6 Steps to Online Marketing Success

What if there were only 6 steps to success in online marketing?

If you knew that learning and executing 6 simple steps would allow you to build a lifestyle where your full time cash flow came 100% from your internet based business, would you take the time to learn what those 6 steps were?

If you answered emphatically, “YES! HECK YES, I’d want to learn those 6 steps!”

…then you’re in for a treat.

You’ll find them below including concrete steps to take to make it happen. It’s all here in one report.

But first…


I made a decision to learn and master the craft of creating what I now call “Coconut Money” online because I thought it would be awesome to create a “Lifestyle Business” that would keep generating cash flow in a way that it allowed me to travel around the world with my family without worrying about how to make a living in the process.


Coconut Money Franco Family Pic in Hawaii


(Thats me with my girls, as I write this report, in Hawaii in 2015. We stayed 2 months! And the whole time, our online business was earning “Coconut Money” because of the 6 Steps to Online Success you’re about to learn below. I just want to repeat this because it’s so cool: I am writing this special report for you from right here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, not some stuffy, cramped corporate cubicle or some little, super expensive office in some strip mall, and it’s going to help both of us make a lot more money online. Isn’t that awesome? 🙂 

I knew the old, traditional “society matrix” or economic system I grew up around would not really allow a guy like me to live that kind of lifestyle.

I grew up the traditional “industrial revolution era” way of making a living by:

1. Going to school and getting good grades.
2. Learning a trade or a career/profession.
3. Being employed. Trading my time for money.
4. Working hard at my career for 40 years.
5. Building a 401K or some retirement pension.
6. Retirement at 65 (maybe).
7. Hoping and praying I wouldn’t die of a stress induced heart attack in the process.
8. Hoping and praying I wouldn’t just wind up old, sick and broke like everyone else around me.
9. Not such a nice looking system to “believe in” right? I thought it sucked!

That’s how I grew up. Did you grow up in that “society matrix” too?

I don’t know about you, but for much of my life all I knew was that THAT was the “only” way to make a living. There were no alternatives taught to me, other than the usual “celebrity system” of being an entertainer, professional athlete or actor etc.

Simple Freedom Awesome Hawaii Pic


(Another ADHD moment: This is an amazing picture our friend, and Army Captain Edgardo Alvarez took of Hawaii on the North Shore. Awesome huh? He uses a killer Canon camera and a software called iStudio I think on his MacBook Air. You can find him on facebook. He has some AWESOME pics available.)

So anyway, back in that “Society Matrix” we all grew up around…

That was my “reality” but as I looked around and saw exactly how people following that “belief and living system” ended up in their later years, I was NOT at all excited or even interested in following their path.

I mean, cmon! Seriously?

Everywhere I looked, I saw “the fruit” of that “society tree” was living a miserable life of barely getting by, paycheck to paycheck and ending up sick, stressed, in debt up to your eyeballs, usually divorced (a couple times?) and having missed out on life through out your best, most mobile and vital years, only to end up a miserable wreck full of regrets and remorse.

Who the hell wants to sign up to end up like that?

Knowing that ahead of time, like back in high school, who in the world would actually sign up for THAT plan???


I saw divorce becoming “the new normal” and I saw living in financial slavery, with “up to your eyeballs debt” becoming people’s reality. I saw people living totally stressed out lives where they had to ask people permission to take a day off here and there, or even “document” when they could go to the bathroom and how long their coffee break was.

Heck man, people are starting to get “WRITTEN UP” or even fired for checking their Facebook during the day!!!???

Like grown up children in a day care pen working like little economic slaves for “the man.”

How sad is that?

Fire me for posting on facebook and I’m an adult in my 20s, 30s and 40s?


This was all “normal” to everyone around me (or so it seemed) but I thought it was just a bunch of bull shit (excuse my language but I’m very passionate about seeing people manipulated and programmed to live miserable lives and being abused, over worked, over stressed, not seeing their kids nearly enough and severely underpaid, so excuse me if I get real and just call BULLSHIT what it is.)

I simply did NOT want to end up the way I saw people ending up.

I knew their had to be another way and I looked to the Internet to find people having success building their lives “outside the box” of the usual “society matrix.” What I wanted to do most of all is figure it out for myself and then spend my life teaching and sharing it with millions of other people. I wanted more than anything to help people actually build a life they can spend enjoying WITH their families.

