Mike Hobbs Webinar How To Make Cash Money with NO List

by Franco on January 20, 2012

My buddy and business partner, Mike Hobbs is at it again,
delivering insane value on a tactic you REALLY WANT TO LEARN about:

How To Make CASH MONEY Online WITHOUT a List!

Franco, I’m SOLD! Where Do I Just Sign Up??

I Want To KNOW How To Make Money Online WITHOUT A List!


Friday night webinar tonight that we’ll be offering for only
a little while longer, so if you want to know how to make
cash flow to you daily without even having to have a list…

You should register now and plan to be there early and
ready to take some notes. Everyone says they want to make
money online, but relatively few actually take action.

And on top of it all, Mike loaded up this training offer
with two “over the top” bonuses that will be included in
the package at no cost and here’s the info on that…

But seriously, be sure to click and register for
this training now. It’s an insane strategy to know and
could be priceless for you in value:


Here’s Mike again with another awesome unannounced bonus for you…

Some of you know the great Aki Wood (David Wood’s big brother)
right? Well I asked him to share some of his tips on
writing good content! Well you are in luck…

He agreed and I got it all on video for you! I am adding this in
the total package you get when you purchase your ticket
to my live Magnetic Ca$hflow Formula webinar Friday Night!

Just click above and register right now, you’ll LOVE this strategy!

So now you get Aki’s content creation tips, Adam Hollands Secret
PR9 content network, I can’t think of anything else you need me
to teach you for only $37! haha

But you know me, we over deliver and I’m going to be teaching you
my strategy step by step for generating cash-flow without a list!

Combine that with the 2 bonuses above and you are going to receive
some killer value!

Register now:
SIGN ME UP For “Magnetic CashFLOW Formula Webinar” So I Can
Learn How To Make Money Online Even WITHOUT A LIST!

Mike Hobbs

PS: Here is the email that started it all…


Hey it’s Mike,

I’ve got to make this story quick.

I had a Fellow teammate, John, ask me a little
over a month ago, “Mike, I’m new and don’t have
a list yet. Can I still make money quickly while
I’m getting all this internet stuff setup?”

My reply (not really knowing the real answer)

“Well if you don’t have a list, then that’s where you need to start!”

But deep down inside I wasn’t really happy with that answer…

So I started looking at all the different marketing strategies
that I know of that I have made sales with in the past that
didn’t require a list to make money with…

I tried and tested a few things over the last month!

So F-A-S-T F-O-R-W-A-R-D until TODAY…

I finally found the solution to the Make Money with the
NO List issue…

Just the other day I had a teammate put this on my Facebook:

Make Money Online WITHOUT A List

Make Money Online WITHOUT A List

So long story short, Friday night at 9pm EST, I will be
sharing a strategy I have never revealed to the public
on how to generate autopilot cash-flow with my simple
blog strategy that requires NO list whatsoever!

While everyone is teaching giving value, content, plugins,
SEO, I’m silently going under the radar getting direct traffic
on exactly what people are searching for, cashing in on sales
and not having to generate ANY leads!


Originally, my plan was to charge $97 (since I don’t really
want this info to be viewed by too many people), but since
you have been following me and supporting me all these years
we decided to unpack this proven “secret strategy” of how to make
money on demand with this simple blogging strategy (never before
released)… for a tuition price of only $37 (with a 100% “try this
strategy out for the next 10 days and if you aren’t shocked by how
easy it is…” get a no-hassle refund)

There is virtually ZERO competition in our Niche, because they are
all busy teaching “Branding” that you will swoop right in and make
money under the radar! After Friday night you will know the EXACT
strategy to pull in sales not Leads from your blog. BAM!

Inside this 60-min power-hour, you will:

*Discover how I find products & the exact keywords that people
are interested in BUYING!

*How to instantly get your post to the top of google in literally
2 seconds without having an authority blog! This 1 secret I have
never seen anyone teach, EVER! I will show this live!

*My exact walkthrough of this strategy over my shoulder, leaving nothing
out, you will be able to implement this exact strategy 10 minutes after
the webinar!

*My simple to follow step-by-step back linking strategy anyone
can follow in less the 5 minutes…

I NEVER thought I would ever be offering a strategy that anyone can
start using right now with NO list to make money!

I do still think you should be building a list but wouldn’t it be cool
to know some methods of making profits without one? I thought so…

I’ve seen the results, and this has made me thousands of dollars already
and I’m about to leak this exact strategy to you!

Join us Friday night. Tuition is a single one-time payment of $37 (backed by my no-hassle 10-day ‘love it or get a refund’ guarantee…if you try this secret strategy and don’t like it, just email my assistant & wife Christy at christy@workmadesimple.ws and she will return your hard-earned money right away.

But you will LOVE this 60-min no-fluff all-strategy training. Register right now
and you will be immediately directed to the webinar link.

“I’M IN FRANCO and MIKE! I’m Learning How To Make Money Online WITHOUT A List!”


Make it a great day!

Franco Gonzalez & Mike Hobbs

ps….as an unannounced bonus, I will be sharing with you a ninja wordpress plugin
that will save you hours and hours of time and instantly make you an SEO expert
without even knowing anything about SEO! It’s that powerful!

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