The TRUTH About Esteban Santiago Fort Lauderdale Mass Shooting Terrorism

by Franco on January 8, 2017

THE TRUTH ABOUT: Esteban Santiago aka: “Aashiq Hammad” and the Fort Lauderdale Airport Mass Shooting by Stefan Molyneux

Estaban Santiago (Aashiq Hammad): Radicalized? ISIS Sympathizer? Why the Main Stream Media Cover Up on this story?

Why did CNN and the rest of the “main stream media” immediately begin to “wash” or cover up the facts about Esteban Santiago? This is very much like media in Germany and Sweden cover up reporting of radical islamic terrorist events and crimes committed by muslims in their countries.

They choose not to report the identity or background of suspects. They fight tooth and nail during their reporting to admit when radicalized muslims are involved in crimes and terrorism. Leftist propagandists on social media attempt to blame “white hispanic” instead of reporting the truth. Pictures showing suspects wearing radicalized terrorist clothing and flashing ISIS-style hand signs are cropped and edited out of photos when published by main stream media, as in the case below.

Why the cover up? Why this agenda? Who’s directing them to cover “news” in this way both in Europe and now more and more here in the United States?Β 

Esteban Santiago Puerto Rican Ft Lauderdale Mass Shooter ISIS Radicalized Terrorism Mental Health

On January 6th, 2017 at approximately 1pm Eastern, a shooting took place at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida airport which left five people dead, thirteen wounded and 37 injured.

The shooter was identified as twenty-six-year-old Esteban Santiago who had just flown into Florida from Anchorage, Alaska. Santiago stopped at baggage claim to retrieve a gun that he legally transported on his flight, headed to a bathroom where he loaded the weapon and the returned to the communal area where he began shooting. From there, the story and the real truth began to develop.



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