I wanted dads to come home.
I wanted moms to come home.
I wanted moms to fall in love with dads again.

I wanted that to happen in front of their kids.

I wanted to create that kind of happiness, love, joy and freedom in the home again.

I wanted to promote THOSE values again.

I wanted to help create a new generation that would take THAT kind of freedom lifestyle and share it with the world.

Why not?

Why not change the freaking world by teaching people how to live a life of love, passion and freedom?

Franco Family Bellows Hawaii Attraction Marketing


(That’s us. Pammy my awesome wifey, Valerie at 7 and “Tiny” Sammy at 3 in Hawaii 2015 for Christmas and New Years and basically the whole month of December and January while my business online kept creating cash. I love them more than anything in this world. That’s my little family and its why I live.)

So that led me to find people who had learned and mastered a unique and completely new way to build a life.

They had essentially figured out how to use “The Rich Man’s System and Rules” for their own benefit, while not having to play that society game where you only become somebody else’s economic slave. They flipped the script and used the rules and laws of the BUSINESS OWNER or Capitalism with a Twist.

In this new and alternative model, any new guy or gal, even you and me…

…even regular, normal family guys and gals like you and me, can tap into the Internet and eCommerce and use the speed and connectivity of simple social networks to build our own businesses from scratch which sold products and services 24/7 online and all around the world, and paid significant profits.

We called it “Internet Marketing” and today it has many names like “Affiliate Marketing” or even “Network Marketing” etc.

The concept is super simple and is exactly what huge mega profitable companies like Amazon.com, Ebay, Google, Facebook, and even your local bank like Chase are doing right now to attract more customers from the internet and sell more of their products and services completely on the Internet.

Companies like Amazon, Netflix and Apple sell hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars worth of DIGITAL products and services 100% via the internet and internet marketing and selling systems all around the globe and the good news we learned was this…


Kona Big Island Hawaii


(The view out of our room’s balcony in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii!)

As technology became faster and cheaper and better, we began to setup our own “Virtual Online Shops” on the internet and we started to use simple social networks, blogs and super simple videos and emails to get the word out and those videos, emails, blog posts and graphics like banners began to sell products and services, whether they’re physical products or completely digital services and products all around the clock and all around the world non-stop and we started to earn profits for putting buyers together with the products, services and offers they are looking to buy. We started doing EXACTLY what the BIG COMPANIES have to spend millions to do with advertising but we do it better because…

…we simply take these simple messages to our existing friends and family online.

There’s trust already there in our organic networks and all we do is post the info.

That’s become THE MOST profitable and effective way to move any kind of product or service all around the world.


And that’s the quick story on how I was able to learn how to setup my online business and create “Coconut Money” with it.

I call it “Coconut Money” because it’s the kind of money my business keeps creating while I can be sipping out of coconuts with my family in Hawaii or Mexico or the Atlantis in the Bahamas… or… right from the comfort of my back yard while I watch my girls play (and fight) in my own home.

All without a boss.
All without office politics.
All without a stupid commute.
All without the stress.
All without taking orders from lame bosses.
All without “titles” determining who I am and how I live.
All without the…. (excuse me here) BULLSHIT.

I actually did it!

Franco Gonzalez List Building Gentleman Jack

But what’s super cool is I’ve been teaching other awesome people how to do it too for the past 14 years and I would love to share this exact method with you too, today.

And what I wanted to do for you is to break this all down into 6 easy-to-digest little morsels that you can learn and even start to apply as soon as today, if you’re interested in creating your own version of “Coconut Money” and building whatever kind of freedom lifestyle you want.

So below is a special report, or a full on educational course, really, of the process I use daily that set us free.

I wish you enjoy the course and more than anything I wish that you take action on the concepts and reach out to me so I can work directly with you in the execution of these simple but proven steps to online success and more than anything, I wish you complete happiness and freedom in your life. You absolutely deserve it.

At the end of your review of this course or special report, if you have any questions or need any help, you’ll find my complete contact information below. Please use it. I’m here to serve you.

And with that, let’s talk about creating COCONUT MONEY and FREEDOM…

Franco and Pammy Empower Network Training


1. Make the decision that you WANT “Online Marketing Success.”

Your decision must be first and it’s the most important step. Without it, you’ll be “confused” and “overwhelmed” and you’ll get distracted by any little thing online. Once you’ve made the decision to WANT to learn online marketing… nothing can shake you and it all starts to get more clear.

