Discover Ways to Create Uniqe Headlines, Part II

by Franco on February 13, 2008

In the first part of this series we talked about being somebody, about addressing your prospect directly, and about being personal when writing your content. Here is the next section in Discover Ways to Create

Be personal when you are writing. Close your eyes and imagine yourself talking to a friend. How would you begin the conversation? What would you say? What would your friend say? What would you say back to your friend? Obviously, you wouldn’t want to refer to yourself in the plural, rather you want to speak as though you are engaged in the conversation.

Instead of saying, Here at such and such we believe in helping all….say something like, Here, let me help you…

. Tell the reader what you have in common. Let him/her know that you empathize with him/her. You have been in the same situation. Reveal non-fatal weaknesses or a petty frustration that you and the reader might share. Anything that puts you at the same level of the reader’s will endear him/her to you and engender trust between the two of you.

Is there an Enemy? If so, put a face on that enemy. Why has the reader failed to solve this problem or fulfill this desire? Were all the other products he or she has tried been ineffective? Were the “experts” who gave him advice wrong? Is someone intentionally using or confusing him?

This is an extremely rich emotional vein – so mine it! Instead of going on and on about how distrustful lawyers are, personalize it. Talk about how greedy and selfish they are and how they use their knowledge of law to do this or that to the reader. Or about how callous drug company execs trick his doctor into prescribing costly and dangerous things that often don’t work.

Prove every point you make. Its never a good idea to ask your reader to accept any claim at face value. Always include proof elements that postpone or suspend his/her disbelief with every claim.

These copywriting techniques and the ones to come in the rest of the series are all part of writing interesting and unique content, and are also a huge part of your Campaign.

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