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Defected KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov on How Mind Control and PysOps from Marxist Operations Manual is Employed on American Society and Culture (intro 1 min)

The Truth About How Shadow Men Actually Work Subversion, Mind Control and Psychological Warfare

Ex KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov explains that Communist’s main thrust against the West relies upon psychological warfare, psychological operations. Now after watching these videos (and more on youtube), you’ll never watch the news or tv shows or movies the same again. You’ll now start seeing how these mind control tactics are being used daily to condition the masses.

Yuri Bezmenov: Sleepers Emerge and “Messiah” Appears


FULL VIDEO: Yuri Bezmenov, Ex-KGB Operative Explains How to Brainwash and Mind Control a Nation.

SHADOW MEN: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control, by Dr. Anthony Napoleon

Psychological operations (PSYOPs) are the preferred method by which shadow men socially engineer the masses’ consent on a myriad of important issues. In the book, Shadow Men, the author, Anthony Napoleon, PH.D. provides numerous examples of how social engineers have modified the public’s perceptions and attitudes about America’s founders, slavery, financial markets, dating and mating customs, self-perception, and a laundry list of other matters people have no idea were socially engineered.

The reader will become expert on the character of the men who work in the shadows whose sole reason for living is to control others in service to accumulating wealth and power, of which, they never, ever, have enough. The reader is provided a step-by-step program that promises to strip away shadow men’s brainwashing of them and return the reader to his natural state of freedom and happiness.

Shadow Men Anthony Napoleon

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How to Win the Psychological War Against Socialism, Totalitarianism and Cultural Marxism:

If you don’t control your cash flow or your time, you’re already enslaved. If you want to truly be free and enjoy what liberty is left, here’s a strategic game plan for your review.

In order to help share and teach this to other people I decided to create a way to live outside of the economic, political and cultural system where this kind of mind control is constantly being used.

Yuri Bezmenov

Once you’re out of it (as much as possible) and not dependent on it to make a living, collect a paycheck or depend on it to “help” you in life, you begin to see how insidious it works twenty four hours a day, every single day to condition, program and control the masses into subservience and economic slavery.

It helps explain why mainstream media “news” is fed to you in loud, short, emotional bursts full of hype, music and punditry, but shallow and void of any real depth or explanation. You see how blatant the different races, cultures and masses are divided and conditioned to fight against each other in politics and culture.

Your freedom and liberty lies in not allowing that to trap you. Unifying and not being divided. The masses are enslaved easily when they are kept fighting each other. Freedom and true popular, social, economic and political power can be achieved when you’re not at each other’s throats for stupid reasons and when you agree on who and what the common enemy is: The Deep State.

Life and let live. The Golden Rule. Liberty, free enterprise, mutual respect and rule of mutually agreed upon law. A free market and free exchange of information, ideas, technology and education in a peaceful environment is power and it’s not impossible to achieve, when you know how shadow men work and can nullify their operations by focusing on working a specific plan for success.

Right now many of us are living through a neo-balkanization where powerful political, social and economic forces are working a plan to divide and rule us. The world seems crazy to those who don’t understand why or how this is happening.

Right becomes wrong and good becomes evil and the population begins to walk around in a complete daze.

It explains the apologetics surrounding radical islamic terrorism and the insanity of importing known jihadist extremists inside masses of refugees the system creates itself by waging perpetual illegal wars in the middle east.

It explains why elites on both the left and right want to keep a border wide open where criminals, drugs, terrorists, as well as ultra cheap laborers are imported to destabilize a society, break an economy and make it easier to increase the police state tactics, erase personal civil liberties and more easily control a terrified, stressed, financial broken population.

The people can turn this around. But individuals have to get themselves free first before they can truly make an impact with the masses. Without financial independence and free time, you can’t do anything. It takes money and time to be free. Without it you’re just enslaved, but with information and knowledge. It takes more than just information and knowledge to win this psyop war.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: The Internet Helps Create Economic Freedom and Opportunities to Teach the Masses. I chose this simple vehicle to break free. It’s a start. I can teach you more inside.

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