There are only two ways to think about this:

a.) You focus on how “hard” everything new is. Doing this will force your unconscious mind to look for everything around you that makes this hard or difficult and you’ll self-sabotage your own efforts. Many people do this without knowing they’re doing it but it’s how the mind works.

b.) You focus on how “easy,” “simple,” and “fun” everything new is and how you can do anything that anyone else has already figured out how to do. Thinking this way will force your unconscious mind to look for everything around you that will validate this new belief system. Embrace this belief system and let go of the “I’m not computer literate” or the “I’m not good with the internet” stuff and let those limiting beliefs die and you’ll have a great time and start generating results so much faster.

2. Identify your target market.

The best and fastest results come to those who identify a hungry market already buying the kinds of solutions you’ll be offering and focusing ONLY on that target market with everything they do.

I sell every single day without resistance. Sales flow easily, daily, because long ago I learned and focused to market into just ONE TARGET MARKET. Here’s my target market and the one I’d recommend you focus on, especially if you’re new:

The person already online, buying information and tools and programs to help them learn how to succeed with online marketing.

That’s it. For my business, that’s been the funnest market to build around and also the most profitable. I don’t “convince” or “sales hack” people into buying what I offer. Most of the time my marketing is SO TARGETED and ON MESSAGE that people run through my marketing and sales process and they buy without me having to have any personal interaction. The personal relationship and service happens… but on the back end and they’re always pleasantly surprised that I’m so accessible and always there to help them.

I’ve personally found this one market to be the best kind of customer and buyer. Why? Because they’re already used to buying the kind of information and solutions and services that I sell so I don’t need to start at “ground zero” with them and teach them why these are not scams, and I don’t need to deal with abundance of skepticism I get when other completely brand new people find out about this area of business. It simply generates sales faster and easier than any other market I know of.

It makes sense too, right? Why wouldn’t you rather sell your products, services and information to the very people who are the hottest buyers “already” of those things, versus trying to pitch, convince and persuade someone for weeks and even months to buy the value in your offers? I choose the path of less resistance on this one and it’s helped me keep a full time business online with less hassles. I hope that makes sense to you too.

3. Create WIN-WIN Offers that give people what they are already looking for.

I create irresistible offers for my market and I offer them daily. Until you’re skilled and experienced enough to create your own offers that actually convert I would recommend you simply market and promote proven offers that already sell in your market. That’s what I did and that’s why I built my business faster and more consistent than many new people starting out.

When you promote and market other offers that have already been created, it’s called AFFILIATE MARKETING on the Internet and I love affiliate marketing. The culture is so different. It’s much more simple to get started with and these days, it pays very, very well. Why struggle trying to reinvent the wheel… a wheel that most newbies don’t truly yet understand, when you can simply grab a high converting, proven offer and get that in front of the people and let online sales specialists sell effectively for you?

So that’s what I did.

I looked for offers that fit my target market and gave tremendous value.
I looked for offers that also fit my own personality, that would be FUN to promote.
I looked for “communities” and “cultures” that I would feel great marketing.

I looked for offers that had built-in “back end” products and upsells to make more money from the same customers.

And that has made all the difference. As your skills and experience grow, you’ll also be able to create your own “front-end” offers to your prospects and build your list with your own creations, courses, ebooks, videos etc. But that’s later. Make some “low-hanging-fruit” money first. It makes more sense.

But whatever you do, be sure that your offers lead with value for your market place.

My offers contain solutions to the most painful problems my market tends to have. I simply invite them to review my solutions and as they do, many people decide to buy them. They may be advertising solutions, training solutions, tool solutions or business opportunity solutions.

If you build a business around offers that provide a solution to people’s problems, you will convert. But first, you have to…


This is, in my humble opinion, the most important and the most valuable step of all.

I believe that for you to get results online and to build a business online that will stand the test of time and changes and different platforms… you absolutely MUST MASTER “The Art & Science” of List-Building. There is no way around it.

Early in my career online I was taught by some very competent and experienced direct marketers that whether I was going to build a marketing practice offline or online, the one thing I had to master above all else is how to build a responsive list.

