Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

Traffic Authority: Compensation Plan Review

Infinite Leverage Compensation Plan:

Traffic Authority has a leveraged comp plan.

There are no pass ups.

For your first 6 sales, there is a 50/50 commission split across all the products between you and your sponsor. Affiliates are financially motivated to help their affiliate teams close sales.

Every single sale generated on your team earns you override passive cash flow.

After 6 sales, then you will get 80% and the sponsor gets 20%.

Earn Passive Monthly Residual Overrides on the Two Front End Products:

Traffic Optimizer: 50/50 split then 80/20 split monthly.
Traffic Academy: 50/50 split then 80/20 split monthly.

Earn Passive ‘Big Ticket’ Commissions on all Traffic Packages:

Basic – 170-190 clicks (Pays $100 commissions)
Bronze – 350-380 clicks (Pays $200 commissions)
Silver – 510-570 clicks (Pays $300 commissions)
Gold – 850-950 clicks (Pays $500 commissions)
Platinum – 1,700-1,900 clicks (Pays $1,000 commissions)
Titanium – 3,400-3,800 clicks (Pays $2,000 commissions)
Diamond – 8,100-8,400 clicks (Pays $4,000 commissions)

Team Sale Commission Splits: 

First six sales is 50/50.
After that it’s 80/20.

You never lose your front line teammates.

Ever single time they earn, you earn.

*High Commissions

You can earn from $100, $200, $300, $500. All the way up to payments of $1,000, $2,000 and even $4,000…each and every time someone buys a traffic product as a licensed reseller of Traffic Authority.

* * High Recurring Big Ticket Commissions

Usually when you sell ‘big ticket’ offers you only sell them once. Traffic Authority is ingenious because they’ve combined a ‘big ticket’ offer with a product that people buy more than one time. There is no limits to how many times your customers can buy traffic packages. So you earn ‘big ticket’ commissions every single time your same customers repeat purchase traffic packages. This is a brilliant concept nobody else has.

Imagine making $1,000+ commissions from your same customers again and again. Then imagine your system adding new customers to your business on a monthly basis, who also make repeat purchases of high commission paying traffic packages. Genius.

*Residual Commissions

You earn $20 per month for Traffic Optimizer and $70 per month for Traffic Optimizer/Traffic Academy combined. They’ll continue to buy and send traffic to their sites. They’ll continue to use the Traffic Optimizer tools in their own businesses. And they’ll continue to train, learn and earn through The Traffic Academy.

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RETAIL SALES: Sell Premium Traffic With Your Own Online Traffic Agency

If you don’t like the opportunity side of things, you can simply resell the traffic with your own store. See how your retail traffic store will look:

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