Simple Freedom Post Card Marketing Training

Simple Freedom Post Card Marketing Training

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

SIMPLE, FUN and OFFLINE: Why Post Card Marketing Works…

Post Marketing. It’s simple, super duplication-friendly and something even the newest of the new entrepreneurs can do.


STEP 1: Post Card

STEP 2: Biz Op Buyers Leads List on Labels

STEP 3: Sizzle Call 24 Hour Recorded Message

STEP 4: Website Video Presentation Funnel

STEP 5: Email Follow Up Campaign

That’s it.

Post Card Marketing Prospecting System Vertex Lead System Easy1Up Simple Freedom


You send out your post cards to buyer leads.

They get the post card in their mailbox.

They read the post card.

They call and listen to the sizzle call message.

They visit the website and watch the video.

They receive automatic emails daily that get them back to the video.

They might reply to emails and want to ask a couple questions.

You are nice and refer them back to the video, sizzle call and website.

You let them know you’re there to help them replicate and duplicate this system.

They buy your offer.

You get 100% Juicy Commissions and send out more post cards!

They are fired up and send out their post cards.

You get paid 100% commission passups from all your affiliates.

You LOVE Post Cards! Post Cards Rock!

REALISTIC: What You Need to Make this Sustainable

HIGH COMMISSIONS. People will NOT stay consistent if they make “peanuts” per sale. The best model for this is where you earn 100% commission per sale PLUS (+) leverage from passive cash flow when other affiliates replicate and duplicate.

That’s why this strategy works well with this model here.

PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM: You’ll fail if you just send out post cards but have an amateur funnel or no funnel at all. You have to have a complete and high converting SYSTEM to get people excited about duplicating this. With a good, multi-media information delivery system you can attract and close consistent, high profit sales and close them at higher levels in your program.

Easy1Up SMS Cell Phone Marketing System Vertex Lead System

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave


AUTOMATED OUTSOURCED: “Done-For-You” style campaigns where professionals send out your post cards to high quality leads for you.

MANUAL: If you’re on a tight budget you can simply order the post cards and the lead labels and peel & stick and pop in the mail yourself and save some money up front.

GUERRILLA MARKETING: You can even just get the post cards (and business card sized “sizzle cards” or “drop cards”) and hand them out to people around your town as you live your life. Be creative. Leave them on cars, in restaurants, at stores or just canvass your neighborhood and share them with neighbors. Keep it simple.


The ultimate mission is to get your MESSAGE (post card) in people’s hands. That’s really the bottom line. Let the information sift and sort some people in and let it also filter some people out. This (and any offer) is not for everybody and it’s not your job to judge people.

Just get the information into people’s hands and let the SYSTEM do its job.

Easy1Up Sizzle Call Vertex Lead System


STEP 1: Review the funnel here.

STEP 2: Listen to the 24 Hour Recorded Message.

STEP 3: Visit the full review page here.

STEP 4: Contact me with any questions.

Let’s keep this super simple and fun and help you build your business.

Franco Gonzalez
c: 760-271-2810
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