That’s what I obsessively focused on. I was psychotically focused on learning the skill sets of list building and mastering them.

That’s made all the difference. Knowing how to build a list and sell to my lists has been the main reason I’m still here while so many other more talented and skilled and smart people have tried, failed and left the business. Please take this to heart and make a decision that if you decide to build a marketing business, you too will make the decision to become a master of list building.

Here’s why list building is so important.

People buy only after they “know, like and trust” the offer and where the offer is coming from.

In our arena, it doesn’t take a magical amount of trust or likability but it does take a bit more than in any other kind of sales flow. I don’t really know why. I believe it’s just the culture that’s been built up in this “personal word of mouth” selling environment. People are just used to having built up a little “know, like and trust” in the people selling them our kinds of information, products and services.

The best way to build that “know, like and trust” factor and help the process of someone feeling like they know you, like you and trust you enough to make a purchase from your website, is to build a list. Offer people first, in your ads and promotions, an easy way to learn something they’re interested in for free.

The highest converting list building offers focus on the person’s problem and offer a solution in some kind of informational product or process like a special report, video series, email newsletter or ebook etc. This kind of list building process has worked for many decades way before the internet and it still works the best online too.

In essence, you’re focusing on agitating a PAIN that your prospect has and your informational offer becomes the PAIN RELIEF they’re looking for. You, in essence, become the source of “pain relief” to your prospect. When you do this correctly and ethically and your information deliver value and indeed, takes away that pain for your prospect, a significant amount of “trust” and even “relationship” is built. You’re now a trusted source to that person and they are more apt to buy the solutions you offer.

You pre-frame your solution (information, products and services) as the pain reliever your prospect should buy and use to take away their pain or to solve their problem. This is how you “sell without selling” and dramatically reduce the resistance in your marketing process.

When done correctly, this is how sales “happen” even if you’re in Hawaii and sometimes even if you don’t personally connect or communicate with the buyers on a one-on-one basis. Automated online sales. I like to call it, “Coconut Money.”

Here’s the process again from a slightly different angle.

Before anyone buys anything from me, they flow through a “Lead Capture Page” where I offer to show them a solution to some kind of problem they may be experiencing. For example, it might be an offer for a person who is having trouble making money online from scratch…

…I’d create a lead capture page inviting them to review a solution to their problem that would teach them how to begin to attract leads from the internet daily by offering aspiring online marketers the education they need to learn the skills and also a blog to have their content on that collects leads and generates sales.

In order for them to get the information, they have to insert their name and email in a box and they do that so that they can receive their information via email in follow up.

As an example, this is what a good converting capture page would look like that offers to show you how to make money online even if you’re brand new, and in a simple way:


Empower Network Capture Page 1


Power Lead System Capture Page


Empower Top Producer Capture Page


Simple Freedom Booklet Capture Page


So in effect, I’m collecting emails and building my list BEFORE directing them to information that can solve their problem which is causing them pain.

This is the essence of LIST-BUILDING and it’s the most valuable skill set to learn in online marketing.

After the lead capture page collects the email of the prospect, the leads then flow to a presentation that continues to offer them a solution to their problem (how to make money online from scratch even if they’re completely new) which is mainly a video sales letter or sales letter on a web page like this:


Empower Network Funnel Sales Video

5. Generate Traffic.

Once you’ve identified your target market, created an offer to serve them and positioned that solution behind a lead capture page to help you build your list, the only thing you need is to generate TRAFFIC, or get people in front of that offer.

a.) You can generate traffic on facebook if you know what you’re doing.

b.) You can also use email solo ads to get targeted traffic to your offer.

c.) You can learn how blogging daily and promoting your blog posts daily on social networks can create free traffic and free leads daily without limit.

d.) And finally, another strategy I use, is automated traffic sources.

I’ve built relationships with professional traffic brokers who simply send me targeted traffic when I order.

That traffic hits my capture page and I collect leads and always have people flowing through the marketing process and making the decision to buy my products and services.

You can systemize this so that even your traffic generation sources become profit centers and not costs. In my training I show you how to do that. So I now order traffic and I don’t have to pay for it… because everything I do to generate traffic also pays me. I use those funds to order more traffic.

