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This is where I get traffic to build my own email list.

They key to success with automated traffic generation is being consistent. Set a monthy marketing budget and commit to it no matter what. Consistency is key.

PRO TIP: As you know, we teach to optimize the leverage in everything you do with online marketing. By using leverage smartly, you can get consistent, automated, paid traffic flowing to your offers, building your email list “for free.”

It’s not complicated. Just use “affiliate marketing” as leverage to offset the cost of your paid traffic with earned commissions by starting your own traffic agency yourself. Start small and scale it up. I can teach you how.

Your Own Fully Automated Marketing System Sells Traffic for You:
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Don’t be a quitter! Be consistent. Don’t quit. All good business owners advertise, market and promote their business and offers to generate new customers and retain existing customers. We do to.

The biggest difference between me and the vast majority of newbies who fail online is I NEVER quit. They quit all the darn time. They do something ONE TIME… get a couple bruises or whatever… and they quit and go home… and go to sleep.

Here’s a secret to life:

Most people are quitters. They quit all over the place in life. They quit striving. They quit learning. They quit hobbies. They quit exercising. They quit reading. They quit learning. They quit at work. They quit in marriage. They quit physically. They quit spiritually. They quit emotionally.

Look around…

Most people quit.

They quit everything and most quit every time.

So don’t be surprised.

But here’s the massive opportunity…

It’s simple to “succeed” in life once you realize this truth.

Just decide… commit… NOT to be one of them. NEVER quit.

Show up.

Put in the work.

Get better.

Make mistakes.

Learn from them.

Always come back for more.

DO NOT QUIT. That’s the secret.

I didn’t.

And that’s the main difference.

So, I highly recommend you make a commitment to advertise your business consistently. Pick a budget you can live with and stick to it. Get better at your follow up skills… and scale up with profits.


I recommend you test the kind of traffic or leads you’re comfortable with and then scale up as your business grows.

The Click Agency Automated Traffic Generation Bizop Leads

Some people love leads. Some people love traffic. Some people get both. It’s all up to you. There are no “hard rules” about this stuff other than, be consistent and share your message (lead capture page) with people all the time.

If you’re building an affiliate sales team, refer them to these sources as well so that you can have a prolific, efficient and effective team producing consistent results and helping you build your back end and passive income streams.


Simple Freedom Traffic: Automated Targeted Traffic to Your Website. Push button simple. Convenient. Time saver. Feed your offers traffic. Collect leads. Close sales. Automation.


Free Access to Your Own Buyer’s List: List building for 2017. Get instant access to a massive buyer’s list and contact leads every day for free. Great list building concept for affiliate marketers.

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** My Autopilot Traffic: Simple. Click to order and give them the link you want the traffic to go to.

** Fresh Leads: Convenient source for a variety of traffic and lead packages. They even call your leads for you in one of their options. For sales pros who prefer to get quality leads and pick up the phone to call them (or send manual emails). Phone or manual email (texting) prospecting.


** DFY Solos: Email Solo Ads. “Done For You” solution that sends traffic direct to your lead capture page.


** TopSurfer: Buy solo ads at great prices. And 5 other ways to get traffic from TopSurfer. For tight budgets. Everybody can afford to get traffic from TopSurfer. Get in where you fit in, take action and scale with growth. A little more “manual labor” but it works if you work it.


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SIMPLE FREEDOM SPEED: I Help You Flip a One-Time $100 into $5,850 Again & Again here. Great for affiliates who love to market but hate “recruiting.”

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