How Money is Made Online Using the Home Business Model

by Franco on February 8, 2020

Making Full Time Cash Flow Online: How to Use the “Home Business” Model to Create Full Time Income Pipelines On The Internet

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Keep it simple.

Give the people what they want.


In the beginning, you track ACTIVITY, not “results.”

Use this training to MEASURE your activity and that if your new affiliates.

Upfront, you track people’s motion INTO the process.

In the beginning, seek and LOOK for people who can FOLLOW THROUGH with this.

I will actually EMAIL and MONITOR my new affiliates and focus on their ACTIVITY.


Getting setup is (should be) FAST, like the first day and night “in business.”

A simple micro funnel.

The Simple Freedom Club offer.

Ordering traffic.

THAT IS IT for starters.

Leads begin to flow and then we actually get to work in FOLLOW UP.

Then, we order some simple prospecting post cards.

Just something EASY and FAST to leave around town, mail to leads on labels or just give to humans.

Now we have a predictable ONLINE method (ordering traffic) and a duplicable OFFLINE method (hand out simple post cards).

Plug into the SIMPLE FREEDOM PODCAST for your own education and confidence building.

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Order the SIMPLE FREEDOM BOOK for your own training.

Then order 10-20 copies as a SALES & PROSPECTING TOOL for offline (offline method #2).

Get Power Lead System GOLD membership and now you have ALL MY FUNNEL SHARE CODES.

You’re in business.

WARM MARKET: name 3 buddies who will join this with you now.

Post a couple of my “done-for-you” social media simple freedom image posts on your wall to ruffle up some feathers and get some exposure.

You bought address labels with your contact info on them to stick inside your Simple Freedom Books.

When did you mail 100 Post Cards?

When did you mail 500?

The Easiest Money You Will Ever Make Post Card Simple Freedom Cash Club

When did you mail 1,000 to mlm leads on labels?

Have you met 10 new friends on facebook yet today?

This week?

How many people’s posts did you engage in with a little “like” or comment or “heart?”

Did you join our Simple Freedom Traffic program?

Traffic Authority Retail Traffic Generation Bizop Traffic Leads

Silent income streams are smart business.

Power Lead System Gold membership is brilliant business.

To Use The System You Must Be a Part of The System

  1. Listen to at least 1 podcast episode per week. Your new education system teaches you how to get paid while you learn.
  2. Watch at least 2 videos from my youtube channel this week. Let the concepts soak into your subconscious mind.
  3. Join the Simple Freedom Club so you have something easy to sell that pays you most of the money and builds your list.
  4. Email me your three (3) REASONS for building your business. WHY are you attempting to build a $100K passive income?
  5. MARK THE DATE after you have mailed 500 post cards to mlm leads on labels.
  6. MARK THE DATE after you have given away 20 Simple Freedom Books.
  7. MARK THE DATE after you join and position yourself for $500 commissions in SIMPLE FREEDOM PLATINUM level using the Freedom Leverage Duplication System.
  8. Invite and get 4 best buddies to join you in Simple Freedom Club ($35).
  9. MARK THE DATE you have earned your first $500 with Simple Freedom Club.

Get In, Plug In, Stay In!

The Solution to Dead End Jobs

To make sure that you guarantee your success, make sure that you plug into the SYSTEM and DUPLICATE smart business ACTIVITY.


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