Confession of an Economic Hitman

John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

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How the Corporatocracy Takes Over Nations and Enslaves the Middle Classes of the World

The Corporatocracy

The Corporatocracy is a group of individuals who run our biggest corporations. They act as the “emporor” of this empire. They control our media, either through direct ownership or advertising.

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They control most of our politicians because they finance their campaigns, either through their corporations or through personal contributions. These people are not elected, they don’t serve a limited term, they don’t report to anybody. They really very, very much are running things and they work under the premise that they should maximize profits regardless of the environmental and social cause.

The Invisible Government and the Actions of the Corporatocracy

At the very top of “The Corporatocracy” you really can’t tell whether the person is working for a private corporation or the government because they’re always moving back and forth. So, in one moment, you’ve got a guy who is the president of a big construction company like Halliburton, and then the next moment he’s Vice President of The United States.

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Or a president who is in the oil business and this is true whether you get democrats or republicans in office. You have them moving back and forth through the revolving door, so you really can’t distinguish, and in a way, our government IS invisible a lot of the time and its policies are carried out by our corporations, on one level or another.

The Revolving Door of Government Operatives, Lobbyists, Politicians, Corporate Executives and Banksters

And again, the policies of the government are basically, forged by the corporatocracy and then presented to the government and they become government policy, so it’s an incredibly cozy relationship, and a very dangerous relationship, and I think that’s part of, as we move forward, and we move out of this empire and we look for solutions and ask:

“How do we create a better world for our children and grandchildren?”

One of the most important things is to break that bond there and to make people more responsible to just creating a decent world and creating an environmentally sustainable and socially just and peaceful world.

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It’s interesting because the big corporations depend, so much on the banking system, the whole financial system, the whole Wall Street system and the banks, on the other hand, the banks depend on the corporations to make their money so, with the money that they have, they have to invest it some place so they’re going to invest it primarily in corporations.

And so there’s this symbiotic relationship between them that exists. You couldn’t have the huge corporate structures that we have without the banking structure that we have and you couldn’t have the banking structure that we have without the corporate structure that we have.

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And you have their people always moving back and forth between them. The corporations always have banking people on their boards and the banks have corporate people on their boards and they all have lobbyists in Washington and the politicians flow into politics from the corporations and flow back to the corporations from politics.

It’s a very insidious and corrupt system, a system that just feeds into the hands of what we call the corporatocracy, and to a large degree, it works against everybody else in the world.

The Economic Hitman

We “economic hitmen” have been the ones responsible for creating this truly global empire.

We work many different ways. But perhaps the most common is that we will identify a country that has resources our corporations covet, like oil, and then we arrange a huge loan to that country from the World Bank or one of its sister organizations but the money really doesn’t go to the country, instead, it goes to our big corporations to build infrustructure projects in that country; power plants and industrial parks, ports, things that benefit a few rich people in that country, in addition to our corporations, but really don’t help the majority of the people at all, who are too poor to use much electricity or the ports or don’t have the skills to get the jobs in the industrial parks.

How the Silent Takeover of a Country Happens

However, those people, the whole country is left holding a huge debt. And such a big debt that they can’t repay it, and that’s part of the plan, that they can’t repay it. And so at some point, we, ecnomic hitmen go back into the country and we say:

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“Listen, you owe us a lot of money, you can’t pay your debt, so sell your oil real cheap to our oil companies, allow us to build a military base in your country or send troops in support of our to some place in the world like Iraq or vote with us on the next UN (United Nations) vote.” And in that way, we’ve really created an empire, but we’ve done it very, very subtley.

It’s called clandestant.

So, all the empires of the past were built on the military. And everybody knew they were building them. The British knew they were building them. The French, the German, the Romans, the Greeks, and they were proud of it and they always had some excuse like spreading civilization, spreading some religion, something like that. But everybody knew they were building an empire.

We don’t.

We don’t build our empire that way.

The majority of the people in the United States have no idea that we’re living off the benefits of the clandestine empire.

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They don’t know that today there’s as much slavery in the world, in fact, more slavery in the world than ever before. They don’t know that our shirts, our shoes, everything we own is made under the guise of this empire and that there’s a tremendous amount of people around the world suffering as a result of this.

We are less than 5% of the world’s population, living in the United States yet we’re consuming more than 25% of this world’s resources. That’s a tragedy.

Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, Guatemala

When Arbenz became president of Guatemala the country was very much under the thumbs of United Fruit Company and the big international corporations and Arbenz ran on this ticket that said:

“We want to get the land back to the people.”

So once he came to power he started implementing policies that would do exactly that, give the whole land rights back to the people. United Fruit didn’t like that very much and so they hired a public relations firm to launch a huge campaign in the United States to convince the people in the United States and the press of the United States and the  congress of the United States that Arbenz was a “Soviet puppet” and that if we allowed him to stay in power the Soviets would have a foothold in this hemisphere, and that, at that point in time was a huge fear on everybody’s mind.

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We all were scared of the “red terror” or “the communist terror” and so, to make a long story short, out of this public relations campaign came a commitment on the part of the CIA and the military to take this man out, and in fact we did.

We sent in planes and we sent in soldiers, we sent in CIA Jackals, we sent in anything to take him out and did take him out, and as soon as he was removed from office, the new guy that took over after him basically reinstated everything to the big international corporations including United Fruit.

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Jaime Roldos Aguilera, Ecuador

Ecuador for many, many years had been ruled by pro-U.S. dictators, often relatively brutal.

They often claimed to be democratic but they weren’t.

They were dictators.

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Then it was decided that they were going to have a truly democratic election and Jaime Roldos ran for office. He was a young, dynamic lawyer, and his main goal, he said, was, as president, would be to help Ecuador use its resources, particularly it’s oil, to pull its poor people up by their own bootstraps. To make sure that Ecuador’s resources were used to help “the people.”

And he won, overwhelmingly, by more votes than anyone had ever won anything in Ecuador.

And again, he was the first democratically elected president after many years of rule by dictators. And he began to implement these policies and to that by making sure the oil companies were taxed, if not, to be nationalized, to be sure that the profits from oil went to help the people.

Well, we didn’t like that in the United States. I was sent down as one of several economic hitmen, and in that particular one I was not the primary one, I was sent in from Panama to help some of the other ones to change Roldos, to corrupt him. To bring him around. To let him know, you know:

“Ok, you know, you can get very rich, you and your family, if you play our game, but if you continue to try and keep these policies you’ve promised, you’re gonna go.”

