Red Pill Mandatory Information for Men Regarding Entanglements and Female Nature

by Franco on July 28, 2020

Red Pill Mandatory Information for Men Regarding Entanglements and Female Nature

Now you know…

…the real reasons why “entanglements” happen and why, all of a sudden, everything is your fault.

Laugh it off.

These kinds of women just belong to the streets.

They’re eventually going to do what they always do and reveal who they really are.

It’s not your fault.

Although, they’ll talk their asses off and work extra hard to make it seem like it’s all your fault, all the time and they’re always victims.

It’s just how it is.

Now go focus on you and on improving your own value and learn how to have fun, create cash flow, build more freedom into your life and enjoy more peace, quiet and liberty.

Kill your inner beta.

Focus on your purpose.

Focus on your self improvement.

Focus on your skill sets and your cash flow.

Be smart, not stupid.

Leave this fantasy world “love” where it belongs and where it was created: Disney movies.

It’s fake. It’s a drug. It’s narcissistic. And the matrix has its slaves superficially addicted to it in today’s 2020 society.

They cling to it and believe in it and they demand that you believe in this “love” (fake, shallow lust and infatuation) too but they reveal how much they don’t truly believe in real love when they use that same word and emotion as an excuse to be promiscuous, adulterous and to hurt you (“it just happened. You can’t control who you fall in ‘love’ with… etc.).

Stop falling into your emotions out there.

They’re just used to manipulate and control you.

Be smart.

Keep it simple.

Be free.

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We help men to not be stupid.
Play smart. Stop being played.

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