COACHING SESSION: Video Marketing Basics for Social Media Marketing

by Franco on March 30, 2016

SPECIAL TWO (2) HOUR COACHING SESSION: Video Marketing Basics for Social Media Marketing


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Video Marketing Has Generated Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Profits for My Business: Here’s a Few Ways I Use Video Marketing in my own online business:

  1. Facebook Live Video Streams: Build audience and deliver value.
  2. Facebook Video Uploads: Deliver content, build trust, create leads.
  3. Video Blogs: Education, traffic generation, leads and close sales.
  4. Video Lead Capture Pages: Build trust fast. Collect leads.
  5. Intro Video Pages: Storytelling. Education. Presenting. Pre-Selling.
  6. Bridge Page Videos: Build trust. Prep for video sales letters.
  7. Sales Presentation Videos: Global, 24 hour selling special forces.
  8. Product Education Videos: Trust building. Retention. Attrition killer.
  9. Training: Passive Income Creation. Affiliate training. Leverage.
  10. Client Service: Efficient. Personal. Client retention service.
  11. Customer Support: Nothing is better that video for support.
  12. On Camera Videos: Trust building. Branding. Rapport. Engagement.
  13. Off Camera Videos: No stage fright. Easy. Screenshare. Teach.
  14. Picture in Picture Videos: Best of both worlds.
  15. Other People’s Videos: Leverage professional production.


  1. Camtasia Studio 8 for PC: Screenshare recording.
  2. Screenflow for Mac: Screenshare recording.
  3. YouTube: Fast, free and easy place for your videos.
  4. Facebook: Fast, free and easy place for your videos.
  5. Twitter: Social Networking, Audience building. Traffic.
  6. Blog: Your own content platform. No distractions.
  7. Power Lead System: Marketing pages and system creator.
  8. Smart Phone: Fastest, easiest way to create videos.
  9. Tripod: Desktop telescopic tripod with phone grabber.
  10. Mophie: External battery backup for smart phones.

WATCH AND LEARN: Follow me around and learn how I use Video daily.

  1. Youtube Channel: Video archive.
  2. Facebook: I use video daily in my social media marketing.
  3. Twitter: I link to video content to drive traffic from twitter.
  4. Lead Capture Page: I use LCPs to collect leads and into my videos.
  5. Sales Presentation Videos: Videos help me present and close sales.
  6. Mastermind Groups: Videos help me teach people and build tribes.
  7. Blog: Having your own content platform is best tool ever.
  8. Free Blog: I use Tumblr to drive traffic. Great free resource.

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