He wouldn’t listen. He knew that his life was in severe danger. I’ve become good friends with his daughter in recent years, she’s now in her 40s and a member of congress in Ecuador, and she said her dad was very aware that he was taking huge risks but he took them anyway and he was assassinated.

Offically, his airplane crashed.

He and his wife were on board and several other men and women and the defense minister in his wife and the pilot of that plane was a very good family friend and wouldn’t have done anything foolish. She says that the official reports which claimed that the weather was very bad in the high mountains were erroneous. The weather wasn’t that bad where they were by the standards of Ecuador. It was raining. It rains a lot in the coastal plain and they weren’t even in the high mountains, they were coming in the coastal area, according to Marta Roldos, Roldos’ daughter.

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Also what we do know is that as soon as the plane crashed, the whole area was closed off and nobody was allowed in, even the local police. The Ecuadorian police were not allowed in. The only people allowed in were the U.S. Military from a nearby base and some of the Ecuadorian military that work closely with the U.S. military.

When an investigation was launched, two of the key witnesses died in car accidents before they had a chance to testify. A lot of very very strange things that went on around the assassination of Jaime Roldos.

I, like most people who’ve really looked at this case have absolutely no doubt that it was an assassination, and, of course, in my position as an economic hitman I was always expecting something to happen to Jaime whether be it coup or assassination, I wasn’t sure but that he would be taken down because he was not being corrupted. He would not allow himself to be corrupted the way we wanted to corrupt him.

So, airplane crashes are a great way to assassinate people because the evidence is destroyed and its virtually impossible to prove foul play.

Salvador Allende, Chile

Salvador Allende, president of Chile. Allende went up against a very powerful US corporation, I.T.T. (International Telephone and Telegraph Company) and a guy named Harold Geneen, who was a very powerful figure at the time.

Geneen decided that Allende had to go and brought up the CIA and the CIA went in and took him out.

Now, Allende was relatively easier to justify than some of the others because he was an avowed “socialist” if you want to call it that, but he was doing really good things for his people.

However, I.T.T. was totally opposed to him and the policies he was implementing there. It’s an interesting case too because, if we look today at I.T.T., we don’t find much. It still exists, but it’s a very small company; a shadow of what it used to be. And yet, at one time it had been one of the most powerful companies in the world. It was a company that was able to bring down the presidency of Allende in Chile.

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And I think that, again, it sends a tremendously strong message to us that these corporations are vulnerable. And that we do have clout, “We The People” because I.T.T. is gone and many other big corporations who were around in my life time are gone too. If you look at the airline industry, look at Panamerican which was a very very powerful company at one time and owned Intercontinental Hotels and many other businesses and they’re gone today.

There’s so much of that out there. Other companies that have disappeared and the people who run these companies are very very aware of that. That gives us a lot of leverage. We the People can exercise power over these companies and force them to do a better job.

Omar Torrijos, Panama

Omar Torrijos, president of Panama was one of my favorite people. I really really like him. He was very charismatic. He was a guy who really wanted to help his country and when I tried to bribe him or corrupt him, he said:

“Look, John (he called me Juanito), he said, “Look Juanito, I don’t need the money. I have a good life. I have a good house. I have a good wife. I have, whatever I want, in terms of yachts.”

And he was a guy who really liked to have a good time. And he said:

“But what I really need is for my country to be treated fairly. I need for the United States to repay the debts that you owe my people for all the destruction you’ve done here. I need to be in a position where I can help other Latin American countries win their independence and be free of this terrible presence from the north that you people are exploiting us so bad. I need to have the Panama Canal back in the hands of the Panamanian people. That’s what I want. And so, leave me alone. Don’t try to bribe me.”

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It was 1981 and in May, Jaime Roldos was assassinated in Ecuador. And Omar was very aware of this. Afterwards I heard from family members, and Marta Roldos, the daughter of Jaime Roldos, married Omar Torrijos’ nephew, and the nephew told Marta, and I’ve heard this from a number of sources, that after that plane crash of Roldos’, Torrijos got his family together and he said:

“I’m probably next, but it’s ok because I’ve done what I came here to do. I’ve renegotiated the Canal. The canal will now be in our hands, (he had renegotiated the treaty with Jimmy Carter) so I’ve accomplished what I needed to accomplish. I’m ready to die if that’s what it’s going to take.” And he had dreams about an airplane crash.

In June of that same year, just a couple of months later, he also went down in an airplane crash, which, you know, there’s no question, was executed by a CIA sponsored Jackals. There’s a tremendous amount of evidence that one of the security guards, one of Torrijos’ security guards handed him at the last moment as he was getting on the plane a tape recorder, a small tape recorder that can contain a bomb.

Manuel Noriega, Panama

Panama is a very interesting example because I tried to corrupt Omar Torrijos and bring him around, a great man as far as I was concerned. And I was very torn. On the one level, I didn’t want to corrupt him. I really respected him for his integrity. On the other level, it was my job to corrupt him, and I knew that if I didn’t, something more dire was likely to happen, which it did. He was assassinated.

And that sent Panama into a tailspin. The soul was taken out of the country at that point in many respects, and eventually Noriega became president. Noriega had been, we now know, a CIA agent. He’d been paid a lot of money to help fight the Colombia drug cartel, so he was one of our guys. And we figured that once Noriega was in power, that we can basically reverse the canal treaty that Torrijos had struck with Carter.

And turn that around and also reinstate The School of the Americas, the US military bases in Panama, but Noriega wouldn’t do it.

He wasn’t as much of a puppet as we thought he was. He wasn’t willing to reverse those policies. Also, he continued, what had begun under Torrijos, which were negotiations with the Japanese which were about financing and building a sea level canal.

We didn’t want to see that happen.

If there was going to be a sea level canal, we wanted to finance and build it. And Noriega refused to dropout of those negotiations. So, he was no long our puppy, our puppet. He wasn’t playing the game.

Contador: What happens in Contador (bribery, drugs, sex and illicit activities by politicians, economic hitmen and corporate operatives) stays in Contador

And on top of all of that, there’s a lot of rumors, and I don’t have any evidence to back this up, if there was evidence, it was destroyed. But there was an island off the coast of Panama that was called, Contador, which I do know very well. It’s still there. It’s a resort.

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And in the 70s, this was a place where deals were struck and where you can take people on private yachts, or however you wanted to do it, and there was plenty of cocaine, all kinds of drugs, sex, all kinds of illicit activities, and whatever happened on Contador, stayed on Contador.

