Simple Freedom Podcast Matt Drudge and Enviralizer Capture Page

by Franco on July 19, 2016

Simple Freedom Internet Marketing Training Video Coaching Session: Today we talk about Matt Drudge, Using Software to Manage Social Media and Enviralizer Lead Capture Page Tutorial:

Question and Answer Session with the Team

Q1: Do you use any software to manage your social media networking?

A1: No. Everything you see me doing on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube is live and in real time. Since all social media is absolutely mobile friendly, all I need is my iPhone and I can instantly check in and post, reply, retweet, share content, pictures or even do quick live stream videos just by paying attention and using my phone.

Idea: Now, if you’re truly really busy with full time work and other responsibilities and you feel you need a little help with automating some of your social media posting, there are some software tools available that can help you load up your tweets and facebook posts and automatically post and tweet them throughout the day on a schedule you decide on. This can be helpful. But be careful.

I know a few “Internet marketers” that do this and their content posting comes across completely phony. It doesn’t attract almost any engagement at all and I can’t imagine it’s as productive as they claim it to be. Their twitter is like a ghost town, empty, but with a lot of spammy or repetitive posting all over their timeline.

On facebook, there already is a feature available in the network itself that allows you to schedule posts on your fan page. I’d just also be careful there too. Don’t over automate that by loading up a bunch of empty nonsense. It doesn’t take any time at all to just be present when you’re engaging or posting and sharing good content on social.

Twitter Automation software: HootSuite and SocialOomph. Post Planner is also highly regarded.

Q2: Is there a lead capture page for Enviralizer?

Yes. If you go into our Simple Freedom Mastermind Group in Facebook (the bonus mentoring and mastermind club you get access to when you buy anything from me) and the click where it says “FILES,” you’ll find a host of helpful files and coaching content. On that list you’ll see a file named: “SHARE CODES” and in that file you’ll see a “share code” for Enviralizer.

That’s a share code that gives you a “done-for-you” designed lead capture page for promoting Enviralizer. All you have to do is take that share code and install it in your own Power Lead System back office. Once you do that, you’ll have a professionally designed capture page that matches the layout on the Enviralizer video sales page and you can use that immediately to promote the offer. That’s one of the most powerful advantages of owning and being an affiliate of Power Lead System with us. We create pages and funnels all the time and share code them to you.

You can click here to review the Power Lead System tool suite and join us on the affiliate team or just use it for your marketing as a customer.

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