Freedom Leverage

SIMPLE FREEDOM XXL: The Best Program for Big Cash Lovers

Full time cash flow; faster.

Affiliates get $250, $500 and $1000 commissions per sale.

Reverse 1Up for passive income and team building leverage.

Internally marketed 100% by admin.

You just keep promoting into your base Simple Freedom Club team.

We upgrade members inside the Club.

You get big ticket, full time friendly commissions.

Nothing is simpler.

No extra affiliate link or new funnels needed.

You just keep using your Simple Freedom Club funnel and/or affiliate link.

Only existing Simple Freedom Club members are invited to review Freedom Leverage.

Freedom Leverage is our Private Coaching Program inside Simple Freedom Club.

Freedom Leverage is simply our 3 additional levels inside Simple Freedom Club.

You use our Simple Freedom Club training and strategies to market better and build your list.

You build your Simple Freedom Club affiliate army.

I invite them to review Freedom Leverage inside.

When they upgrade, I send big stacks of cash commissions.

Just a few sales per week could mean a full time cash flow.

This is a simple way to go full time with Simple Freedom Club.

No drama. No stress. No mlm nonsense. Get paid today.

How Freedom Leverage Works Inside Simple Freedom Club

You are now upgraded to the $250 level.

Your main “getting started” training page is here:

That’s 100% the main focus for you and I help build the rest.

On the inside, for Freedom Leverage (private coaching program) members
there is this orientation but it’s simply to point you in the¬†right direction:

We promote Simple Freedom Club on the front end.

Inside we offer members (even free members) a look
at our private coaching program:

This is where the new “Academy” lives as the $250 level.

There are $500 and $1000 levels there too.

I market those on the inside to all members.

You get paid.

Makes it simpler.

You always just promote into your Simple Freedom Club link.

On the inside, I show them the bigger vision and the bigger system.

Any questions, let me know.


Let’s keep it real.

Let’s connect.
Text me at: 760-271-2810
Email at:
Look my friend, I don’t complicate this stuff.
I just focus on making us both lots of cash; fast.
We work together here.
We simplify everything.
I go against almost every dumbass “rule” in affiliate marketing or network marketing online created by the gooroos.
All that complicated crap is created to build “narcissists” on social media to get the gooroo more exposure and sales; not to make you money; but rather to make you the gooroos “fanboy” or “fanchick” and get played.
You do all the work…
Your boy toy gooroo gets all the cash…
You get nothing… maybe just a little “attention” and “validation” and a pat on the head, and you get sent back home; but that’s about it.
You get played by the alpha.
Stop getting played.
Get paid.
Let’s hook up and get you paid.
Go check out this proven cash system here then text me with any questions.


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