This was a common knowledge. I used it. I took people there. I bribed people there on Contador. Everybody was doing it that was involved in South America.

And so, the question’s always been asked:

“We wanted to take out Noriega, ok. Why did we bomb a city?”

Why did we kill between 2,000 and 6,000 innocent civilians, and destroy this part of the city? And I was just in Panama a couple weeks ago. It was amazing, I traveled around and I went to that part of the city and I talked to people from taxi drivers to government officials about all of this and, you know, they’re still like, furious at the United States.

Why did we do that?

We could have taken out Noriega. He was not that difficult to take out, if that’s our goal. But we didn’t have to go in and bomb that section of the city. The best explanation I’ve heard, the most logical one that I can come up with is that one of the buildings down there belonged to the military, or the national security forces, Panama didn’t have an army per se, but they had these national security forces, and this building was totally demolished.

There’s a lot of eye witnesses that say that once it was demolished, a special unit of the U.S. military went in and made sure that everything was demolished. People saw this. I talked to people.

And the rumor was that within that building, there were a lot of photographs of things that went on in Contadora.

That Noriega, unlike Torrijos, had put cameras up. Torrijos was very adamant that nothing would ever leave and he didn’t have any cameras, I’m pretty sure, but that Noriega did.

And he had photographs, including very comprising photographs of the first President Bush’s son, the current president Bush before he was president. But that they had very compromising photographs of him and of a lot of high up politicians, and business men, again, no evidence of this. If those photographs existed, they were destoyed because they would have been kept in that building.

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And it’s the only explanation I’ve heard that makes sense to me, as to why we went in and destoyed that particular part of the city, which was very vulnerable, a lot of old building around that we knew once we send in some fire bombs, the whole place had to go.

And there was a tremendous number of very poor, innocent people living there. Between 2,000 and 6,000 died, depending on who’s records. The United States admits something like 2,000. The Panamanians say something like 6,000.

Why would we have done that?

That certainly is an explanation.

Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran

The precedent for “Economic Hitmen” really began in the early 1950s when the democratically elected prime minister was elected in Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh. And he was considered to be the hope for democracy, in the middle east and around the world.

Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year?”

He was Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1951. But one of the things he’d run on and began to implement was the idea that foreign oil companies needed to pay the Iranian people a lot more for the oil they were taking out of Iran.

The Iranian people should benefit from their own oil (a strange policy).

And so, once he took office he began to implement this including threats and nationalizing foreign oil companies, particularly British Oil Company, which today is BP. We didn’t like that, of course.

But we were afraid to do what we were normally doing at that time which was to send in the military, as we’d done in other parts of the world, because Iran was right on the border with Russia. Russia was not the primary enemy of ours and Russia had nuclear weapons and we very much feared a nuclear war.

So we determined early on that we shouldn’t take the normal position and send in the military into Iran.

Instead we sent in one CIA agent, Kermit Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt’s relative. And Kermit went in with a few million dollars and was very very effective and efficient in a short amount of time spending a few million dollars, he managed to get Mosaddegh overthrown, and brought in the Shah of Iran to replace him.

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So, he overthrew this democratically elected president, replaced him with a dictator, who always was favorable to oil and it was extremely effective. So, back here in the United States, in Washington, people looked around and said:

“Wow! That was easy, and cheap… and, not messy.”

And so this established a whole new way of manipulating countries. Of creating empire. The only problem with Roosevelt was that he was a card-carrying CIA agent and had he been caught, the ramifications could have been pretty serious.

So very quickly at that point the decision was made to use private consultants, to channel the money through the World Bank or the IMF or one of the others financial agencies to, bring in people like me, who work for private companies, so that if we got caught, there would be no governmental ramafications connected with this.

And it is interesting to me how this system has continued pretty much the same way for years and years except, the economic hitmen have gotten better and better and better so we’ve become more and more subtle.

But then we come up with very recently what happend in Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela

In 1998 Hugo Chavez gets elected president following a long line of presidents who had been very corrupt, and basically destroyed the economy of the country and put the largest middle class in Latin America had suddenly become impoverished because they put the country into such debt.

And Chavez was elected amidst all that.

Now, Chavez was not a radical, opposed to the United States at that point in time, but after 9/11 Chavez went on the record as saying:

“I hope that the people of the United States will see what’s going on here and understand that there’s a lot of anger and resentment in the world.”

And that was resented in Washington, that he would say that, and so, a campaign was launched to make him look like a villain.

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And then in 2002 a coup was staged, which there’s no question in my mind and most other people’s minds that the CIA was behind that coup. But Chavez was very smart, and he had people hidden in the palace and so on, and plus he had people in the streets, took to the streets and there was huge numbers of poor people that took to the streets and demanded his return.

How the CIA Manufactures (and buys) Dissent to Create Coups

And so he came back into power and yeah, the way that, that coup was fomented was very reflective of what Kermit Roosevelt had done in Iran, of paying people to go out into the streets, to riot, to protest, to say this Chavez is very unpopular, and you know, if you can get a few thousand people to do that, with television, you can make it look like it’s the whole country, and things start to mushroom.

So, it was very remeniscent of that, except that in the case of Chavez, he was smart enough and the people were so strongly behind him and so, expecting this to happen, that they overcame it, which was a phenomenal moment in the history of Latin America because regardless of what one thinks of Chavez, and I personally have my problems with his rhetoric and his behavior sometimes, but the fact that he has stood up to the United States and he’s done it primarily demanding that Venezuelan oil be used to help the Venezuelan people, that has always been his philosophy.

And his success of actually making that happen has had it’s ups and downs but that’s always been the philosophy.

And also to use some of that money to help other poor people thoughout the continent.

The fact that that happened encouraged other countries like Bolivia and Ecuador and Chile and Argentina and Brazil and Uruguay and Nicaragua and Guatemala and so many others to hold democratic elections and vote in presidents who said:

“Our resources must serve our people.”

So Correa of Ecuador ran on a campaign that basically says:

“The profits of Ecuadorean oil must help Ecuadorean poor people.”

And Morales ran on a campaign that said:

“The profits from Bolivia’s gas must help Bolivia’s poor people.”

And I don’t think that would have been possible had it not been for what Chavez did, so I think history will look back and see this man as being a very key figure in what’s really occuring in Latin America today which is a true non-violent revolution.

There’s a democratic revolution happening south of the Rio Grande and it’s very very significant; more significant than most people in the United States realize.

More than 80% of the population of South America in the last democratic elections has voted in the president who’s said:

“No more exploitation by the Corporatocracy. Our resources must help our people.”

