INTRODUCTION to MGTOW: “Men Going Their Own Way” – Men, is this better for your financial future? Have you been psychologically played your whole life and turned into a door mat and slave?

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MEN: WAKE UP! Red Pill Yourself and Build an HONORABLE Life For Yourself. STOP being manipulated and played. YES this hurts at first but them you are FREE.

You have been played.

All your life.

So it’s NOT your fault, and do NOT feel “guilty” when you start REBUILDING your life without the lies of the past.

Build yourself.

Get HEALTHY and BEYOND just healthy – get into EXCELLENT physical health. 

The SYSTEM you have been domesticated by was designed to work you, break you, stress you out and kill you early while all your life’s work and commitment and love for family was used as leverage against you and a manipulation tool.

Get back on PURPOSE.

Focus on your SKILL SETS and on your VALUE and on your PRODUCTION.

Build up your CASH FLOW and your cash flow INDEPENDENCE.

Build your BUSINESS. Create your cash flow independence.

Work on your MIND.

Focus on your SKILL SETS.

Learn to INVEST better and live smarter (minimalist, debt free, not stupid into consumer bullshit).

Build your PEACE, QUIET and FREEDOM.

And please share this information with other men.

Focus on your MINDSET but NOT the stupid manipulative “new age” bullshit “self help” this society is trying to use to PROGRAM YOU to be a stupid slave.

Learn how you’ve been DOMESTICATED and open your eyes.

Only then will you be able to truly build yourself and your life into something that brings you REAL love (self love) and happiness and not just decades wasted being manipulated, used and then just tossed out like a bag of garbage.

Why “THE GOOD MAN” Is EASILY Taken Advantage Of

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Good guys get SAVAGED.

They get taken advantage of, lied to, cheated on and manipulated.

Bad guys screw their wives…  and send those selfish players back to their husbands when they are done with them or when they are caught.

But those cheaters KNEW who they were dealing with and it was all worth the risk.

Then the “good guy” has to live with that, “forgive them” and live with that humiliation (they’re still nice guys) or get raped in divorce court and lose it all anyway.

Nice huh? 

MGTOW YOUTUBE CHANNELS: Follow these two youtube channels




Start there.

Take your time.

Don’t stress out.

It’s going to be PAINFUL to learn this first but after about 6 months of red pilling yourself, your whole spirit will open up and you will feel a deeps sense of satisfaction and will feel excited about taking your life back under your own control so that you can actually lead a more AUTHENTIC, GENUINE and HONORABLE life.

Enter the Sandman. What is MGTOW?

From the description of the video above on youtube:

I’m getting a number of people asking me to do an introduction video to MGTOW so here it is.

I’m going to highlight twenty five of the most important topics as well as videos I’ve produced in the past to highlight what Men Going Their Own Way means and why we are doing it. The first thing to remember is that a man that has taken a metaphorical red pill is a man that has learned the ugly truth about female nature.

Women are made out to be harmless, beautiful creatures but the truth is many women today will rip out your heart and testicles through your wallet and move onto their next victim.

And they have no guilt or remorse.

The SEVEN Men In Her Life

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So taking the red pill is making yourself aware of how women operate and you stop being naive about it.

With regards to becoming a MGTOW there are four to five different levels to MGTOW.

The first level is the purple pill man. This is a man that is aware that women use the the government, courts and the men’s desire to reproduce to take advantage of men but a purple pill man believes the risks of a relationship and marriage are worth the potential punishment.

A level two mgtow believes in dating and short term relationships but not marriage, long term relationships or co-habitation with women.

A level three MGTOW doesn’t believe in dating women at all and limits his interactions with women as much as possible.

A level four MGTOW tries to limit his interactions with the state and everyone as much as possible. He is what is referred to as ghosting or trying to stay invisible to women and the state.

All of this is explained in greater detail in video 1 marked down below in the description called MGTOW Dating.

So once you know where you stand and have either made a choice to stay away from women entirely or take varying relationship risks then you start to gain increased situational awareness.


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This is where you start to identify different types of female behavior and begin to understand what motivates women to act in such ways.

One important thing is to remember that many more women today in their twenties then in past generations are riding the cock carousel.

This means they are having no strings attached sex with, in some cases dozens of men before they decide to settle down with a single guy. I’m linking to my video called the “The Cock Carousel” down below.

From now on each and every topic I bring up will have a link below and at this point I’ll stop mentioning it and let you explore these particular videos on your own.

