Is Network Marketing For You?

by Franco on November 24, 2007

Most of us start a or home business with the slightest tiniest thought that it may not work. Then if this is so, why do some make it work and others quit? Most of us find a company with a great product, one that we ourselves can stand behind and tell the world all about it, and really know that it will be of benefit to not only ourselves but, to others too. Once we have gone through the training and have started prospecting, we realize that this kind of business is going to take some work. This isn’t one of those jobs that you can just sit back and do nothing and make money at.

How many times has this happened to you? Once, Twice, Three times or more? Some of us are more addicted than others, but, the cycle is the same. Most of us, when we hear that this is a a year business, jump at the chance to to be a part of it. This isn’t to say that at one point, maybe in the beginning we tried the product or service and knew it was for us, but, now its more than that. We want to stay home and be with our kids or our grandchildren. This is easy money, right?

In our mind, we have found the motherload! What is wrong with this kind of thinking? Alot. Most home business entreprenuers don’t succeed because we think that we are going to hit it big. This get rich scheme is going to be our ticket to freedom. What most don’t understand is that many of those who think that they are going to get rich quick, are the ones that try hardest to stay away from anything that would ever seem to be the “” Schemes. Are MLM’s Shemes? No. Most are honest, law abiding and highly profitable businesses. It only seems like a scheme when you adopt the mentality that you are going to be an instant success. Can you be? Sure. It takes work. Lots, and lots of smart work.

Reality eventually kicks in and that is when people begin to understand that making money from a home business takes work. Consistent work and effort will have to be made in order to move forward. Many people will tell you that the work will eventually be the biggest problem. The trouble with this is that most people will work for a certain amount of time, even without making an income. The trouble is that there are skill required to truly succeed at your business.

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