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Affiliate Marketing Home Business Tools

Here are the tools I use to help my business grow.

You don’t need all of them, but using a few of these can make your marketing life a heckuva lot more simple and fun. A few of these tools will bring in some nice cash for you too. Enjoy them.

EVERYBODY’S ADDICTED TO THEIR SMART PHONE! Why not have your message sent directly to them on their phone and generate daily smart phone leads to your offers?

SMSPhoneLeads SMS Phone Leads Simple Freedom Smart Phone Marketing Leads

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SMSPhoneTraffic + AUTOMATED FOLLOW UP = Hands-Free Sales!
Secret Smart Phone Marketing Weapon Revealed: Leads Flowing to YOU.
24 Hour Smart Phone Voice Prospecting System Creates Leads.
Promote Whatever You Want. Easy Setup – Less than 15 Minutes.
Use Online or Offline – DOESN’T MATTER!
Affordable for EVERYONE. Click here and review. Get traffic today.

GOT LEADS? You Already Know You Need Leads – Get Some Here and Get Good At Follow Up – Start Closing More Sales By Tapping Into My Training…

Profit Leads Review Robert Blackman Franco Gonzalez Affiliate Marketing Training Simple Freedom

You need leads. And you already know this.

The truth is no matter how you try to “sugar coat” things, if you are in the sales & marketing business the worst thing you can do is try to ignore that very real truth and pretend you’re not in “sales” like they try to psycho babble you about on facebook.

You are in SALES and MARKETING. And if you want to be successful in sales and marketing you need to have yourself and your message in front of new prospects every single day of your business life or you will have no business soon.

You need leads.

You already know this.

Getting leads is not the hard part.

You can click here and get some right now.

The hard part will be in not shooting your business in the face by procrastinating (again) and self sabotaging yourself by thinking that you do not need leads and continuing to waste an enormous amount of time spinning your wheels on facebook posting things that only the same 5 people “engage” with superficially.


Here’s a better idea.

A smart thing to do would be to FLOOD your business and your online funnels with a tsunami of leads weekly.

Get tons of leads watching your presentation videos and flowing through your marketing funnels.

Then, in FOLLOW UP, contact them and invite them to follow you on your facebook.

Now, a steady stream of NEW PEOPLE will be hanging out with you and there’s a PARTY going on, on your facebook and OTHER PEOPLE take notice. “Something is happening here!”

Now, there’s more engagement.

There’s new people mingling and now your facebook looks attractive and is becoming “the place to be.”

That’s the smart way to do it.

It’ll build your social network brand at the same time and you’ll close more sales.

Stop trying  to beg people on facebook to notice you when it’s the same exact 7 people “liking” your posts but no new flow of prospects. That will not “build your business.”

Get leads.

Fill your marketing system with new prospects watching your presentation.

THEN… in follow up, invite them to follow you on social media.

That’s a “secret” hardly anybody else will teach you.

But I will.

Plug into my training.

I’ll show you how to work any kind of lead.

Click here and get some leads.

How to GET PAID By Using Profit Leads

I’ll also show you how using this lead source and teaching your team to use it (the team I’m going to show you how to build from scratch)… can also turn into yet another “multiple income stream” and what I call, a “silent income stream” because as you use it and close more sales…

…more people will model you.

This is called “replicating and duplication.”

And when this happens, you get paid to buy leads.

Do you truly get how smart that is?

Get paid…

Monthly residual cash flow…

And buy more leads with it.

Teach that.

And you make even more cash flow.

That’s some smart “marketing planning” there my friend.

Visualize that.

Envision this plan.

You have a growing team of affiliates doing this exact same thing.

And as a bigger and bigger team, buys more leads and closes more sales…

You make more and more money and it’s residual…

Monthly cash flow.

Make money on everything.

That’s what I teach.

Start here.

Get some leads.

Plug into my training to know how to close more of them.

See you inside.


Everything you need. Every single tool you need to market online UNDER ONE ROOF.

