Who Controls the World? Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Interview: Who controls the world?

BBC Interview with Noam Chomsky

Who controls the world?

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Does the population of the world have power to change it?

How do they change it?

Understanding real power and how this world truly works.

Noam Chomsky Human Freedom

Understanding the real power of the individual.

With superficial understanding you can only create superficial (temporary) solutions.

Divided you are conquered.

United you’re a strength.

The power systems that control most nations are very fragile.

Their posturing, propaganda and focus on policing systems let you know just how fragile they know their hold over people really is.

While people get frustrated and don’t seem to realize all the change that has been brought out by sharing simple messages, questioning authority, pondering, provoking and demanding that other people take note and consider issues that affect the freedom and liberty of the masses, much has actually changed. There has been a shift in how easy it used to be to fool and control populations.

It’s been slow, but it’s been effective. There’s still much more work to be done, but with the Internet and the speed and power of social media, it’s becoming easier, faster and more sustainable to create and share real solutions people can use to create more freedom in their lives. All that’s needed is for the message to be shared and for people to take action.

SOLUTION: You can create your own independence if you just focus on it, instead of just being an economic slave to the current system. This is how I use the Internet to help people create their own income freedom online.

Who is Noam Chomsky?

Avram Noam Chomsky has long been the most cited living author; on the all-time list, he’s eighth (after Marx, Lenin, Shakespeare, Aristotle, the Bible, Plato and Freud). Lionized abroad, he’s by far the most important social critic in the world, but his political ideas are marginalized here in the United States.

Noam Chomsky Teaches How the World Really Works in Language You Can Understand

The modern-day equivalent of an Old Testament prophet, he’s truly a prophet without honor in his own land.

The New York Times may grudgingly admit that he’s “arguably the most important intellectual alive,” but they do it in the context of deploring his politics. He’s a media star in other countries and attracts standing-room-only audiences wherever he speaks here, but his appearances on American television are few and far between. The acceptable range of opinion stops long before it gets to him.

Yet the accuracy of his insights and his analyses is uncanny. In one of his classic books, “How the World Works,” he warned:

“In 1970, about 90% of international capital was used for trade and long-term investment – more or less productive things – and 10% for speculation. By 1990, those figures had reversed.”

We know where things went from there; it probably got to 99.9% speculation before it all came crashing down. We’re paying now for not heeding him then (not that you and I had much control over it).

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Why do I bring you voices like Noam Chomsky? Because I think the more you understand how the world really works, who truly controls it and what they have planned for you, the more I think you’ll be motivated to create your own solutions, to create your own work so you don’t have to beg anyone else for work and to start and build your own business online so you can build (and help others build) true freedom and sovereignty in your life.

That’s what Simple Freedom is all about.

Stay free.


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