The System is Rigged – David Icke

by Franco on August 10, 2016

How the System is Rigged Against You

Life in this system: What’s it all about?

David Icke videos here.

You’re born.
You live through the routine of the system’s matrix.
You get old… most suffer in the struggle.

The daily grind… “am I going to survive another day?”

People get completely lost.

Simple Freedom Mad House David Icke

What’s it all about?

People struggle to understand what’s going on because they never know the true coordinates.

We live in a world system that’s got some major, serious problems with the way that it’s run.

Doctors destroy health.

Lawyers destroy justice.

Universities destroy knowledge.

Governments destroy freedom.

Religions destroy spirituality.

So an insane world system is sold to us as sane and rational. It’s held together by “repeaters” who repeat second hand dogmas over and over and over until false beliefs that were never investigated ¬†for truth, are considered “conventional wisdom.”

Isn’t it time to escape this mental slavery?

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