TWITTER TRAFFIC GENERATION How to Get Traffic Today on Twitter

by Franco on October 13, 2016

TWITTER TRAFFIC: The Mechanics of Getting Traffic on Twitter – Blog Marketing + Social Media Marketing Creates Never Ending Streams of Targeted Traffic…

TWITTER TRAFFIC STRATEGY: Here’s exactly how to do it…

Step 1. Follow great content providers, good journalists, thought leaders, outside the box thinkers etc on Twitter. Get their notifications so you know when they’re tweeting. Scan your timeline for great content in topics that are trending.

Step 2. Focus in on a great piece of “anchor content” like a video or meme and make that the central focus of your blog post.

Step 3. Collect a variety of supporting tweets, videos, images to include in your main post.

Step 4. Review what hashtags are trending and think of creative ways to embed two or three trending hashtags in your blog and in your tweet when you link to your blog post.

Step 5. Review the main content piece (video) and make note of the topics it covers and keywords, keyword phrases used in the content itself. Use those keywords and phrases in the title, description and tags/keywords of your blog post content.

Step 6. After completing your blog post, tweet it and share it on facebook using the trending hashtags in your post. This will get your traffic.

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Twitter Marketing Traffic Generation

Why this Twitter / Blogging Traffic Strategy Works:

  1. Human Nature: People are lazy in today’s society.
  2. Human Nature: People are addicted to consuming information.
  3. Human Nature: People love to be entertained.
  4. Human Nature: Package up the content they love.
  5. Human Nature: They’ll love it and come back for more.
  6. Free Enterprise: To learn how to monetize this click here.

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