And it’s been non violent.

It’s been democratic.

It’s an amazing process that’s going on.

Saddam Hussein, Iraq

Iraq is actually a perfect example of how the whole system works.

So, we Economic Hitmen are the first line of defense. We go and we try to corrupt governments and get them to accept these huge loans which we then use as leverage to basically own them. If we fail, as I did in Panama with Omar Torrijos and Ecuador with Jaime Roldos, men who refuse to be corrupted, then the second line of defense is we send in the CIA Jackals and the Jackals either overthrow governments or they assassinate the people who won’t be corrupted, in the case of Omar Torrijos and Jaime Roldos.

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They were assassinated because I failed. And once that happens and a new government comes in, boy it’s going to toe the line because the new president knows what’ll happen if he doesn’t.

In the case of Iraq, both of those things failed.

Economic Hitmen were not able to get through to Saddam Hussein. We tried very hard. We tried to get him to accept a deal very similar to what the House of Saud had accepted in Saudi Arabia, an amazing deal from our standpoint, but he wouldn’t accept it.

And so the CIA Jackals went in to take him out and they couldn’t do it. His security was very good. After all, he had at one time, worked for the CIA. He’d been hired to assassinate a former president of Iraq and failed, but he knew the system. He had these look-a-like doubles. It’s very hard to assassinate a president unless there’s people on the inside helping you.

And if the people on the inside don’t even know whether they’re guiding a real guy or a double, it makes it very difficult for them and very very risky for them. So we couldn’t take him out. So in 1991, the first President Bush sent in the troops and we figured at that point in time, which is the last time, if the economic hitmen fail, the jackals fail, then we send in the military.

And of course, all these people always know that the military is standing off in the wings to go in if everything else fails.

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So, in 1991 we send in the troops and we take out the Iraqi military. So we assume at that point that Saddam Hussein is going to come around. We could have taken him out, of course, at that time, but we didn’t want to. He’s the kind of strong man we like. He controls his people. He can control the Kurds and keep the Iranians in their border and keep pumping oil for us, and that once we took out his military now he’s going to come around.

So the Economic Hitmen go back in, in the 1990s without success. If they’d had success, he’d still be running the country. We’d be selling him all the fighter jets he wants and everything else he wants. But they couldn’t. They didn’t have success.

The Jackals couldn’t take him out again. So we sent the military and once again and this time we did the complete job, took him out and in the process created for ourselves some very very lucrative construction deals to reconstruct a country that we essentially destroyed, which is a pretty good deal if you own a contruction companies, big ones.

So, those are really, Iraq shows the three stages, the Economic Hitmen, fail there, the Jackals, fail there, and as a final measure, the military goes in.

Divide and Conquer

Chaos, mayhem and destabilization are the friends of exploitation.

And so, if you can have internal problems in a country, then it’s ripe for exploitation. You know, it’s the old “Divide & Conquer.”

So, for example, in the Middle East, the fact that Sunnis and Shiites and Israelis are all at each other’s throats, works to the advantage of oil companies because of divide and conquer, because if they all came together, and found a common enemy, which is the one exploiting people, then the oil companies wouldn’t have a chance.

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But as long as they can keep it destabilized…

…and in South America it’s fascinating how we’ve seen that throughout the history of Latin America the indigenous people and the military have usually been opposed ever since the time of the conquest.

But in the recent elections in places like Ecuador and Venezuela and Bolivia these two groups have come together.

They united.

And as a result, now you have this amazing revolution that’s going on now in South America, which is not pleasing to U.S. Corporatocracy and we, you know, we really blew it there, from that stand point, in that, the destabilization is no longer happening. These diverse groups have come together because they’ve realized that it’s to their self interest to stick together to fight the common enemy which is the Corporatocracy, which is the us, really.


Keeping the Continent as Dark and Exploited as Possible

And Africa is an amazing example of this, because, who’s ever heard of Africa?

We hear the name Africa, but who knows anything about Africa? What do we know about coal tan and the Congo? What do we really know about diamonds in so many of these countries?

What do we really know about oil in the Sudan?

We hear these things but we don’t really know much. What we’d like to say, the American people like to say, the American press likes to say:

“Oh, it’s those corrupt leaders.”

We don’t ask:

“Who corrupted them?”

Leaders are not corrupt. They are corrupted. Somebody does it.

And we say:

“Oh, tribal warfare.”

Well, who’s creating the tribal warfare?

It’s been to the advantage of the British, the French, the Dutch, the Germans, whoever had happened to be there, now us, to foster this kind of instability, this antagonism, the antagonism between muslims and christians and jews.

This goes on and on and Africa, I think Africa is truly the canary in the mine.

It’s a dying canary. You know, it’s terrbily dying and we don’t even look.

We don’t know.

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And another problem with Africa is that the people in our own country who’s heritage is African, the African Americans, for the most part, don’t even know where they were from.

They don’t know what language their ancestors spoke.

So it’s hard for them to really relate, unlike Latin America for example.

We can’t really do something in Venezuela or Colombia or Bolivia without people in this country taking note because a lot of those people are from there. We have a lot of people here in this country from Venezuela and Colombia and Bolivia and so on.

And they’re interested.

They know where they’re from and they can read the local papers. They can read in Spanish.

But in Africa, our African heritage people don’t even know where they’re from.

And they don’t read those papers. And so there’s been this, this huge mask that’s been thrown over Africa. It truly is a dark continent from the point of view that we don’t let light in.

The media doesn’t understand what’s going on, they don’t want to. And the corporatocracy surely don’t want us to understand, you know, the corporations do everything they can to foment turmoil, mayhem, instability, chaos there and to keep the information from reaching the American public, from even reaching the press because that serves their interests best.


Forget about chads, put them aside for a moment and deal with the bigger issue which is:

The American public really doesn’t know what we’re voting for.

And we’re seeing in the presidential campaigns, you know, that there’s an ignorance. There’s an avoidance of what’s really going on. We don’t really talk about the causes behind the immigration problem. We talk about the bandaids to cure it:

“Should we build a wall?”

Should we make stricter laws?

Should we invite these people to become citizens?

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But the real issue is the fact that we’ve destroyed the economies in their countries through our “Free Trade Agreements” that have benefited the big corporations hugely but have made everybody else suffer. The works in the United States, the workers in Guatemala and in Mexico and throughout Central America and many parts of South America are suffering terribly.

Not one of them wants to be here.

