Facebook Live Video Streaming Available in Fan Page and Groups

by Franco on April 13, 2016

Facebook Live Video Streaming Available in Fan Page and Groups

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With Live Video Streaming on Facebook now available on all of its content platforms (personal profile, fan page and groups) you can take your video marketing to another level.

Your imagination is going to be your only barrier.

Some of the important things to remember for entrepreneurs and marketers is that your fan page receives SEO love. You can get your content on search engines by posting to your fan page, as opposed to just posting on your personal profile.

Remember you can also promote and run paid targeted traffic from facebook to your fan page videos (including Live Video Streams). Live streaming video on the Facebook app is fast, easy and as mobile as you are.

Facebook Live Video Streaming

Do You Use Facebook Groups?

One of the interesting gifts here for content marketers that have built or want to build a more “exclusive” or private audience and mastermind in a facebook group (for your affiliates, buyers of your products etc), is that you can now create value added video content using the Live Video Stream product in groups and leverage that additional and exclusive content into your regular product offers and close more sales.

For example, I have plans to create exclusive social media media marketing training content using live video streaming and will offer that only inside my customer only and affiliate only facebook groups. I’ll add this as a bonus on my existing sales offers to close more sales.

The ideas are really endless.

So I’d recommend you start getting comfortable with creating live video streams in your Facebook profile, fan page and even groups and leverage the power, reach, speed and authenticity of video in your marketing.

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