How to Setup Your Simple Freedom Funnel Fast

by Franco on March 14, 2016

CASE STUDY: How to Quickly Setup Your Online Marketing Funnel with the Simple Freedom Team and Power Lead System

Simple Freedom. We just make things more simple.

Usually people get stuck and overwhelmed and never even get a marketing system up and running. I get people all the time that come to me and tell me how information overloaded they are and confused about their online marketing tools and how they get no assistance in getting a marketing funnel up and running.

We agree. It’s sucks and it stops most new entrepreneurs.

So we created a solution.

We’ve simplified the process down to the core and with Simple Freedom, it’s extremely simple to get a professional selling system and offer up and running, collecting leads, presenting and closing sales for your business.

Simple Freedom

We help you get your lead capture page running, your email follow up autoresponder series and your presentation page. We also help you replicate a couple of awesome google hangout pages where you can provide even more value in your market by inviting people to free training and a complete overview of your system.

We did the programming, designing and coding of these pages. There’s nothing for you to reinvent. We do the training and the presenting. You just share your link in your market and invite your prospects and affiliate teammates.

It doesn’t get simpler.

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