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by Franco on November 4, 2019

What is the FREEDOM VAULT? And how is it designed to create multiple streams of cash flow inside one platform?

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Join the club my dude.

All of our training and a full affiliate marketing school is inside.

You also get access to our affiliate program and I set that up to pay you most of the money from every sale.

It’s a clean, simple offer and I back it with tons of value.

$35 one time.

No monthly fee.

Pays $25 per sale.

A reverse 1up for passive cash flow from affiliate team sales on your front line.

Do you know how the leverage in a simple “reverse 1up” comp plan works?

Simple enough.

Build your list.

Use our training to sell other stuff online.

Ask me questions.

Build multiple income streams from inside our Freedom Vault.

Yes. You can load up your own programs or any other offers you like to promote inside your own Freedom Vault and all your direct referrals will see them in their back office.

It’s a very clean system.

It allows you to be “in business” 24/7 and global because it’s direct pay and you can receive your commissions in a variety of methods including crypto like bitcoin so you’re unstoppable.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Keep simplifying the way you do affiliate marketing.

People like it better when it’s simpler and when they can actually do it.


If you have any questions not answered by my videos or on the presentations themselves, text me directly via smart phone or message me privately from facebook or wherever you get my content. I’m easy to access and I can talk to you about this stuff, if you’re serious.

See you on the next post.




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