10 Ways to Attract traffic to your site

by Franco on December 10, 2007

Attracting potential clients and customers is more detailed than you might think. Is it difficult? No. Once you have created your site you need to create good content and monetize your site. Building your readership will help you in the long run to duplicate your sales. Readers who you have built trust with are more likely to make a purchase from your site.

Just in case you need a few tips on how to drive traffic to your site, here are a few things you can do to get started:

You have good content that is being published on a daily basis on your site, now you are ready to monetize your site. There are really only two ways of driving traffic to your site. The free advertising which comes from links, searches, and email because of your already published , and from paid traffic. There are literally thousands of places that you can get paid traffic from, but, the best place to start is by using the free or low cost methods.

One of the very best ways to kick start your readership and generate free traffic is to make your RSS feed available to visitors. Once people have subscribed, they will receive your messages until they decide to remove it. Every time you write a blog entry you are inviting those readers back to your site. is one of the better feed readers and is easier to use and more compatible for most of your readers.

Many internet users are now completely familiar with RSS feeds, and for this reason it is a good idea to allow email subscriptions. Its always better to give more than one way for people to be able to access your information. There are many ways to create and build your list through your feeds, one of the best services that gives you the most flexibility and also is very well liked by email providers is the aweber.com service.

Guest posting is a great way of attracting traffic and at the same time creating a link to your site on another niche related site who has a readership that has similar interests, yet are completely different audience than what you have on your site. Make sure that you have asked permission for the guest post to be added to the other bloggers site and that it is completely original. Not all bloggers/webmasters are going to allow this, although it is good for them, but, if your article is rejected, repurpose it and find another webmaster/blogger.

Submit content to after they have been posted and spidered by the search engines. There are hundreds if not thousands of article directories to submit to. This is an important step and one that should be done once a week. Because there are so many directories I suggest finding a handful of them that are closely related to your niche. If you are going to be publishing at least one or more articles every week there are paid memberships available that will submit your articles to other directories and search engines, and that service is ArticleMarketer.com. The free service I recommend using is Ezine articles.

And when you have traffic this is one of the best places to send your traffic, if your into internet marketing and RFS

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