WikiLeaks Shocker: Hillary Campaign Chief John Podesta Owned 75K Shares Putin Connected Energy Company Joule Unlimited

by Franco on October 14, 2016

Wikileaks Bombshell: John Podesta Crying About “Russian Putin Hackers” Total Hypocrite: Podesta Owned 75,000 Shares of Joule Unlimited, an Energy Company Connected to Russia’s Vladimir Putin

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s membership on the executive board of an energy company, Joule Unlimited, which received millions from a Putin-connected Russian government fund, also included “75,000 common shares,” according to an email exchange uncovered by the Wikileaks hacks.

WikiLeaks Bombshell: Hillary Clinton Campaign Deception and Hypocrisy – John Podesta Owns 75,000 Shares of Putin-connected Energy Company, while “crying wolf” about ‘Russian Hackers’ and ‘Putin Influencing Election in favor of Trump’ and other media hoaxes…

In the newly-uncovered email exchanged under the subject “Podesta Outstanding Docs for Joule,” Eryn Sepp, who was an assistant to Podesta at the Center for American Progress, forwarded a message to Podesta from Mark C. Solakian, who was Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

“It is my understanding that John transferred the resulting 75,000 common shares from the option exercise to the Leonidio LLC.,” Slovakian wrote in a January 2014 email, referencing the Delaware-based holding company. “As such, we would need to edit the Transfer of Share Agreement to reflect the transfer of 75,000 common shares to the LLC.”

READ FULL REPORT: WikiLeaks Emails Reveal John Podesta, Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Actually Part Owner of a Putin-Connected Energy Company

Yes. The same John Podesta who spends all day long jumping from media outlet to media outlet crying wolf about “THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!” blaming every damning email documenting Clinton corruption to “russian hackers working for Putin” and accusing Donald Trump (with baseless accusations) of somehow being connected with Putin, having financial ties or investments in Russia… is actually financially connected and significantly invested in a Putin-connected energy company.

WikiLeaks keeps revealing the rich and absolute hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign and the Clinton people. Every single thing they’ve falsely accused Donald Trump of being in their fake hoax media stories, are the things they themselves are being caught for and their insiders are leaking this information like the Titanic.

Daily Tsunami of WikiLeaks Expose an Amount of “Pay-to-Play” and Geopolitical Corruption and Deception that Would Give any Demonized “Conspiracy Theorist” a Heart Attack

These ongoing WikiLeaks are proving “conspiracy theories” reported on for decades as true. There is now a daily flood of leaks documenting the collusion between the main stream media and the Clinton campaign, pay-to-play relationships between the Clinton Foundation, State Department and foreign nations, including unfriendly nations such as Russia, China, Qatar, as well as Hillary Clinton’s connection to illegal arms deals that allowed advanced weapons, including surface to air missiles to land in the possession of radical islamist terrorism groups including the Taliban, ISIS and Libyan rebels (which were used to shoot down American helicopters and kill American service members and destabilize the entire Middle East, setting up the potential for WWIII against Russia).

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Donald Trump Exposes the Corruption of the Main Stream Media & Globalist Political Establishment

WikiLeaks and Donald Trump Exposing the Fraudulent Main Stream Media and Globalist Political Establishment

And through all this corruption documented in this massive data dump of leaks by WikiLeaks, the main stream media appears to remain nice and warm inside the pocket of Hillary Clinton as they fail to report on almost any WikiLeaks news, but remain fixated on the reporting of fake stories and media hoaxes in an attempt to character assassinate Donald Trump.

The main stream media establishment is, in effect, working not as “journalism” but as a globalist controlled foreign lobbyist – a political special interest, just like the others who seem to have hijacked both established parties and are pulling the strings of political puppets like the Obamas, Bushes and Clintons.

As the hoax media, owned and controlled by the very same multinational globalist corporations and international bankster cartels who are funding the Hillary Clinton campaign continue to ignore the ongoing WikiLeaks story and keep running propaganda and disinformation campaigns against Trump, we’ll continue to review and report on the massive deluge of corruption and incriminating information that continues to be released by Julian Assange at WikiLeaks.

If you’re sick and tired of the rigged establishment and where these corrupt, arrogant globalists are taking your country, simply engage the political system, execute your protest against the corruption with a vote for Donald Trump, the only anti-globalist candidate running and share the truth on your social media networks. Keep the truth flowing and use it to help wake poeple up who have been mind controlled to sleep by the establishment’s globalist controlled main stream media.

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