I speak Spanish. I live in Florida. I go out and I talk to the Guatemalans who are taking care of everybody’s lawns and doing a lot of the other menial work. They don’t want to be here. They’re not getting rich here. They’re sending all their money home.

They want to be back in Guatemala, or Mexico or Honduras or El Salvador or wherever they’re from.

These are beautiful countries. They want to be there. There’s no work there. And there’s no work there because of the laws that we’ve passed. Because of the IMF. Because of the World Bank. Because of what the corporatocracy’s doing to exploit these countries.

So if we really want to deal with the immigration problem, that’s what we must do, is help these countries get back on their feet and open their doors to their own people and have jobs there but our presidential candidates aren’t addressing that.

Art of War

Well, since back in the 1970s and you know, I’m writing about this now. In a book I’m writing now, I was called into Washington to the Army Navy Club and met with a lot of retired generals and admirals to talk about a job that was going down in the Indian Ocean. And I found this to be the case, that the top echelons of the military, they don’t want to go to war. You know, they know. They know that that’s just going to create more problems. They know that if you want to create terrorism, you know, send in the Army.

The lower echelons aren’t educated about that, don’t understand that. But the highest echelons, I think in general, in the military, don’t want to go to war. The politicians want to go to war. The corporations want to go to war. Because every corporation stand to, many corporations stand to make a tremendous amount of money out of war.

NEVER ENDING WAR: The Real Endgame. Every War is a Victory for Those that Profit By Them

So, you and I may think that Vietnam was a failure and that Iraq if a failure, but if you own a big industry that has any relationship whatsoever to the war machine and that includes insurance companies and banks, it includes companies that we don’t usual think about as part of the military industrial complex; if you happen to be the CEO or a major owner of any of those corporations, you think that Vietnam was a huge success and so is Iraq.


But if we look at the situation in Colombia, which is symbolic of so many, you go back to the time when I was in Colombia in the 1970s, and I was there to get huge World Bank and Inter American Development Bank loans for Colombia to build infrustructure projects using U.S. corporations to do it. Particularly we were building big hydro electric dams, transition lines, pipelines, those sorts of things, and the poor people of Colombia objected very very strongly.

Progress and Economic Warfare

The campesinos. The majority of the people. For example, we would dam up rivers to create hydro-electric projects and destroy vast amounts of farmlands. Destroy towns. And the we would build transmission lines from these across jungles and through people’s backyards and they were these big transmission towers but the people who lived in those areas didn’t get any electricity. They got absolutely no benefits. And they were outraged.

There is always a reason people feel the need to form a guerilla group.

So they formed, what we would call, “guerilla groups” like the “boston minutemen” and it was fascinating that my company, we had offices in Barranquia and Bogota, Colombia. We were designing these huge projects and we were not allowed to send any U.S. citizens or engineers to the project site. Only Colombians because they thought it was too dangerous. The guerillas, as we call them, would come down and attack the contruction camps and they would send the workers down the rivers in canoes. They wouldn’t hurt them, but they scared them. And this went on and on.

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And meanwhile the oil exploration was starting in other parts of Colombia and similar things were happening there. The campesinos were very strongly objecting to oil and the guerillas would come in. And originally they were supported financially by Russia and China to a certain degree and to a certain degree by Cuba. And of course, we then painted them as being communists. And most of them didn’t care at all about philosophy. They just simply wanted to have their lands.

These were desperate people. Their lands were being destroyed.

They’re families were starving. And they wanted to get us out of there. And they wanted not to have this happen anymore. But we accused them of being communists. Well, as communist funds began to dry up as it happened in Russia and China and Cuba, funds began to dry up, they turned to extortion, blackmail, kidnapping and drugs, as a way of financing themselves. And over time that became much more a part of their business, it was one of the few ways of financing themselves.

The Disadvantage of Not Having a Cold War

You know we all think “detat” is such a great thing; the peace between the Soviet Union and the United States, but there’s a dark side to that too. There was a balance when the Soviet Union was there. If the United States put too much pressure on a country to bend to our will, the country would sort of lean over toward Russia. So then we would back off that position. Once the Soviet Union was gone, there was nobody for anybody to turn to, accept “terrorism” in that sense.

And so, today we have a situation, for example, in Colombia, where you have these organization like FARC, that to a large degree are financed through drugs and extortion and other illegal activities but their basis is in defense of the people, which is true to a very large degree. And recently I was in Nicaragua, at the time, and Colombia President Uribe, sent troops into Ecuador to take out the leader of FARC, who was that particular leader who, according to my sources was in Ecuador to negotiate a peace treaty and arranged for a hostage exchange, he and about 20 other of his people, were all killed by the Colombian president.

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And of course, Correa, the president of Ecuador objected very very strongly and Hugo Chavez joined in with Correa and there was a huge conflict about this and all of the Presidents of South America met in Santo Domingo and they all condemned Uribe but the United States defended him, including all three presidential candidates, Clinton, Obama and McCain all came to Colombia’s defense, which was absurd.

One of the things that was happening there was that Colombia is the largest recipient in the hemisphere, one of the largest in the world, of United States military foreign aid to fight these FARC people.

Uribe doesn’t want peace with FARC because then his funds dry up.

And really, what that money is used for more than anything else is to defend our oil companies in Colombia and the construction of pipelines.

So we use this excuse whether they call it communism, back in the old days, the “red scare,” whether it’s called Al Qaeda or “terrorism” or whatever it is, we find these “enemies” and in fact, we create these enemies. And this gives us a foothold into the countries so we can have our military in there and we can use them to defend our oil companies, which in the case of Colombia, and Ecuador and so much of Latin America are terribly terribly exploitative and destroy environments and destroy people, the largest environmental lawsuit in the history of the world today is being brought on behalf of 30,000 Ecuadorian, Amazonian people against Texaco, which is now owned by Chevron, so now it’s against Chevron but for activities conducted by Texaco for years of dumping, what’s estimated to be more than 18 times more than what the Exon Valdeez dumped into the coast of Alaska.

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Dumping Oil into the Environmnt on Purpose

In the case of Ecuador it wasn’t an accident. The oil companies did it intentionally. They knew they were doing it to save money out there rather than arranging for proper disposal. It’s so blind. They’re killing themselves long term anyway. But they make a tremendous amount of money in the process. And none of these executives expect their jobs to last more than a few years anyway, so they feel, why not make a killing while you’re there?

