History of the Frankfurt School – The Birth of Political Correctness – Social Justice Warriors and Cultural Marxism

by Franco on May 22, 2016

History of the Frankfurt School: The Birth of Political Correctness, Social Engineering, Social Justice Warriors and Cultural Marxism…

How Shadow Men Used Mind Control, Social Engineering and PSYOPs to Subvert a Nation into Radical Liberalism.

The social weaponization of “useful idiots” to destroy the family unit, introduce the drug culture, mass abortion, violent crime, expand mass poverty, wage war on the middle class and economically enslave a nation.

Cultural Marxists continue to use the “Critical Theory,” political correctness and a tranced, dumbed down army of “social justice warriors” (cultural marxist strategy) to turn a nation upside down and rock the population to sleep with new age nonsense, consumerism and massive personal financial debt in a stagnant economy.

To effectively push back against this nonsense that started about 90 years ago, right before the first world war, people need to learn truths and history that was not taught to them in the state school system.

You can’t win any war without knowing and identifying the enemy.

SEE MORE: Ex-KGB Psychological Warfare Operator Explains How Social Engineering and Mind Control Were Introduced to the United States Public Education System and Entertainment/Media Industry to Subvert an Entire Society.

Cultural Marxism Social Justice Warrior Trigger Warning

TOOLS TO DEFEAT CULTURAL MARXISM: Use these in the fight for true freedom and liberty…

  1. Get informed. Find the forbidden information they kept from you. I highly recommend you read the book: “SHADOW MEN” by Dr. Anthony Napoleon and follow him on twitter. He teaches you exactly how mind control and PSYOPs are used on you every day and how to break out of their trance.
  2. Create Your Own Income. Learn to start your own business and make your own money. As long as you remain inside their “plantation,” you’ll always be an economic slave under their control. Some people can’t even tweet their real thoughts without the fear of being fired. That’s slavery. Create your own cash flow and arm yourself with capital to buy more freedom.
  3. Escape the Fraudulent “Mainstream Media.” The establishment media networks are completely owned and controlled by those who are brainwashing an entire society. The entertainment industry is one of the biggest tools used to embed mind control and PSYOPs into the population. Only 6% of the people trust the mainstream media. It’s dying. It’s 24 hours of daily mind control and propaganda in the news, culture, movies, shows and “reality” TV aimed at conditioning your belief system and world view. It’s pure hypnotism. Break out of that and tune into locations where you can find the “forbidden information” they ignore and keep from you. Focus on alternative media sources, and in fact, become one yourself and share real, empowering information and media with the people around you and in your social networks.

READ: SHADOW MEN – An Encyclopedia of Mind Control by Dr. Anthony Napoleon

Shadow Men An Encyclopedia of Mind Control by Anthony Napoleon

Click here to review and order SHADOW MEN on Amazon.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: Information and Knowledge is not enough. In order to defeat cultural marxism and social engineering designed to enslave a population, you have to have a command of the way you create income and own your time. The masses have neither. They’re economically enslaved. They have no control of their income production and have no time freedom.

Without financial independence and the free time to help educate the masses, you will fail. To command and leverage political power, the people need to first build financial power. Financial independence gives you the opportunity to buy your time back. With money and time, you can focus on expanding the freedom and liberty movement and destroy cultural marxism and radical liberalism.

Stop begging politicians to create “jobs” for you. They won’t. Create your own financial power by leveraging the power of like minded people, free enterprise and online social networks.

You need a vehicle that can be leveraged by the masses. Start here…

Enviralizer Simple Freedom

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