Smart Phone Leads and Marketing Strategy

by Franco on March 26, 2018

VIDEO COACHING: Smart Phone Leads and Marketing Strategy Generates Steady Streams of Prospects…

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

The Simple Freedom Smart Phone Cash System


Monetize your smart phone.

Here’s how this strategy works…


It’s really helpful to see a full STRATEGY executed.

It allows people to see exactly how they will get results with it.

Got a cell phone?

This strategy takes two things:

1. Smart Phone Leads Source

2. Smart Phone Funnel Designed to Convert Them

I’m going to show you this in a review video so you can see how it works.

In essence…

STEP ONE: First you use the source for smart phone leads.

Targeted prospects receive short text SMS messages on their phone that direct them to call and listen to a recorded prospecting message AND to click a link to get to your website.

Then they listen to a quick sizzle call message.

STEP TWO: Then they see this website funnel.

And you make 100% Commission on BOTH.


Check it out…

Easy1Up Sizzle Call Vertex Lead System

You can also use the strategy to convert ANY program, but it’s cool that this blends them both together and pays you so much on each transaction. Can’t beat 100%…

See you inside,


P.S. I call this one: “Simple Freedom Smart PhoneCash

…because that’s exactly what it is and that’s exactly what it creates.

Post Card Marketing Prospecting System Vertex Lead System Easy1Up Simple Freedom

P.S. And I also have some SICK “post card” copy for this funnel that allows you to simply send little “bright yellow” post cards with a KILLER AD to people in their homes and have them:

1. Dial a 24 hour recorded sizzle phone message.
2. Go through your “Post Card Smart Phone” funnel.


100%Commissions on EVERYTHING.

A pipeline of cashflow from simple post cards, text messages and a smart phone… NO CRAZY SOCIAL MEDIA needed on this one!

SIMPLE offline to online system for you.

Check it out here:

And check out my review video on this later here on my blog.

Your Next Step…

Links to review:

STEP 1: Full Review of Easy1Up

STEP 2: Simple Freedom Smart Phone Cash Funnel Review

STEP 3: SMS Phone Leads Resource

STEP 4: Call me after your review. Let’s connect. How can I help?

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