Twitter 10 Years Later

by Franco on March 5, 2016

10 Years of Twitter Later, is it Dying?

I’ve been using Twitter as @itsFranco since 2008.

I used to follow as many people that followed me.

SEE MORE: Read the original article by Helen Lewis of the Financial Times here.

Doing that made me absolutely hate twitter and I didn’t log into it for a few years because it was just a useless mess of noise and nonsense… just a bunch of time wasting chaos.

The one thing I did early on that helped me though was that I linked my twitter account to my facebook and so then, for years, and unknowingly, every single facebook post also became a tweet.

And so my following grew.

Twitter Marketing Training Franco Gonzalez itsFranco

As an internet marketer and copywriter/blogger, I came upon some ideas on how to use twitter proactively to generate traffic and leads for my direct selling business online and that changed the game.

I came back to twitter and eliminated almost 95% of who I was following.

Then I was able to create a customized “news/content feed” that I truly enjoyed coming to.

Only those actual journalists, brands and media outlets that I really wanted to read and follow.

At the same time, I refined how I tweeted. I refined how I used hashtags in my content and embedded a little bit of basic direct-response copywriting in some of my tweets. That alone started creating traffic and leads into my business while not lowering the quality of my user experience on the platform.

The future of Twitter

With that alone, I became a “silent” avid addict of using Twitter.

Then they screwed up.

Jack Dorsey came back as CEO and recently installed what appears to be a “czar” of social justice warriors and they’ve begun to prance around like a little clique of totalitarian censorship happy fascists and have begun to selectively silence what they deem is “hate speech” or unwanted opinions, views and voices. Primarily conservative leaning voices and those people who are sharing their observations, reporting on stories and bring awareness to things that are happening in Europe related to the muslim migrant crisis.

They’re reporting on mass rapes, sexual assaults, social unrest, pedophilia and other things that are actually happening and affecting the society and culture in Europe.

is Twitter dying?

Where ever you stand in your personal views on that situation is besides the point but what concerns me is the censorship of voices and the banning of people who this totalitarian little horde of social justice warriors deem undesirable for the twitter community and network.

I think it’s fatal.

Simply because if more and more people see that their expression and free speech might be banned, silenced, and deleted on this platform, then they will leave. If it just becomes a soft, weak little “safe space” of regressive, totalitarian, whining leftists, people will leave en masse and the platform will be rendered irrelevant.

I don’t want that to happen, which is why I’m speaking out about it now and I’m inviting people to share their own views on this and make some noise so that the stasi inside the twitter gestapo can be smacked upside the head for being so utterly stupid and come to their senses.

If something offends you on Twitter, you don’t need to whine like a little liberal bitch and call for people to be banned.

You can simply act like an adult and click to delete or even block the content and the person.

I’m enjoying twitter.

I love that I have my totally customized little news and content feed that gives me exactly the content I love to consume.

I love that I can share my views and jump into conversations and have discussion with people who agree with me and also that who don’t. I love being an adult on Twitter.

As far as business, it’s fantastic at generating traffic, leads and sales for my internet marketing enterprise. I also love how useful it is for branding and delivering higher levels of customer support and engagement with my customers and affiliates and even my leads and prospects. It’s transparent because I’m transparent and authentic.

But if they keep screwing around with it and using censorship to turn it into some leftist little patty cake room, then I’ll drop it like a dirty sock and use something else… and millions like me will too.

And that won’t make twitter’s investors too happy… unless of course, they’re hijacked by totalitarian forces that won’t give a shit if twitter ceases to exist as a truly open social networking platform. And I believe their second largest investor is some Wahhabiist sheik in the government of Saudi Arabia. That’s telling.

And that would be a gigantic sellout.

I’ll continue to enjoy using Twitter as long as its relevant for me.

But I’ll also continue looking for a competing network that truly believes in the power of free speech and expression and isn’t sold out to totalitarians, fascists, marxists or any other ideologue that would benefit or prefer to silence the masses and control them with censorship. That’s unAmerican and stupid.



Click here to read the original story by Helen Lewis of Financial Times.

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Will we continue to do their work for them and destroy each other with hate, animosity, anger and division they create, support and promote in us to further their agendas to gain, keep and hoard power?

Isn’t it time to fight for real freedom and liberty and work together for peace and prosperity and not allow ourselves to be divided and ruled by sociopaths? Everything is possible when we’re unitedand working toward our own best interests and not slaving away for political rulers and their puppet masters.

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What do you think? Because it’s important and it matters.

Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below…

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