Alex Jones and Roger Stone Candid and Unleashed at RNC Cleveland on Main Stream Media Frauds

by Franco on July 22, 2016

Alex Jones and Roger Stone Candid & Unleashed: Openly and Directly Discuss the Fraud Main Stream Media and their Devastating Effect on the Failing Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Rise of the Populist Nationalist Movement of Donald Trump… founder, Alex Jones candid conversation with long time political operative, Roger Stone about the fraudulent advocacy and propaganda operations of the so-called “main stream media” and why they’re failing.

They also discuss the reasons Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign continues to face plant and spiral downward.

This conversation gives you information and dialogue you just won’t hear on the fraudulent main stream media and rather, exposes and explains the mind control and advocacy tactics being desperately deployed by the media to try and sway people to support the utterly corrupt and vilified Hillary Clinton.

Simple Freedom Donald Trump Electric Chair

The old media has been proven as corrupt, fraudulent and have lost the trust of the people.

You are the new media.

The alternative media outlets and social networks have made it possible to quickly combat misinformation and propaganda created and shared by the obsolete main stream media and has rendered them far less influential in this presidential campaign than they have been in the past when they had a monopoly on information.

The people are just not buying their manipulative spin anymore.

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