How the Oil Standard Replaced the Gold Standard

So, in 1971 the United States was very much in debt, just like we are today, and we were on the Gold standard, so other countries began to call in the debt, in gold. They didn’t want dollars, they wanted gold. We couldn’t pay it. And so Nixon and his buddies took us off the gold standard. And of course the argument at the time that was made was that there was no economic reason to be on a gold standard, but the truth of the matter is, we couldn’t pay. We were bankrupt.

We couldn’t pay in gold. So we simply went off the gold standard. We said, “Here, we’ll pay you in dollars but we don’t need to back it up with gold.” But that then threatened to undermine the dollar as the world reserve currency because it put it in huge question. So in 1973 when the OPEC oil embargo hit it created an ideal opportunity to do something that was even better than the gold standard. And at that point, some of the treasury people came to me and other economic hitmen and said:

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“Listen, we can’t allow OPEC to hold us up anymore. We can’t allow them to blackmail us, you gotta come up with a scheme so this can’t happen again.”

Well, the scheme that we came up with, and this is the short version, is that, the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia, and we knew we had to do it through the House of Saud, because they were corruptible, and they had more oil than anybody else, the House of Saud agreed to return almost all of the money they had made selling petroleum to the world to the United States and invest it in U.S. government securities.

The interest from those securities would be used to finance the “westernization” of Saudi Arabia.

The Treasury Department would have that interest to hire U.S. corporations to build power plants, desalinization plants, huge cities. And the House of Saud also agreed to keep the oil price to within limits acceptable to our oil companies, and most importantly perhaps, never ever to sell oil for anything other than dollars.

So suddenly, in a couple of years the dollar had moved from being on the gold standard to being free floating basically, to now developing its own standard, the oil standard, which in many respects, was much more powerful than the gold standard because, afterall, oil has inherently more value in the modern world than gold does. And so today, we’ve been struggling all these years with the same situation where we’re on the oil standard and now we’re once again in this position where we have tremendous amounts of debt, we’re a huge debtor nation, the largest in the world and other countries are beginning to say:

“But we want our debt in something other than dollars. We don’t like the dollar. We don’t trust it.”

So Saddam Hussein threatened to go onto what he called an “oil burst” or an oil exchange where he would sell oil for something other than dollars; in yen, or euros or some other currency and that’s one reason why we went after him, just one more reason. And today, interestingly enough, Iran is doing the same thing. Iran is offering to sell oil, in fact they say they want to sell oil not for dollars ever, they want to sell it for other currencies.

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This is a huge threat to us.

I think it’s the primary reason we’re making threats that we’re going to attack Iran. I don’t think it has nearly enough to do with nuclear energy as we’d like to think it does. It has to do with oil. And the oil burst. Because if in fact Iran does sell oil for something other than the dollar it puts the dollar in a very weak position.

And if someone wants to bankrupt us, they, someone like China or Japan, or one of the other big holders of our debt, they can call in our debt in euros or in something else but they can only  do that if they can buy oil in that other currency because oil is the true currency that’s out there today.

Energy & Consumption

Well, oil is the ideal fuel for the corporatocracy.

And so when you have a resource like that you can really control it, and of course, the corporatocracy likes that. Also everything downstream, you have to have gas stations, you have to have pipelines, you have to have all these things. And that’s the reason why biofuels, ethynol, things like that are acceptable to them and more acceptable to Washington and to the corporatocracy than for example, solar, which you don’t have that kind of control over.

Oil is currency.

So oil is really a political football, it is a tremendous convenience for those who want to control and it is the backing of our currency today. So the dollar’s backed by oil. So it makes it very hard to talk about getting off oil from a political standpoint. If every tile of every roof was a solar panel, which is technologically possible, think of what that would do?

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Now, people who know energy knows that there’s these peak times of using fuel and it’s hard to use solar at night, although it’s definitely not impossible, I mean we put solar units out for some of the communities in the Amazon and they have big batteries that they put it into and they run off solar all night long, so you can do that even though it seems like in this country, in the United States, it’s almost like a myth, that you can’t do that, but you can do it.

Using Solar to Decentralize the Energy Grid?

But if we think in terms of really trying hard to use what’s there and to use it in an efficient way, you know, the concept of huge solar stations out in the mojave desert or someplace, that to me is wrong because once again, it’s feeding into the hands of central control and not only that but who knows what that would do for climate, if you take all that solar energy that would have gone into the earth otherwise take it out of the earth and instead put into electricity, it’s going to have some impact.

But where we have roofs, where the solar is just hitting the roofs anyway, what an efficient use. So we definitely need to look more and more and more at this use of energy and we know that there are other technologies that are out there that we haven’t even explored with any sort of seriousness because they don’t fit within the context of the political game.

Breaking the Consumption Addiction

And you know, I think something else is very important here and  it’s that we must at some point come to grips with the fact that we’ve got to cut back on everything. Whether we’re talking about energy consumption or clothes or the size of our houses. We in the developed world, we who live in these very affluent societies, like in the United States, must cut back because there are limitations on this planet, there’s no question.

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And we’re fast approaching those limitations. We must cut back. We must control population to some degree. And we must control the per capita expenditure on economic goods, on materialistic goods. We must cut back. We can’t expect technology to solve these problems entirely. We have to solve them by spirituality. For lack of a better word, spirituality, by recognizing that happiness doesn’t come through consuming more and more energy, consuming more and more products. It comes from something much deeper, something more basic, that feeling of oneness, that bliss that connection with all the planets and animals and other people.


We have a great deal of power over these corporations. And so we’re at this amazing time in history where there’s a world empire. And I think for the first time, we don’t want to overthrow it, we don’t want to get rid of it, we want to change it, we want to do something that’s never been done in history before.

We want to break an old pattern because if this empire collapses then history tells us that there will probably be some wars, economic or military wars and eventually some new empire will emerge. We don’t want that. What we’d rather do is transform this empire. Make it into a true model of a world where we can live sustainably, environmentally sustainably and in a socially just world, and in a peaceful world.

And so, I think we have this opportunity now to tell those corporatocracy people:

“Ok go ahead, maximize profit. But only do so within the context of always hitting toward creating an environmentally sustainable, a socially just, and a peaceful world, for everyone on the planet, because we know that our world won’t be sustainable, or just or peaceful, unless the whole planet is.”

We live in a very very small community, that’s the other thing that’s going on in this empire, is that the world community has shrunk tremendously. When I was an Economic Hitman in the 1970s several times I spent 3 or 4 days trying to make a phone call from Jakarta Indonesia to Boston, Massachusetts. Today you can call any place on the planet instantaneously. You can go to the deepest part of the Amazon and call through sattelite phones and you can sell a whole book by email almost instantaneously from anywhere on this planet. We are a very very small world.

