10 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

by Franco on April 22, 2017

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TIP: 10 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers

10 Tips Twitter Followers Social Media Marketing Twitter Marketing

10 Tips to Getting More Twitter Followers

  1. Post great content.
  2. Write a compelling bio.
  3. Use #Hashtags strategically.
  4. Place a widget on your blog.
  5. Engage with others – specially hot #hashtag trending topics.
  6. Create shareable content.
  7. Reshare others’ content.
  8. Engage on influencer’s high traffic threads.
  9. Stay active.
  10. Follow other users and engage their content.

BONUS: Leverage your email marketing and “cold traffic marketing” to grow your twitter audience. If you’re buying traffic, advertising or using email solo ads and a marketing funnel to collect leads and convert sales from cold traffic generation, be sure to invite your email list to your twitter and other social media accounts.

Everyone is on social media and everyone has some kind of social network (audience, followers, friends). By inviting your email list subscribers to also join you on social media, you can also end up, organically, attracting more followers from deep in their own social audience network.

Twitter is still a very effective marketing tool if you use it strategically.

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  • Thanks for the post. I agree 1000% about “post great content” and “create shareable content”.

    But I find that to be such a difficult metric to meet. First, if you are a brand-twitter account, you are trying hard to stay near the niche that your brand represents.

    With us, we are a lingerie and adult store that has been in business more than 25 years. Posting about our products, and about any sex topic in general, will fit into our brand-niche.

    Posting pictures of the cutest kitten in the world sleeping next to a raccoon will likely get 10x the engagement — but is so off-topic to what we do, that it isn’t justifiable. I see sites doing this all the time – posting emotional content that get people engage but is not related to their account.

    I have no hard figures to prove this isn’t the right way to do it — only what I perceive as a user.

    The point of my reply is that curating content for business sites can be much more difficult than doing so for joke, meme or emotional cat sites.

    I wish it were easier!
    You can read our tweets @loveworksdotcom or visit us at http://loveworks.com
    We welcome comments and suggestions from your readers.

    Thank you.

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