Network Marketing Retention Training

by Franco on August 27, 2010


Long term success in Network Marketing or
in ANY form of marketing and business:

“It is ALL about retention.”

What is the “life time value” of
your customers?

Network Marketing
Attraction Marketing
Service Businesses
Professional Practices
Affiliate Marketing
Information Marketing
Internet Marketing
Offline “Run around hustling people” Marketing…

What is the V-A-L-U-E long term
of each one of your subscribers on
your email list?

(for me… it’s hundreds, even thousands)

Why am I still here after 9 years?

I’m just an MLM “Re-Tread” – a Military Combat Medic!

I’m a regular street-wise kid who was taught
UN-common concepts from UN-common mentors
and was DUMB ENOUGH not to argue against
them and naive enough to just believe what they said.

And I built FROM SCRATCH and ZERO…
A global little operation that keeps me free.

And all I do is…


I hang out with you, my friend, right here
and right now. I’ll lay this little beauty down
in about 40 minutes (screw up the typos and grammar)

And this little post will keep working to
attract a crowd to me 24/7 for EVER.

1. Traffic (hello!)
2. Prospects (hey stranger, come be my friend…)
3. Customers (how can I serve you?)
4. Business Partners (Posse Up – Let’s RIDE!)

Cha-ching for my buddies…
Cha-ching for me…


Creating our own Economy.

“How ya like dem apples??”

(Good Will Hunting – great flick!)

I was taught to THINK and DO “outside the box”
and now I get paid NICELY to teach YOU how to
THINK and DO “outside the box”

Nine ( 9 ) full time years.


Here’s what’s even more fascinating…

There were a lot of “slicker” cats that
came through the past 9 years and many
of them were WAY smarter than me…

They were WAY more technically proficient…

Some even had degrees (ooooooh)…

(I usually don’t say anything about my
degree because I like to hang out and
be the “street-smart military bloke” while they try
to impress me with their “learned-ness”
from the “system” they also got indoctrinated

So many “goo-roos” and big shots
have folded up their tents and gone
into hibernation, gotten jobs, or have
become (broke) “generic trainers” and
they have to get up every day and go
hunt, hunt, hunt…

I’ve been fortunate (blessed) enough to
learn from master teachers (real teachers)
where the true long term MAGIC lies in
this industry…

Take notes here really closely!!!!

Most people (playing on facebook + twitter)…

Most people (“wheel spinning” on the internet) are dilusional.

Seriously (and I don’t care if I mis-spelled that)


They are.

Completely dilusional. Insane. NOT all there.
Maybe just a can shy of a six pack…

They sit (miserable + mesmerized) in front
of the computer looking, hunting, and
buying all kinds of magic tricks… goo-roos,
coaching, systems, programs etc…

Always being the INFLUENCED
never BE-ing the INFLUENCE…

Standing on the wrong the side of
the cash register CONSTANTLY…


And all the while, the REAL “code”
is hidden from them in plain sight, dancing
right in front of their negative attitudes…

(having no concept of a real business model
that would not be laughed at by real entreneurs)

They continue to hump and hustle
“fast money biz ops” and “comp plans”
and “automated systems” and “gurus”

STRESSED to the max.

Saying that “this time” they’re serious…

But they keep ignoring where the
real solutions lie. They keep looking
for others that they can hang THEIR
responsibility on…

Failing to realize that no “system”
or “widget” or “comp plan” is going
to help them change the HABITS
that got them in this situation to
begin with…


We are a PRODUCT of our HABITS.

And most people have built up
their habits through YEARS of
practice. You simply can NOT
sanely expect one little internet
“system” or “comp plan” to
beat your habits…

Your habits (20 years? 30 years?)
have been practiced DAILY all this
time with DOGGED determination
and psychotic focus…

Those darn habits are BUFFED OUT
my friend… NO fast money sales pitch
is going to take their place for long…

(secret right there)

And so…

They continue to look for that magic
online slot machine at the end of the
“just one can shy of a six pack” rainbow…

And they’re looking for “without lifting a finger”
type garbage… and they BLOW TIME and $$$.

