Human Roadkill is NO LONGER Tolerated!

by Franco on June 11, 2010

Not Anymore!

Human Home Business Roadkill is NO LONGER Tolerated!

You know what’s so hip about BILLION DOLLAR companies like
McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell and Wall-Mart is that
they are RUN 100% by normal every day people!

NOT sales types!

NOT “MBA’s” inside a Mickie Dees…

And YES – you CAN earn $10,000 to $25,000 per month
in our business and you DO NOT have to “beg” people to
join either…

New word for many people reading this is…


If what you sell is value based, you give out samples
and the vacuum back to your cash register will be lines
of people world wide.

In order to get more GET value all you do is give away
more GIVE value…

YES it CAN and YES IT IS as simple as that…

I am living proof…

Hey listen…

I could NOT have afforded the TIME to actually
MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY to spend 6 months
of the year in a TROPICAL PARADISE and STILL RUN
my business if it was an “Old School” traditional
Network Marketing – MLM gig…

It just doesn’t work that way anymore (and never really did)
ever since the Internet allows any 13 year old with an email
account and a blog and facebook page to STEAL your downline
in as fast as it takes a kid to copy and paste a promo email…

You have to be MINDING YOUR BUSINESS to build it THAT
way – and it is RARE indeed to find someone slick enough
to know how to recruit new downline faster the old ones
(from last week) bail out to the next biz op launch…

So I had to figure out how to leverage as much as I could
and how to automate as much as the normal mundane
tasks as possible so I LITERALLY can build my own global
full time marketing business with my MacBook and a phone.

IT IS POSSIBLE. You just have to pick the right biz-models and programs/systems that allow you to build it YOUR WAY.

In 2010 the CORE valuation will be SERVICE through Inspiration that spirals into an economy packed with inspired entrepreneurs who share upward into the higher good of all, while not at the expense of people.

That’s what we’re all about here at:

Simple Freedom Coaching and List Building Club

And at our Mastermind and Residual Cash Cow:

The Million Mind March

Network Marketing traditionally pays its leaders at the expense
of the little guy who grunts along for years WITHOUT EVER turning
a profit!


This Makes Too Much Sense To Ignore

Good things ATTRACT good people and if that is true, and it is,
where is the LOVERAGE that ATTRACTS new people?

Where is the FREE Training?

Where is the FREE Mastermind Community that ATTRACTS
people weeks before it ever attempts to “SELL” them?


Do $50 and $100 programs need samples?

Probably not.

McDonald’s did pretty well without them…

But when you are asking people to buy a $500
to $1,000 product or program?

But wait…

McDonald’s DOES give it away!

It’s called the “dollar menu” and even HBO gives away
FREE weekends only because anyone smart knows that
what you give and SOW into other people weaves them
right back into your pocket.



Never forget this…

By its very design the internet breeds suspicion.

Offer a free sample or even a sample download and
you invite thousands into your sales funnel who would
have otherwise been swept away out of fear…

Marketing woo’s people towards you.

Marketing excites people to STAY in your buyer’s funnel…

People sell themselves who are marketed properly.

Marketing, value and a sales process sells.

Just ask Bill Gates.

Hey, when is the last time anyone called you and pitched
you a new Apple Mac computer?

Never, right?

Buzz out performs hype just as reciprocity quantifies QUALITY.

Cool – how MARKETING works isn’t it?

Marketing makes people sell themselves…

That’s what Simple Freedom Coaching and List Building Club
is all about… it’s what we teach and it’s what we share at our


The Million Mind March <-- click. You'll be SHOCKED. 24 Hour FREE Recorded Training Call:
800-772-9781 Ext. 10 & 40

YES – income can be generated while keeping
things REAL and SIMPLE.

LOVE people – USE money…
NOT vice versa…

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