MEN READ THIS PART: This is where so many of us get totally played.

Women look to settle down with a beta male provider blue pill man with little to no understanding about female nature.

If he’s ignorant about the way women operate then he’s more easily manipulated.

A man aware of how women function in society and manipulate men in covert ways are hard to guilt and shame into doing things for her.

He knows the game so he’s harder to trick into marriage, protection and resources extraction.


You married a “good girl” and this “good woman” is good, even for YEARS.

Kids come.

She gets bored (typically age 30-39).

Loses interest in you.

“I’m not happy anymore…”

Not enough “date nights”…

Emotional changes.

“You don’t treat me the same anymore…”

Work and  business creates distance between you.

Kids grow up and become a bit less high maintenance.

She works on her look.

She gets narcissistic.

She needs attention.

Women in age range 30-39, married (bored, resentful etc) with kids.

Husband becomes boring “beta male” provider, “good man” and “family man”…

Husband becomes much less “sexually, physically attractive” to her.


“She’s my baby. She’d NEVER cheat on me!”

She is getting close to 40 years old and insecure about her future “age changes.”

This is the age range and the VERY COMMON environment where SHE will find a younger “ALPHA MALE” to have sexual affairs with.

She begins to offer you less and less sex.

“I’m tired”

And a million other excuses, but this is also the age range where her sexual appetite increases again before hitting the 40s “age wall” and changes she is insecure about.

She gives you less affection.

She gets even more distant but you NEVER SEE IT COMING.

“I would never cheat on you” she always tells you.

SOCIAL MEDIA APPS and TEXTING BECOME HER DATING APP for ATTENTION… but phone attention is never enough

She becomes more stuck and addicted to her phone.

She changes phone passcodes way more often.

She acts annoyed if you ever question her posting BEHAVIOR on social media.

Most husbands at this stage are focused on work, career, business, kids, family responsibilites and the stress of all of that.

So they don’t check in on her.

SHE WANTS ATTENTION. So she will find it EASILLY on social media.

This is where she finds a “Chad or Tyron, or Sancho” alpha for “exciting sex” and “passion” and “adventure.”

This is where you become “her steady rock” that she loves so much because you respect her “space and independence”…

This is when she starts going out on more “girls nights out” and doing more things on her own.

This is ALSO the same time she actually starts being VERY NICE TO YOU, and so happy and polite.

She is having crazy sex with another lover.

Because she has an ALPHA MALE affair on the side who is LYING to her and making her feel young and sexy and “hot” again and she believes all the bullshit.


She is NEVER truly serious about actually leaving you.

She is just arrogant and resentful and looking to “finally, take care of herself.”

And she can’t stop.

Until she gets caught.

Until you start getting a gut feeling that something is off.

Her emotions and her arrogance gets the best of her and she starts to make mistakes.

You catch her.

And there you are.

This happens so much more often than you will ever realize.

Just listen to the men around these channels share their stories.

We were NEVER supposed to talk about this or communicate with each other.


The CONTENT we consume was CONTROLLED.

She controlled everything.


Maybe you slipped and it got to the point where SHE took care of her appearance more than you.

You need to take care of yourself.

You need to know the truth of what’s happening out here in real life not just in the lies she tells you.

ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY? MGTOW Forbidden Knowledge (this will hurt but also set you free)

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THE MEN (REAL) UNIVERSITY: Shame is the name of many women’s game.

Video 1: MGTOW Dating…
Video 2: The Cock Carousel…
Video 3: Blue Pill Blues…
Video 4: Shaming Single Men…
Video 5: Women & THE WALL…
Video 6: Shit Tests…
Video 7: Are Women Capable of Love?…
Video 8: Herbivore Man VS Dried Fish Woman…
Video 9: My Midlife Crisis…
Video 10: A God Among MGTOW: Nikola Tesla…
Video 11: Male Harems…
Video 12: Surrogacy For MGTOWs…
Video 13: I married a MGTOW…
Video 14: Captain Save A Hoe…
Video 15: Bad Boys / Jerks Appeal…
Video 16: True Forced Loneliness…
Video 17: Foreign Women…
Video 18: Briffault’s Law…
Video 19: Synthetic Lovers…
Video 20: NAWALTS…
Video 21: Friendzone Revenge…
Video 22: Not Tonight Honey…
Video 23: Men As Oil…
Video 24: Women & Technology…
Video 25: Christmas Without Women…

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