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by Franco on December 3, 2015

Alex Jones from Interview of Donald Trump

Politics, America’s Future, ISIS, Middle East War, Globalist Agenda, Finance, Economics and more…

Great interview of Donald Trump by Alex Jones.

Why is the mainstream media so scared of these guys?

Watch the video for yourself and see if you find the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and establishment politics.

CNN says Trump just demanded to be paid $5 million for next debate?

The mainstream media has been heavily promoting the spun half truth of how Donald Trump demanded CNN pay him $5 million dollars to be on the next debate.

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When in fact, the truth is that Trump actually asked for $5 million dollars to be given the Wounded Warriors and other Veteran charity groups. But the lame stream media doesn’t want to get close to mentioning that fact. He said that his presence on those debates have been exploding exposure and traffic to CNN and MSNBC and FOX and have made them $10’s of millions of dollars in advertising sales.

Donald Trump Alex Jones

So the actual deal he offered CNN was that it would be extremely cheap for them to only give him $5 million while makes them about $40 million for showing up and he’d give all the money to the veterans groups.

That’s a huge difference in context and facts versus what the “mainstream media” edited and has been promoting to the masses.

That’s just one tiny example of how much ethical and journalistic fraud is committed by the mainstream media and without missing a beat, they turn around and throw arrogant accusations against other “off the grid” non-establishment independent voices like a Donald Trump or Alex Jones.

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When you put it in perspective, you’re better informed on just how much you really don’t have anyone in the “matrix” or the mainstream you can trust unless you just want to be another robotic parrot, repeating the bullshit agendas, belief systems and propaganda they’ve been feeding you all your life.

That goes for both the “conservative mainstream media” and the “liberal mainstream media” which are just mouth pieces and tools used by the “one party, two wings” political system that has hijacked the United States.

In their system, you’re just a dirty little peasant that’s only needed for votes and taxes.

Their endgame is a totalitarian state where they have all the power, you’re merely making it by on the subsistence of 3rd world populations and a few powerful elite own and control everything. Totalitarian regime.

How does that make you feel?

Isn’t it time you flipped them the bird and plugged into alternative sources and solutions to truly build as much freedom as you can in your life?

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