If they’d only actually re-focus on the
real issue…
they’d save so much time
and $$$ and get on the fast track to where
they really want to go.

Once I focused on the content, information
and model that leads to RETENTION…

I started experiencing just how HIGH
the life time value of each subscriber
on my list really is.

People aren’t stupid.

It’s not 2006 anymore.

You can’t just slap some sexy comp plan
in front of people and sit back and cash
checks. They had NEVER seen that stuff
before, so it “converted” for a while.

Then reality came back.

And all that garbage implodes fast now.

Your goo-roo can’t save you either with
the worn out “automated system” pitches…


People demand, expect and deserve
a REAL experience – or POOF!

Broke man walking.

People have gone through those lies
and they KNOW that NOTHING is
“automated” – the ONLY thing that
becomes “automated” chasing fast
sexy comp plans, goo-roos and “systems”…

The only automated thing about all that…

Is the automated way your credit card
companies keep charging you interest
on your mistakes (oops)

Value in this business comes from RETENTION.


How are you attracting good caliber people?


What type of content or ads are building your list?


How do you RETAIN and keep good people paying
attention to you and what you have to share???

How do you keep a fired up team on your team
month in and month out as they grow their skills??

You do it with



You do it by rolling up your sleeves
and pouring out EVERYTHING
you’ve got and leaving your heart
and soul on the field after each
night of battle.

Every time you speak
Every time you write
Every time you share
Every time you submit
Every time you update
Every time you post
Every time you conf call
Every time you webinar
Every time you tweet
Every time you tribe

Don’t be scared to do it with HEART.

Let them FEEL you.

Dig deep inside and write pieces
that make you ball like a baby…


THIS is that “secret” piece of code
that, while maybe not sexy enough
to sell on a “launch” webinar… THIS
IS HOW YOU’RE SOLD by the people
who compel you to buy. THIS IS HOW.

Next time your mentors talk about
crafting YOUR STORY…

THIS is what they’re really talking about.

And when we do… it’s for “pinks” – it’s REAL.
It’s LONG term.

“It’s easy for people to bail out on a “system”
but it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for a genuine warm
hearted human being to bail out on a FRIEND.”

Not after you’ve broken bread together…

Not after sharing each other’s kids pics, videos
and sent birthday and holiday cards and gifts…

Not after masterminding live and on calls…

Not after crying together about chasing
your dreams and sharing your struggles
and journeys…

NOT after that.

THAT can NEVER be replaced by a stupid
short sighted guru with some flashy
“system” EVER. And if you really think…

Haven’t they just PUSHED YOU out of
the way of sharing YOUR story and
connection… so that THEY can share
theirs instead with your prospects…


Wonder why THEY get all the back end sales
and you can’t, for the life of you, convert
any of your little “primary program” sales…?


(I think I saw a lightbulb go off in your head…
Did I just see a light bulb??? Cool, let’s continue…)

I’ve never shared this. But THIS
is what attracts people to you. This
is why people choose to stay with you.

Think about it…

Turn off skype etc, and just think for a sec…

How did Starbucks build their culture?
How did Barnes and Noble attract their crowd?
How did the Greatful Dead build such loyalty?
Why did John Lennon MOVE so many people?

Can you imagine hearing John Lennon say,
“I guess I’ll try it… I hope it works…”

Can you imagine hearing in the board
room of a fast growing Starbucks:

“but we cannnnnn’tttt sell coffee for
$5 a cup… what is everyone else gonna
think about us… That’s a scam…”

You take yourself serious.

Start acting like you ARE the CEO
of a global, fast growing business
and take your self serious enough
to WALK your TALK and DO things
that are NOT comfortable…


Imagine this…

YOUR competition will NOT
do this. So… as long as you get
serious… there will be NO MORE


Your customers EXPECT THIS from
you… or they will CHOOSE (vote) to
follow someone else. Period.