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And I have a grandson, he’s six months old now. I’m very aware of the fact that my grandson cannot possibly hope to inherit a sustainable, peaceful, stable, socially just world unless every child today growing up in Ethiopia, in Indonesia, in Bolivia, in Palestine and Israel, also has that same expectation.

So here we are, in this amazing time in history: small world, ruled by the emperor which is a corporatocracy, which is a corporate ruling, its a commercia, it’s an economic thing, it’s not a military thing, and these corporations are very very vulnerable.

We can turn them around. We must turn them around.

Measures of “Success”

Where does the desire to keep making more come from?

Where does greed come from?

You know, I think that greed, in a way, is our measure of success. So, if I’m a corporate executive and I’m making five million dollars a year and the guy in charge of my rival company is making six million, I feel I have to do better. I have to surpass him. That’s my measure of success. If I’m an athlete, same sort of thing, the athletes are all vying with each other to see who makes the most money because that’s how we measure our success, in general.

And of course it’s a false measure of success because we all know, really, happiness is the success.

What kind of life do we lead? How do we relate to our families? How do we relate to the world? And if in the process of making this extra million dollars as a corporate executive or as a movie star or an athlete or whatever, we’re also creating a bigger gap between us and the people in Indonesia who are making the shoes that we wear as an athlete or as a corporate executive, or the clothes that we wear as a movie star.

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Then in the long run we are making this a much less stable world, a much more dangerous world for ourselves and our progeny.

And so, we must turn this thing around and really look at what is it that we value? It really isn’t money. And you know, working with CEOs and people in top management for many many years as I have, including I still continue to, I give talks to big corporations and their executives. I just came back recently from giving one, I’m very struck by the fact that I’ve never met an evil CEO. They may exist.

The Vision: Creating an Environmentally Sustainable, Social Just and Peaceful World

But I haven’t met any.

I’ve never met one that wants to see Florida sink beneath the ocean. I’ve never met one that wants to see the ozone layer destroyed, or wants to see more poverty and misery in the world. What I meet is, men and women who have been taught in business schools, who have been taught within their corporate cultures that they must maximize profits regardless of the cost, the social and environmental costs, but they don’t really want to do that. And they’re really not buying into this that they gotta make an extra million dollars to compete with the guy in the next post.

That’s really not what they’re about, as far as I can see.

They do it because that is their measure of success. It’s the same as when we’re in school. The kid next to us gets an “A” and we have to do something to keep up and do better, or excel in a sport, or whatever reason, or this constant thing of, this is how we measure ourselves.

We really need to turn that around.

You know, it would be such a different world, if the Fortune 500 were not the wealthiest 500 companies but instead were those who do the most to make a better world for our children. Just think if Randy Haze, who founded Rain Forest Action Network was in the Fortune 500, not because of the money he makes but because of what he does. Just think, what if people like that were Time magazine’s Man of the Year.

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This is the direction we must move in. And you and I can create that.

It’s in our hands to do that. And I also think that we need to understand that every executive out there is looking for that too. It’s our form of adulation. How do we honor them? Corporate executives think they’re being honored when they get more pay, when they get bigger bonuses, bigger stock increases, because that’s the system that we have to buy into that says, “That’s the measure of success.” “How much money do you have?” “How big is your house?” “How large is your yard?” “How many private jets do you have?”

I mean, We the People make a big point of that. We watch television shows about this. We watch movies about it and say, “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a big yacht like that and a huge mansion like that, and fifteen houses like that.” So we put these people in this position.


It strikes me as as amazing that we have reached a point in time where we even talk about the need to be sustainable because through our history everybody has always been sustainable. While I spend a lot of time with indigenous people in the Amazon, they don’t do anything that isn’t sustainable. They just don’t do it. If it isn’t sustainable, it isn’t even possible and not conceivable that you would do it.

And so now here we are at a time where we’ve come through several hundred years of history doing non-sustainable things and we’re all sitting around now, big corporations are getting together for conferences on sustainability; should we  become sustainable? Can we become sustainable?

Well, the obvious answer is, if we don’t become sustainable, by definition, we’re not here any longer at some point, so we really must take into account the totality.

This isn’t just a human experience on this planet, it’s the totality of experience and we know we can’t survive without our plants and animals. We know we can’t survive without the earth. We know we can’t survive without the four elements. So, when are we going to really start taking that into account and start saying, “That’s what it is to be successful.”

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Success depends on how well we relate to everything around us, not just other human beings but all the things around us.

That is success. And we really should be honoring the people that take that into account, “These ought to be our Fortune 500 people and the people who win all the awards and get on the covers of all the magazines. Those who lead us in the direction toward sustainability and in that same context we can’t take out the socially just aspect of it. You know, again, it goes together. We can’t treat other human beings in unjust ways, and expect to continue to be sustainable, that doesn’t last for very long.

Under the old systems where you had small pockets of populations and sometimes they went to war with each other and that goes up to the time of World War II, you can say that’s still part of the old system. And perhaps, but today, we’re so interlocked. We are all living so closely together that we all have to take care of each other. Just like in a small community, in a tribe, or a small town in New England, where you have town meetings, everybody knows that you have to take care of the whole community, or you’re going to have problems.

And now we have to see that the whole world is the community and we all have to take care of each other.

And it’s not just a community of human beings, it’s a community of plants and animals and elements. And we really need to understand that. And that’s what’s going to be bring us joy too and pleasure. That’s what we’re missing in our lives now. We can call it spirituality, we can go back to the roots of religion. We can go wherever we want with this, but the fact of the matter is that joy comes from that bliss of connectedness.

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In indigenous cultures you hear words that we interpret as bliss, as ecstasy, but what do they really mean? They mean the feeling of connection. The feeling of connection with every thing. And another way to look at it is to say, that’s our connection with the divine. That’s our God spirit. That side of ourselves that really feels it and you can really feel it deep inside here. It’s this amazing, wonderful feeling and you know it when you get it. You don’t get it from money. You get it from connection.

Fate of Coincidence

Each one of us is presented frequently by fate. Coincidences. By things that happen in our life that seem random. And, they come along all the time. What’s really important is how we choose to react to them. What we do to those coincidences. And the decisions we make each time we’re confronted by one of these makes all the difference as to where we go from here. For example, you know, I was graduated from college at the time of the Vietnam draft.