On the “free traffic” side of business, I’ve created so many “value focused” articles on my blogs that I have blog posts that are more than 5 years old which still are generating leads for my business. This is why I wholeheartedly believe in the combined marketing power of blogging daily and promoting those blog posts on social networks. Both the internet’s search engines and the social networks continue to send me traffic which turn into leads.

I use both paid traffic advertising and free traffic (blogging and social networks) to build my list with fresh targeted leads every single day.

I’ll teach you how to do this. It’s not complicated and its well worth the time if you’re truly serious about long term success and making a significant amount of passive and monthly recurring income online.

6. CLOSE SALES & MASTERING UPSELLS (for big commissions and passive income).

This is one of the most critical steps to online marketing success.

Most people have trouble here and end up saying that “internet marketing” didn’t work for them. The truth is, they just failed to do this part correctly. Their skill level here was just not good enough, but it can be. When you learn from the right teachers who do this part well, you can model or leverage it so that you close more sales too.

This is called the follow up process and it’s what happens to your leads AFTER they opt in.

I use email, videos and posts like this on this blog to help me in my follow up and to close more sales. It takes a bit of time (not much necessarily) to get good enough in your follow up to close sales. The good news is… the more you practice, the better you get. And when you get REALLY good, it becomes SO EASY. You can basically create sales almost on demand, without any resistance or stress or “sales hacking” because your follow up PROCESS did the job.

My sales follow up process consists mainly of the daily emails I send to my email list.

Those follow up emails can do a host of things such as…

a.) Give the prospect my phone number and facebook link to get questions answered.
b.) Invite them back to the sales videos to learn how I can help them.
c.) Invite them to conference calls to educate them and close sales.
d.) Invite them to live or recorded webinar hangouts to close sales.
e.) Invite them education “value only” hangouts and videos to build trust.
f.) To offer them free coaching sessions via phone to close sales.
g.) To offer them “back end” products and services (bigger commissions).
h.) To offer them coaching packages or live seminars.

The follow up emails usually lead to videos, audios or some other form of “media” to further deliver value, educate the prospect on why buying my products, services and programs will absolutely help them get what they want, and they also lead to social posts on facebook and a constant invitation to my blog to get more value.

Here’s why inviting people to your facebook and your blog is critical to making more money with less resistance online:

The more you get people to your facebook to “get to know you” and to your blog to keep learning and receiving value, the more they buy. And if you do this part right and offer a clear and compelling “call to action” in every single piece of copy you produce, you will gain more sales, more consistent monthly recurring sales and bigger ticket upsells and upgrades from the same exact existing customer base. This is huge.

Professional marketers know that it’s far more expensive and time consuming to “create a new lead and first time customer” than it is to generate repeat and higher sales from existing customers that already love to buy from you because they perceive that they are receiving more in value from making those purchases repeatedly from you, a trusted source that takes away their pain.

The last paragraph above is probably the most profitable one in this whole course. Please read that again a few times and really understand the leverage and financial power it contains. It’s the most profitable concept I’ve ever learned.

Mastering the Upsell

Most people in this arena have no clue about how to master the upgrade or the upsell at a professional level. Most people spend money on advertising and they send that new, “cold traffic” into offers that pay them peanuts. They might make a couple sales and get some leads on their list but they remain “upside down” on their leads forever because they only sell one thing (an mlm that doesn’t pay them much up front or some dinky weany commission info product for $37 that only pays a one time $20 commission).

Please listen to this closely here because its important and it will make you more money in the future…

If you’re spending time and money to generate new leads all the time and you’re not breaking even on those front end sales because you’re only selling one tiny commission offer… you won’t last.

What you need to learn to do is master the upsell.

This is when those same exact people who have become your customers for tiny commission offers, now are led through a process where they are educated in the value and the benefit of making additional purchases of higher ticket offers and of money membership purchases.

Not everyone will, but those who do see the value in making those additional purchases will generate “pure profit” for you in higher commission product sales and monthly repeat membership sales because you don’t need to do any further advertising investment to get those sales. Those “back end sales” are generated from a competent and proven sales funnel system.

This is exactly how you go “full time” in online marketing faster than anything else out there because you do the cold marketing ONE TIME and once you build that “know, like and trust” factor with the people on your list, THEY CHOOSE to become a CUSTOMer of yours long term.

A CUSTOMer is a person who decides to make it a CUSTOM (or habit) of buying from you repeatedly because they enjoy the value they receive from it.

