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by Franco on May 24, 2009

Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools to use that allow you to connect with like-minded people all over the world and it’s fast, convenient, mainstream and free.

Here is a formula I’ve been using to leverage the power of Facebook and Twitter by using them together.

Why both?

To keep it really simple, I use Twitter to build my list. It’s fast. Much faster to build a list of targeted people than facebook.

I use facebook to provide more depth and build better relationships.

From my facebook page people get to read my notes, view videos, share pictures etc…

You can write longer messages which add more depth to your relationship building.

From facebook, if people are interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help them, they can click to get to my blog, my videos on youtube or directly to my marketing funnel’s lead capture page to get on my personal newsletter.

The leverage is amazing!

Here’s what I’ve done to quickly get people from my twitter list of followers, to my facebook tribe:

1. I use TweetLater (free tool) which allows me to create an automated “direct message” that ALL NEW FOLLOWERS receive to their twitter page and their personal email. It’s on autopilot. Most people are losing it here… depserate for a sale of some sort, they use this powerful tool to spam some immediate offer. That can KILL YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING fast.

My message simply says:

“Hey there thanks for the follow! Catch me on my facebook page too here and don’t be a stranger! Cya…”

That’s it. I told you attraction marketing is simple.

So everyone that follows me on twitter receives that message and it builds my facebook list on autopilot. All I do is seek interesting people in my niche of choice and follow them. The culture in Twitter is to reciprocate the follow and that’s as simple as it gets.

2. I post update tweets and share quotes, information, news, tips and jokes on twitter all the time and most times I provide the link to my facebook page. People click and join me on facebook.

3. I tweet SPECIFALLY about joining me on facebook. Why not?

“Hey, are you networking with me on facebook yet? Cmon over!”


More twitter tips.

By finding influential people and leaders in your niche and following them, you will be seen in their follower’s lists. This means you give yourself free exposure and as other people look to follow like minded people connected to the influential person (you) they see and follow you.

So by simply finding and following leaders in your niche, you’ll begin to grow your followers viraly, which is really cool. And remember it sets the whole cycle in motion.

How do I use Facebook?

It’s a powerful platform for a home based business owner. You can share YOU on facebook. Profile. Pictures. Videos. Notes. Info on what you’re doing… etc.

I love using the “notes” application.

Attraction Marketing is all about sharing compelling information with others. Here’s how I do it.

1. Buy great information on personal growth and internet marketing. Now I have value to share.

2. I create blog posts of training info on my personal blog and also submit articles that get indexed by search engines.

3. I then create mini articles which link to the full articles on my blog and I publish those mini articles on facebook’s “notes.”

4. I then invite my facebook and twitter friends to check out my notes, which leads them to my blogs or videos or articles… and then to my marketing funnel (lead capture page) and that is how I build my marketing list and get people exposed to my business, products, services etc.

So that’s it. A simple way to use Facebook and Twitter together to:

1. Build a tribe of followers and leverage “Tribal Marketing
2. Build relationships with like minded people
3. Share valuable information and invite to my marketing funnel
4. Build my marketing list
5. Generate sales and build multiple income streams.

Did you know pretty much everything I’ve laid out here is free of any advertising costs as well?


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