How to Get 1000 Quality Followers on Twitter

by Franco on April 24, 2016

Twitter Marketing: How to Get 1,000 Quality Followers on Twitter

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Here’s how to grab these 1,000 Twitter followers. Be sure to grab the free ebook and tip sheet direct from Hubspot on the link above. It’s a great tool to use in refining your Twitter marketing game plan.

THE BAD NEWS: Unless you’re famous, it’s really hard to amass a lot of followers on twitter without some very hard work. For the average person or business, building your twitter follower network takes a lot of time and constant attention.

THE GOOD NEWS: There is some leverage you can use in building up your twitter following to help you collect over 1,000 quality followers relatively quickly. You just have to know what the strategies are and take action on using them consistently.

1000 Twitter Followers Hubspot

The video above gives you the exact steps in detail. I’ll briefly summarize the main points below in this list.


  1. Create and optimize your profile.
  2. Tweet 24/7 like a psyops Jedi.
  3. Curate content like a pro.
  4. Make tweets visual. Catch ’em lookin.
  5. Follow and List a lot of real people (in your niche or interest).
  6. Surf the hashtags in your niche + jump in the conversation.
  7. Make your twitter profile easy to follow. Be everywhere in a click.

Follow the steps above in detail and don’t you ever quit. Get OBSESSED about this stuff and your brand and you’ll build it quick. You’ll be surprised how quick, if you really stick with it.

The video above shows you how in more depth.

Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Networking skills all come together on Twitter and it’s an amazing tool for finding the right kind of people to expand your business fast without any drama or hassles as long as you stay disciplined and focus on the core skill sets and not just fancy robotic tools.

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Twitter Marketing Course Enviralizer Simple Freedom

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