannoupolos:

#FreeMilo by Blocking Sponsors of Promoted Tweets and Hurt the Dumbass Twitter “Leadership” by Tanking their Revenue and Stock Price… in defense of Free Speech. Stop the Censorship Dumbasses…

The beauty of the open market place is that it works both ways…

The market that makes you, can also break you if you’re stupid with your customers.

** Twitter’s miserable policies and censorship activities have stagnated their user base growth at around 300 million or a LONG TIME and have other social media platforms racing past them.

** Their stock price is tanking and under $20.

** Revenue is pathetic.

** Their #2 biggest shareholder (and sugar daddy) is a radical wahhabi islamist “royalty” from Saudi Arabia.

** Twitter leaves ISIS terrorism promoting, recruiting and communication accounts on twitter active and indirectly keeps supporting the growth and murderous terrorist acts of ISIS idiots.

** Twitter completely turns a blind eye to the violence inciting tweets from #BlackLivesMatter supporters up to and including blatant calls for murdering police and assassinating political candidates.

** But then they have been censoring, silencing and banning more and more conservative members from the platform.

** This kind of “Social Justice Warrior” idiotic regressive leftist activity shows a blatant hypocrisy from so-called “liberal” leadership.


Here’s a simple and effective plan to punch them in the mouth and in their wallet:

  1. Go to your main timeline and scroll to find “promoted” tweets which are sponsored tweets that advertisers pay twitter to get on your timeline.
  2. Click to the actual advertiser/sponsor and BLOCK THEM.
  3. Support free speech on twitter by following and engaging the #FreeMilo hashtag and threads.

That’s it.

It’s simple.


This will cause the analytics of advertisers to show that it’s a complete waste of money and time to advertise or run any promotional campaigns on this worthless platform and they’ll drop or stop their investment.

That in turn takes cash away from Twitter’s pocket. No revenue is a DEATH SENTENCE and their stock price will reflect the worthlessness of their business model on this fascist platform.

Twitter will then need to put their little childish feelings in their smelly SJW pocket and they’ll need to make big boy and big girl decisions with regard to how they want to perform for their investors.

This should cause them to grow up and not slap their customers in the face.


They can keep shooting their stupid business model in the face and the platform will die.

Welcome to the free market of ideas dumbasses.

Follow the hashtag: #FreeMilo and engage.

I’ll see you there.

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