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Recommendation for Simple Freedom Club Affiliates:

Always keep 10-20 paperbacks in your car or at the office so you can easily pass them around.

Leave them at coffee shops, send them to leads you meet online.

Let the book do most of the talking.

Keep warm clothes and non-perishable food items in your car and give to people in need, at shelters, your local town food bank.

Give people hoodies, tshirts, socks, beanies.

Donate food, water, coffee and other simple but important survival items in your local town to charities, food banks and people in need.

In those supplies include some Simple Freedom books.

The good karma you give away today is the good karma you’ll receive later.

Support local business in your town.

Share abundance.



Help out.

Not for selfish, narcissistic (social media) reasons, but because it’s what we know we should be doing.

Do it quietly.

Do it consistently.

And share our message.

Let Simple Freedom do the rest of the teaching for you.

You are an ambassador and a “tour guide” of Simple Freedom to other people.

Show up.

Warrior up.

Be free.

Teach freedom.

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