Automated Cash Flow 101 Side Hustle School

by Franco Gonzalez on July 6, 2021

CASH FLOW SIDE HUSTLE REVIEW: How to Tap into a Fast Growing High Paying Side Hustle Program and our Affiliate Marketing School to teach you everything you need to know.





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I created this system specifically for affiliate marketers and red pill content consumers looking for ways to generate full time cash flow without reinventing impossible wheels.

If you’re out there consuming content about the alphasphere, red pill awareness, #FreeAgentLifestyle or anything that teaches you the differences between the blue pill beta world and the red pill aware lifestyle of building cash flow independence as fast as possible, you’ll see how this system was designed to address your needs.

Focus on your purpose.
Increase your value.
Build cash flow independence.

It’s about improving your mindset, stacking your skill sets, getting on your grind, focusing on your purpose, getting in the best shape of your life and building a lifestyle with more (higher quality) options.

Stop getting played.
Stop simping.
Stop Gumping.

Play the game with power moves.

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Franco Gonzalez
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Attraction Marketing is a method for creating direct response style marketing systems in affiliate marketing.

The reason I implemented these strategies is because I already knew they worked from my use of them in the offline world in direct mail and personal selling. When the Internet came of age enough for us to use it as a marketing tool, I implemented these direct response marketing methods immediately to great affect.

They allowed me to simplify things in my own business but also helped me flip part time income ideas in affiliate markteing into full time streams of automated cash flow. If you’re a content creator having trouble monetizing your social media and content platforms, these strategies will help you.

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How to Create Your Own Cash Flow Online From Home.

Keep it simple.

Create a cash flow machine.


Focus on YOU and Your Purpose.

Stack Your Skill Sets.
Optimize Your Personal and Business Life.
Attract Higher Quality Options.

Simple Freedom Lifestyle Free Agent Lifestyle Red Pill Alpha Life.

Play the game and win.

Stop being played.

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Always keep this stuff simple.

Call me or text me direct with any questions.

No beating around the bush.

No beta male blue pill hype or nonsense.

I need to help you build cash flow fast.

Let’s stop bullshitting around with life and build freedom.

Call, text or email me with any questions.


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