Having CUSTOMers is what you want.

It’s far more profitable to have CUSTOMers than to just have some one time “buyers” and that’s a profitable point many never truly understand. My training and my systems and everything I do and everything I’ll teach you will be focused on getting you positioned to create long term, high value CUSTOMers in your business. You can build a “legacy business” around that philosophy instead of just making some money, experiencing a down business cycle and quitting, like most people do.

So that’s how you master CLOSING SALES and also MASTERING UPSELLS in your business. That’s how you take a part time “hobby” business and turn it into a professional marketing practice online.

So those are the 6 Simple Steps to Online Marketing Success.

For more specific information on each step and to learn to model what I do to master online marketing and generate sales and cash flow daily online from home and without resistance, click the links below and give me a call or connect with me on facebook and I’d be glad to teach these steps to you in my weekly and daily trainings.

STEP 1: Make A DECISION. Decide to learn this and then decide to learn it WELL. Click here to connect with me on facebook and see how many people we’re helping to make the decision to master online marketing every day.

STEP 2: IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET MARKET. This is key. Connect with me so we can discuss this part.

STEP 3: CREATE KILLER OFFERS. Click here to learn how to create awesome offers for this market we serve. You can use my system here to create list building offers for ANY program you might already be trying to sell online.

Click here to have instant access to a high converting offer that does everything we just talked about in ONE SYSTEM that you don’t have to reinvent.

STEP 4: BUILD YOUR LIST. This is “the secret” to success online. Learn to master list building and you’ll stay around a long time. I use the following two systems to create the most complete list building process online. Click here to master the skills of building your list. Click here for my list building blogging platform and training system.

You need both TRAINING and SYSTEMS to make this happen.

This saves you time and money in the long run and they both pay great in passive income and monthly income.

STEP 5: GENERATE TRAFFIC. Click here to start generating traffic to your offers. Start there first and let’s connect in my training on other methods.

STEP 6: CLOSE SALES. The FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW UP! Master the follow up process and you’ll build as big a business online as you want. We teach on this consistently. Just follow me and model. I use this marketing community and funnel system here because nothing I’ve used online sells better or makes more money for me in a passive way, while I live my life.

I chose this system and this selling community because I didn’t want to be the one reinventing the wheel all the time. I wanted to have something SOLID working for me where master sales professionals were always working for me to close my front end sales and also to close my big commission, passive income back end sales.

Nothing I’ve tried online has ever sold better than this system.

I highly recommend if you’re just starting out or if you’re super experienced and just want more passive income and not have to grind as hard for each sale, that you test this system out for yourself for 90 days. I know you’ll love it and you’ll love the profits and simplicity.


1. If this concept is new to you, save tons of money and time right now by reading this book first. This single book will teach you how this all works, it helps you identify the best, targeted, ready to buy, market you can focus on and it shows you exactly how to serve this market the solutions they love to buy. Click here and read this today on Kindle App (ebook) or order the hard copy. Study this first before you do anything else. Everything else I teach you will make more sense.

2. Learn Real Online Marketing from Masters. This is the best marketing educational community you’ll find online. It’s the main place I go to learn anything I need to learn about how to make significant amounts of money online with the least hassles. Click here.

3. Learn How to Create Unlimited Irresistible Offers that Build Your List at the Same Time. Click here.

4. Your Blog is your central hub in your online business and is critical. This is the fastest and most affordable way to get your blog started with the least amount of complications. Keeping things simple makes more profit. This is a blog designed to LIST BUILDING and SELLING and that’s why I highly recommend it. Click here.

5. How to Generate Daily Targeted Leads on Facebook. Click here.

6. How to Generate Daily Traffic Online and Build Your List. Click here.

7. How to Start Making Money Even if You’re on a SUPER TIGHT BUDGET. Click here.

If you have any questions or need help with direction on how to start your new online business, simply text me, facebook me or email me and I’d be happy to offer you a free coaching session where we chat about your specific situation and what you want to do.

This is good for people who just want to know, for their specific circumstances, what they need now and what they can ignore to start marketing and making money online asap.

To request a special coaching session simply click here and fill out the form and I’ll contact you within 24-48 hours to book a private coaching session. You can also reach out to me via text, email or facebook and we can connect soon.


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