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by Franco on November 24, 2019

THE SIMPLE FREEDOM BOOK: Coming soon to kindle and Amazon Paperback and here’s  how it can make you full time direct income and passive cash flow.

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How The Simple Freedom Book Can Make You Money:

Read it about 3 times. Let it all sink in.

Call me if you have any questions. Text, voicemail or call me direct at 760.271.2810

Email me at if that’s more convenient.

Follow my facebook here, my instagram here and my youtube channel here.

The sooner you get in the club and get started, the sooner you can create a pipeline of cash flow.

Share this book.

Earn $1,000 per week just sharing this book, wearing our gear and posting on social media.

Keep it simple.

Join join and get started in the club.

Get copies of our book when it’s ready.

Keep about 20-25 copies in the trunk of your car.

Keep a few hoodies, caps and tshirts in your trunk too.

Get some non perishable food items in brown paper bags and keep this stuff in the trunk of your car at all times.

Give some of that stuff away to people in need when you run across them.

Give to your local food bank.

Give to your local homeless shelter.

Take them socks, warm hoodies, warm underwear, beanies, food and some books.

Live life richer.

Richer in meaning.

Richer in purpose.


The Simple Freedom Book (20-25 copies)

Simple Freedom Hoodies.

Simple Freedom Beanies.

Socks, underwear and blankets.

Food items.

Coffee, tea, water, etc.

Business cards.

Simple Freedom 4×6 Post Cards.

Get labels with your contact information on them and stick them on the inside cover of all your Simple Freedom books like this:

Franco Gonzalez

Home Business and Cash System School

Keep it simple because most people are already stressed out and busy enough with their own life and their own demons and drama.

Live your life.

Ride your motorcycle. Drive your hot rod. Take your boat to the lake. Go bowling. Work out at the gym. Have coffee at your local coffee shop.

Go to the car wash.

Take your dog on a walk.

Go to your local high school football game.

Support your local small businesses.

Live Simple Freedom Rich.

Live rich.

Share the simple freedom message.

That’s it.

Stay free.

Teach freedom.

Join us here.



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