Clif High Interview on The Soaring Twenties Bitcoin Cryptocurrency US Economy and More 2018 Predictions

by Franco on January 8, 2018

Clif High Interview: On The “Soaring Twenties” & Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading, US Economy and More 2018 Predictions

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Clif High. He’s a genius.

A buddy sent me this about Clif High with a link to the video above…

He was contracted by Microsoft years ago to fix a problem and he ended up creating a linguistic webbit.

This thing picks up language on the internet and makes predictions.

911, Fukushima, before I learned about him. I started buying his reports this summer and it’s nailed everything in crypto as well as the fires, hurricanes, Saudi princes, credit freeze (equifax), pedophilia arrests, etc… happy to send you his latest report. W/ cryptos he nailed veri, PPt, omg, EOS, and more I’m forgetting but I profited greatly on all those. He still has them going huge in 2018. Also plr which is still cheap. You can find him on YouTube interviewing most the ceos of those. I posted his latest interview on my wall as well.

He’s the crypto godfather in my book and in many other big youtubers… 

Pretty amazing stuff.

Here’s some more info from the video description…

Internet data mining expert Clif High has a brand new report called “Soaring Twenties.” Clif High says there is good news coming, but not just for 2018, many years after. Clif High explains, “There is a really interesting set of data that’s been building for some time, and we have had this big flush of long term data, which is why I decided to do this report that is going out five years. I named it the “Soaring Twenties,” even though we are not into the 2020’s. . . . Our 2020’s, to some extent, are replicating the kind of language in the newspapers and limited news reels they had at the time of the 1920’s. Only instead of being “The Roaring Twenties,” we’re going to have a “Soaring Twenties.”

Clif High also talks about a coming “bond debacle,” soaring gold and silver prices in 2018 . . . the future of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, “legal actions will be taken” against the bad actors in government and the “Deep State.” Clif High also predicts some “fantastic levels of business failures.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of


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