Easy1Up Using Vertex Lead System Full Review

by Franco on October 19, 2019

Easy1Up Affiliate Program Promoted Using the Vertex Lead System Automated Marketing Funnel and Traffic Resources

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Keep it simple.

Using Vertex Lead System you can promote Easy1Up and have everything you need in one location for both offline and online marketing.

Affiliate program: As a reseller of VLS it’s basically “refer 2 and it’s free” and then a “silent income stream” built in where you earn $50 on every $97 sale of the funnel system itself.

There are no monthly fees in either Easy1Up or Vertex Lead System.

VLS has “done for you” traffic you can order inside as well as ready to go post cards, business cards and email marketing campaigns.

Links to review:

Review the funnel itself here:

Presentation 24/7 sells for you here:

Vertex Lead System Review Page Here.

Vertex Lead System Here.

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