You get all this and more…

Lead Capture Pages: (unlimited – as many as you want).
Sales Pages: (unlimited – as many as you want).
Email Autoresponders: (unlimited – as many as you want).
Share Funnels: Complete Marketing Funnels (shared with your team fast).

INSTANT-UPDATE FUNNELS: Fix main page and whole team’s funnels updated!
Ready-Made Professionally Designed Pages: Just click and get traffic.

Unlimited Blogs Included: Build as many niche traffic blogs as you want.
Traffic Generation: Training & Push Button Automated Traffic Sources.

Social Media Marketing Training: Build massive audience from scratch.
Social Networking Training: Master prospecting with social networks.
Done-For-You-Systems: Push button fast. Convenient. Results oriented.

Affiliates Offer Marketers Everything They Need and Get Paid.
The Most Valuable Internet Marketing Resource You’ll Ever Use.

More profitable tools to grow your business…

BLOGGING SYSTEM – THRIVE THEMES: Absolutely THE BEST WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Marketers…

THRIVE THEMES: Best WordPress Marketing Site Creator

Thrive Themes WordPress Plugin

I use this plugin on my wordpress blog and love it.
Create Landing Pages, Sales Pages. So easy.
Click here to review the awesomeness of Thrive Themes Plugin

HOSTING: Website Hosting for Your Own Blog or Site
I’ve used this hosting service over 10 years.
You get 100% up time. No hassles. Solid support.

AWEBER: Your Personal Email Autoresponder
I use this email marketing system on all my blogs.
Unlimited auto-responder campaigns.
Unlimited broadcast emailing system.
Build your email list. Monetize your email list.

Guaranteed Leads For Life
How to Have 3-5 People Looking
at Your Home Business Every Day

Rotate All Your Sites With ONE LINK
Create Multiple Streams of Income
Build Profitable Traffic Co-ops Easily

Access Buyer Leads Daily
Free Access to a Massive List
of Affiliate Marketing Buyer Leads

TOPSURFER – Affordable Solo Ads & 6 Ways to Get Traffic
Tight Budget? You’re going to love getting traffic here.
3 Different Ways to Make Money Advertising with Topsurfer

The World’s Most Affordable Marketing System
No excuse. Everyone on the Planet Now
Has Access to a Complete Marketing System

Viral Simple Freedom Marketing Funnel System
Unlimited Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages
Full Marketing Funnels and Email Autoresponder
And a Badass Compensation Plan for Cash Flow

Get started today with my free lead system.
You get professional lead capture page, sales video page
(sells your primary program too) and you also get a
complete back office with internet marketing training.
BONUS: Get this from me and I give you my traffic source.


Get Traffic Daily. Click here for traffic & lead generation resources.

INTERNET MARKETING SCHOOL: Education & Training for Online Marketers. Nothing is more important than investing in your knowledge, skill sets and lifelong learning.

Simple Freedom Academy Internet Marketing and Bitcoin Training

Bitcoin Basics What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency News

Simple Freedom Academy: Internet Marketing Training from my own coaching program. Only direct marketing concepts proven to deliver traffic, leads and sales to your business. Instead of paying $1,000/mth for a coaching program that will only “info overload” you, start here and get the direct action strategies you need to get results.

Built “in-house” from the ground up, Academy is the best Internet Marketing School you’ll see available online. 

Click here to review Academy.

Got your tools set? Ready to get traffic and make money?

Click here to get traffic to your offers.

Simple Freedom Franco Gonzalez Private Coaching

Bitcoin Basics What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency News


Ready to take your business to the next level? If you’re serious about learning to become an Internet Business Professional, my private coaching program will save you tons of time and money and get you results faster than anything else. Click here to review your many options and let’s connect soon.


Message me directly here on Facebook with any questions about any of these resources.


Franco Gonzalez
text: 760-271-2810
e: itsFranco @
v: Click here for Daily Coaching Videos & Updates
Franco Gonzalez Simple Freedom

P.S. Looking for Big 100% Commissions? This is my favorite online affiliate program because it’s designed to help people make full time income faster. Training included too.

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