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Seventeen years building a home business online, these are the programs I build to create cash flow and leverage. I have training, support and marketing systems to help you build each program on this page.

My own money is invested in these programs and I earn commissions in each of them. Our ongoing affiliate marketing training and social media marketing training helps you build the skill sets needed to get results with traffic, leads and sales.


Easy1Up SMS Cell Phone Marketing System Vertex Lead System

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

SIMPLE FREEDOM ACADEMY: Master the Art & Science of Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Inside Our Own Academy and Earn Significant Affiliate Compensation at the Same Time…

Simple Freedom Academy Crypto Trading School Bitcoin

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

EASY1UP: Simple Program Pays 100% Commissions & Training Included. Start Stacking Big Commissions…

Easy1Up Simple Freedom Academy Affiliate Marketing Training

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

Power Lead System: Complete All-In-One Virtual Business In A Box for Affiliate Marketing

Power Lead System Overview Simple Freedom Hangout

Power Lead System Affiliate Marketing Simple Freedom




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Simple Freedom Franco Gonzalez Private Coaching

Lead Lightning Enviralizer Marketing System Setup


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I’m available to help you build these cash programs.

Review them and select the ones that fit you best. You can always add more with profits. If you have any questions, message me on Facebook, text me or call. Let’s make you some cash.


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Full Time Dad to Valerie and Sammy. Entrepreneur. Patriot.


“NO! I PREFER TO BE BROKE!” NOT INTERESTED in Creating Your Own Freedom and Liberty? Well then, enjoy your enslavement, enjoy living inside their system and keep listening to the same corrupt slave masters that created this and put your whole family in this broken, corrupt, rigged poverty and control system…

BREAKING: Total U.S. Household Debt SOARS to Record Above $13 TRILLION!

Infowars Prison Planet New World Order Citizen Cattle Wage Slaves Liberty Movement

PEOPLE NEED CASH FLOW. Total US Household Debt Soars to Record Above THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS – $13,000,000,000,000 – “T” TRILLION!

But people waltz around life like everything’s ok. Most families are quietly drowning in financial debt and stress – which affects most every other aspect of life.

Increase in rare cancers, diabetes, obesity, heart disease.
Increase in mental health issues and dependency on drugs.
Cultural polarization and hatred promoted and taught.
Political polarization and hatred taught from cradle to grave.
Low quality jobs. Over worked. Under paid. Stressed out.
Corruption. Economic Stagnation. Crime. Alienation.

Divided and Conquered. The indoctrination is constant from all media.

It’s not by accident. The system you live and barely survive under was designed to do exactly what it’s doing to you and your family. It’s “Slavery 2.0” and it’s vicious.

Slavery wasn’t “abolished.” It was simply upgraded and rebranded to include EVERYONE.

Wage slaves.
Citizen Cattle.

You’re not governed, ruled or led by your political system – you’re herded and harvested by it… like a crop or livestock.

But deep down inside, you already knew this.

Question is: are you serious about finding a solution?

The solution?

Focus on increasing the ways in which you create cash flow. Then focus on self education. Their “education” is cleverly designed indoctrination. People are institutionalized by it. They want you alienated and to feel like you’re all alone and dependent on them.

The “default” system doesn’t seem to be working good enough. Seek solutions outside that failing system.

We focus on education and bringing awareness. We also focus on building networks of like-minded people committed to teaching others. We’re solutions oriented and not just obsessed about the problems 24 hours a day. We’re positively doing things about it. 

BAD NEWS: Click here to read the bad news.

Good News: Click here to meet a network of blue collar entrepreneurs that can help you build the skills, access the systems and tools and build the inner strength to change your life.

We are building lives of liberty and independence outside their failed, rigged, crumbling system. We start on the inside of their failed system and use their own rules to our advantage. We use their system for leverage and to raise awareness. We then plug our network of patriots into our own system and teach liberty, financial empowerment and interdependence.

Our ideas and systems aren’t perfect. They’re not designed to be perfect nor are they designed to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution, but for many, it’s a start. For many people, it’s working. And that’s all we can hope for. We strive to improve daily. That’s where you come in. We’re always looking for great people who can resonate with our message and our vision.

We need your help.

It’s about freedom.
It’s about relationships.
It’s about values and principles.

Click here and review everything if you’re interested in our vision and our cause.