So you TAKE yourself serious…

And you deliver value.
You share value.
You leverage value.
You share and invite with WISDOM…


ONLY higher caliber people are
always attracted to WISDOM and HEART…

instead of hype, hustle and comp plan…

And you give people something they
CAN NOT get anywhere else where
people are just using them as #####s
and $$$$$$.

Numbers and Money.

That’s why they don’t stay.

There is nothing to stay for.

You give them pieces of communication
either ONLINE or OFFLINE where they
can share with others in a very easy way
as they start out…

Our booklets do that.

This type of information is COMPLETELY
UNIQUE and stands out in this environment.

These pieces of information attract a
higher caliber person into your network.

Offline or Online – our teammates share
deep thoughts, tips and mindset training
into others…

They do it in their own way and they

Then we all help each other.

The MasterMIND (Napoleon Hill) really
works. People see they are a part of something

Not just hustling and pimping some fast comp plan.

That NEVER retains people and they fall apart.


Focus on how serious you are about
being here next year.

Focus on how much value you’re adding
into people who come near you.

Are you truly sharing content that is
relevant? That will help them in life
no matter what…

Or are you just playing “direct response guru”
and just TAKING and SCHEMING and “GETTING” ??

How’s that really been working for you?

Sleeping well at night knowing you’re just
hustling and cheating the universe while
pimping others out?

What comes around goes around.

I’ve met some of “those” people and 99.999
they admit they truly DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE.

They are sharks.
Cold. Sharks.

Are you finding it REALLY HARD for you to find
valuable nuggets to share with others???

That just means you need a better
MasterMIND group. When you’re around
the right people… you get fed content
for DAYS!!! It’s ENDLESS.

No matter what you’re trying to promote
right now… you’re not going to do it with
2006 & 2007 strategies that implode.

You already know that.

And here’s the beauty…

Here’s the opportunity…

The sooner you decide to get serious
and use a model that Attracts Crowds
and RETAINS them…

The simpler your bus.iness will be to run.

Nothing more to figure out…

Pieces are in place and they work…

Now you just focus on being your
true authentic self, and share your story
and thoughts and concepts with others.

No more “goo-roo” chasing…

No more being the INFLUENCED.

No more being other people’s “mark.”

I want you to read a booklet.


But not easy because it’s like herding cats.

So many distractions and most people
just can’t see how simple BIG success
can be… they miss things like this…

What if…


Could help you in crazy ways?

What if that little book started a
chain reaction that leads to attracting
BETTER quality prospects, and RETAINS
them in your network… and allows you
to earn in MULTIPLE ways from your
list that it helps you build?

Offline. Easy.
Labels and stamps.

Online. Easy.
Attached as pdf like it is here
or posted on your blog.


Not just the booklet.

But pay attention to all that its
connected to…

The calls
The emails
The audios
The mastermind
The leadership
The duplication
The simplicity
The QUALITY of content
The IMPACT it makes on people


You invite them to your
other streams where you can partner up.

A team that MasterMINDS together
profits together – long term.

One stream of inc.come these days is foolish.

Go for 17!!!

When you do it right…

You attract people to YOU
and you build your crew.

You serve your crew…
Life serves you.

My prosperity prospers others…
And their prosperity prospers me…

There are no shortcuts.

But there is “a certain way”

Even Napoleon Hill talks about this…

It’s true.


Ponder it. Chew on it. Let it
keep you awake for 4 days.


Let your imagination go for a bit.
Wouldn’t $1,000 be nice a couple
times per week? Why NOT?
Who’s limiting your beliefs?

Call me. 760-271-2810

There is a certain way to do this
and keep the darn thing simple.

Busting Myths, Lies and Goo-Roo Noise.
Delivering happiness.


# 1: Read this.

# 2: Experience This

# 3: Call me. 760-271-2810

Why make this complicated?

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