BITCOIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY: How to Leverage Crypto and Bitcoin to Create Cash Flow and Wealth

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There are 4 main ways to make money in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies:

  1. Own and Hold Bitcoin.
  2. Affiliate Marketing and Flip Commissions into Bitcoin.
  3. Trade Cryptocurrencies. Buy low. Sell high. Stack Your Gains.
  4. Invest in bitcoin/cryptocurrency companies. Make passive income.

Bitcoin Education

What is bitcoin? Click here.

Bitcoin Basics: Click here.


Speed Feeder Simple Freedom

Review the “done-for-you” marketing system you get access to that presents, trains and promotes 24/7:

A little bit of my “affiliate marketing training” can get you traffic and sales. Take those commissions and now you have some “seed capital” for your trading account. Go trade cryptos and stack your gains!


CRYPTO EXCHANGES: Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies on Crypto Exchanges Like Bittrex, Binance, Kucoin and Even Inside the EXODUS Wallet:

STEP ONE: GET A CRYPTO WALLET. Keep your Bitcoin and Cryptos inside your own wallet. Safe and Secure. 

You do not need a “biz op” to make money in bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The simplest way to make money in bitcoin and cryptocurrency is to simply buy and hold and to trade it. You can create a cryptocurrency and bitcoin wallet here at

STEP TWO: BUY BITCOIN FOR FIRST TIME. Before you can trade cryptos you need to “fund” your trading exchange account with bitcoin.

I bought my first bitcoin using the site. It took long and was a pain in the butt but I’ve only had to use it one time, which is nice. Inside my Simple Freedom Academy program I teach you how to buy bitcoin from a variety of legitimate sources.

If you’re thinking of trading and investing in cryptocurrency coins is a great wallet because it allows you to exchange from a variety of cryptocurrency coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH and other popular alt coins without a “crypto exchange site” or needing to leave your wallet to do so.

For information, news and research/analysis of bitcoin and cryptocurrency alt-coins and trading alerts you can review our Simple Freedom Academy program.

STEP THREE: Create a Trading Account at a Crypto Exchange Site.

I use the exchange site as my #1 exchange to trade cryptos that are not listed inside my wallet and I’ve never had any negative issue with using Bittrex.

My #2 Crypto Exchange is here at Binance. Sometimes Bittrex closes to new members. Other times some cryptocurrencies I want to buy are not available on the Bittrex exchange. I use Binance as a secondary exchange for those reasons.

My #3 Crypto Exchange is Kucoin. This is another exchange I use. Sometimes Bittrex and Binance will close to new members for a while and it’s good to have Kucoin as an additional exchange. Kucoin also lists altcoins you can not find on the other exchanges. It’s good to have open and verified accounts at all three exchanges in case you need it to buy a certain coin. Click here to create your account at Kucoin. – You can trade among a variety of cryptocurrencies inside the Exodus wallet without needing to create an account at any third party crypto exchange. Review and download the free Exodus wallet here.


Bitcoin “wallets” are used to store, send and receive bitcoin. These are some of the wallets I actually use. Different wallets have their own specialties depending on what you’re looking for a wallet to do for you. Here are mine:

  1. Blockchain Wallet: I use this as my smart phone wallet for easy sending and receiving bitcoin with my phone while on the go. Blockchain also supports Ethereum, $ETH.
  2. Wallet: This wallet is not for phones but it’s my favorite. With this ONE wallet I can exchange between a variety of popular cryptocurrencies without needing to send any bitcoin to any “cryptocurrency exchange” website, which makes trading and investing in cryptocurrencies more safe and secure as far as not putting your bitcoin or cryptocurrencies at risk inside a 3rd party exchange website.
  3. Loafwallet: This is a smart phone wallet that specializes in Litecoin. Breadwallet is its companion wallet that specializes in bitcoin. I use Loafwallet on my smart phone to send and receive Litecoin super fast and at super tiny fees. Ideal for small transactions person to person or “person to company.”


There are a variety of ways to buy your first bitcoin. Here are some resources to help you:

  1. Peer to Peer: You can buy bitcoin from another person. All you need is a bitcoin wallet on your phone or computer. You can pay the other person in cash, paypal etc. If you need small amounts of bitcoin just to try it out and get started, ask me. I may have some (for a fee) I might be willing to sell you. No promises though, as I don’t like doing anything with my personal bitcoin other than watching it go up in value. 🙂
  2. I bought my first bitcoin from Coinbase. They are one of the biggest and most well known and trusted bitcoin exchanges where you can buy bitcoin with your dollars or local fiat currency. It takes about 7 days and the verification process can be a pain but they’re 100% legit and professional.
  3. Another 3rd party resource where you can buy bitcoin. They have other services and cryptocurrency related products as well.
  4. Buy bitcoins person to person local to you. This is like the “ebay” of bitcoin where buyers and sellers come together in their local communities and trade.
  5. Plenty of valuable information on how to buy bitcoin on this site you can review for additional ideas.
  6. Bitcoin ATMs: Yes. You can buy bitcoin at some ATMs in certain cities. Here’s where you can check to see if there is a bitcoin ATM near you: Bitcoin ATM 1 & Bitcoin ATM 2.
  7. CoinMama is another site where you can purchase Bitcoin for currency using your credit card.

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