You can call that a coincidence.

I chose to go into the Peace Corps and that made a huge difference to me. I learned a great deal about other countries. If I had chosen to go to jail, I would have had a very different experience. Or if I had chosen to go to the Army and go to Vietnam, or if I had chosen to move to Canada. All of those are decisions we make based on that one coincidence. And I think it’s very important that we would be conscious of this, when these coincidences just present themselves. And it could be a hardship, suddenly you’ve gone bankrupt, that’s an event, you’re bankrupt.

Well, what are you going to do with that?

Where are you going to go with that? And to realize that the decision you make at this point of your life is going to have a huge effect on you. My daughter recently gave me a grandson but before the grandson arrived, she knew she was going to have a baby. And she’s gotta buy cribs and she’s gotta buy clothes and she’s gotta look at what kinds of diapers to use and all these kinds of things. She had, every point along that line, made a decision that she wanted to do the thing that was most environmentally and socially responsible and she saw it as an investment in her child’s future. And she couldn’t always find good alternatives.

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In some of these areas like, car seats, for example, it’s really hard to find ones that aren’t made in China or some place. But to be aware that you’re doing everything you can and you’re going to make every attempt. And not to see this as a sacrifice, but to see it as an investment in your child’s future by doing the right thing now, from an environmental and social standpoint.

We are taking care of our children and our grandchildren and all the future generations.

I think it’s so important that we understand that, and sometimes we can’t make that investment. Sometimes we just can’t afford to make that investment even though we know it would be a good investment and at times like that we just have to do our best but realize that we’re forgoing an investment and commit ourselves to make that investment the next time it’s possible for us to do so.


From a practical standpoint, what can we do to make this a better world for ourselves and future generations? That’s the essential question right now. And I think we all know a lot of the basic things we can do. We should never buy anything that’s made in a sweat shop, that’s made by slaves, that’s made by people that suffer that aren’t given good health insurance that aren’t taken care of, and that their families aren’t taken care of.

We shouldn’t buy anything that’s made by people like that. We know that. We shouldn’t drink water that comes out of plastic bottles and brought to us from Fiji or some place way off like that where we’re exploiting another country’s water supply. We shouldn’t waste fuels. We shouldn’t be inefficient in that way. We shouldn’t build houses that are way too big, to satisfy any common sense within us.

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There’s so many things like that we all know we shouldn’t be putting chemicals in our food and so on and so forth. But I think beyond all of that, if you really come right down to it, those are all band aids. And we need bandaids baddly because we’re hemorraging. But beyond all that I think we all, each one of us, needs to look deep inside of ourselves.

Every one of us has passion. And every one of us has talent.

Now, I’m a writer, that’s my passion and I hope that I have some talent as a writer also. But regardless of whether you’re a film maker, a musician, a carpenter, a plumber, a teacher, a housewife, whatever you are, you’ve got passion and you have talent. And if everyone of us can go deep into our passions, can realize our passions, using our talents to do that but always have, as a guiding point, that we will work to creating an environmentally sustainable, socially just and peaceful world, then we will get there.

We will all get there.

If that’s the destination that everybody’s got then we can come from all directions. I’m often struck by how fortunate we are that during the time of the American revolution Tom Paine didn’t try to lead armies and George Washington didn’t try to write pamphlets. Paine followed his passion. He was a writer and he had talent. And Washington followed his passion and he had talents as a leader of men. And Benjamin Franklin didn’t do either thing, he was an old man. He went off to France and he convinced the French to become our allies.

All of that was essential.

And it was all aimed at one goal. But they all came from very different directions. And I think that this is an impotant time to realize how we can do that. Students sometimes at business schools when I’m speaking come up to me and say, “Should I go to work for the big corporation and try to change it from the inside, or do I need to be outside and demonstrate against the corporation?” And I say, you know, that depends on you.

We need people in both places.

What’s your passion? Where can you do it best? If you go to work for the big corporation, would you be corrupted by it or will you really try to change it? And these are questions we need to ask ourselves. But if everyone of us really looks inside ourselves we’re not going to be successful if we don’t follow our passions and use our talents to do it. And we’ve all got a path that we can go along. But let us all aim toward that one goal of creating an environmentally sustainable, socially just and peaceful world.

And when we do that, we’ll get there.

Our Vision at Simple Freedom: Using Home Based Internet Free Enterprise to Create an Environmentally Sustainable, Socially Just and Peaceful World

Breaking the Middle Class


The Middle Class Has Been Under Attack Ever Since Those Fascists Killed President John F. Kennedy: I don’t think we’ll ever see a statesman and leader like him heading our nation ever again. I hope we do, but I don’t think we will.

THE WAR AGAINST THE MIDDLE CLASS WAGES ON: I believe we’ll keep having these corrupt, spineless puppets paraded in front of us to pretend to lead us, but lead us into more corruption, the desecration of our liberty and freedom-seeking culture and more supremely profitable but immoral and criminal wars around the world to feed their masters who run the global banks, corporations and institutions of the military industrial complex.

Inside their corrupt system, it’s impossible to truly be free.

A LITTLE KNOWN SOLUTION: Were you aware that there is a growing group of savvy, freedom and liberty seeking people who are helping normal people like you and I create our own brand of freedom and liberty right here at home outside of the oppressive, economic slavery machine that is our corporate system? We’re growing and more and more people are waking up and joining us in the fight for freedom…

If you want freedom and liberty, it’s fairly obvious in the times we’re living in, that you’ll have to find and create and protect it on your own, outside of their deceitful, corrupt system. There are effective solutions available. The challenge is helping people learn about them. It’s what I’ve been focused on for over 15 years and you can learn about it here.

If you have any questions or need assistance, just contact me and let me know.

Fight for your freedom and your liberty and don’t ever think that bowing down and submitting to fear and hating your fellow man is the way. That’s what they want you to think. But it’s a lie. You have immense power. You just have to learn how to use it. Together, the people are unstoppable. Don’t believe the lies. Don’t get divided. Divided, you’re easily conquered and enslaved.

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SIMPLE FREEDOM NOTE: As we have been warning, right now in America, the highest levels of government and the banking system are locked in an all out war against you and everyone else in the middle class in an effort to completely enslave you financially…

When their political and economic war policies hit (from the cronies in both parties), you could suddenly be locked out of your bank account… unable to withdraw cash or use your credit card… your empolyment environment will be sent into chaos… your Social Security checks will pile up unopened on your kitchen table… no one will cash them… Go here now for the full story and protect yourself.


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