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Traffic Authority: Push Button Profits Automated Marketing System Presentation Video

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The “PBP” System is the cleanest, simplest, most complete marketing funnel system I’ve seen. And I’ve used the best. There is none smarter than this one.

It does everything for you.

Truly ‘One-Step’ System

Push Button Profits Simple Freedom Traffic Authority

You just focus on ONE step: Clicking the big green button to get traffic into the system.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Don’t like to read? Watch this Video Review of Push Button Profits & Traffic Authority…

The system presents the full concept, program, system, comp plan and does it in a way that normal, every day people can understand it and in only about 30 minutes.

You don’t have to worry or stress about “setting up” a system or autoresponders to write at all. It’s all done for you inside this one elegant system. The designers built everything into it so you don’t have to be a “tech mechanic” at all to run it. Even follow up is done for you…

The system follows up with prospects on your behalf.

** Inside the system you have access to a fully “done-for-you” Post Card Marketing System.

** Inside the system you even have access to “Guaranteed Buyers.” This means real, fully paid Traffic Authority buyers acquired and closed for you. Just like ordering traffic where you just click a button to order but this time, you’re actually ordering customers.

This feature alone is a real game changer.

** Inside the system you also have access to the Monday Money Call which is also recorded and available 24/7 to present and close your sales.

** Inside the system your prospects are invited to register for teleseminars and webinars in follow up that present, explain, invite and close sales on your behalf.

** Inside the system your team of affiliates have access to completely “done-for-you” Post Card Prospecting programs they can leverage to generate traffic and leads. They just click a button to get hundreds, even thousands of professional lead generating post cards out into the market without any delays or hassles.

** Inside the system your affiliate team has access to “guerrilla marketing” swag: T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Caps and a variety of promotional tools and items so your message is “out walking the streets” all over the place. Completely “done-for-you” and ready to go.

Push Button Profits Traffic Authority Simple Freedom

Bottom Line: This system is the best I’ve ever seen for marketing a big ticket, high commission paying program. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. Everything is included. It’s the best marketing system I’ve seen especially for brand new people with limited experience.

I highly recommend you go through and review the entire system yourself by clicking here.

That’s my personal favorite marketing system for Traffic Authority but let’s also review the other sales presentations available to you inside the Traffic Authority back office.

Traffic Authority: Sales Presentation Video #1

Click here to review the automated marketing system inside Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority: Sales Presentation Video #2

Traffic Authority: Retail Sales Presentation Video

Retail Traffic Agency: Review the Retail Traffic Sales Page Here.

Traffic Authority: Compensation Plan Review

Traffic Authority Push Button Profits Simple Freedom

Click here to review the comp plan.

Look, I’ll be honest with you here…

The compensation plan of Traffic Authority is the #1 reason I promote it as a business opportunity. It includes everything I wanted inside one comp plan.

This is comp plan for people who appreciate large XXL size commissions.

Traffic Authority with the Push Button Profits marketing system is what I choose to use to generate big ticket commissions in my business and you can too.

$500, $1,000, $2,000 commissions per sale are designed into this comp plan. But there’s a distinct advantage in this comp plan that makes it much more attractive to me and that is this…

Why Traffic Authority is a better ‘big ticket’ program:

Usually in “high ticket” comp plans you can only sell your product one time. They’re usually just one time purchase items. Somebody buys a top tier product or service one time and you make that awesome high ticket commission – one time.

It’s great.

But what if we could make it better?

What if we could create a way for you to earn high ticket, beautiful, freedom lifestyle buying commissions again and again from your customers? Recurring commissions from products people chose to buy again and again, earning you big ticket commissions again and again from each customer… wouldn’t that be awesome?

That’s how Traffic Authority works.

People buy traffic. You earn big commissions.

People return to buy more traffic. You earn big commissions again.

No limits to how many times your existing customers can buy traffic.

No limits to how many times you can earn big ticket commissions on each of those sales…


It gets even better…

Affiliate leverage.

They call this plan the Infinite Leverage Comp Plan for a reason, and here it is…

As your affiliate team makes sales of traffic packages and they earn those big ticket commissions, you also earn an override bonus on every single traffic package they sell.

There are no “pass-up” sales in this plan.

You keep your entire front line team of affiliates.

The commissions are split 50/50 on the first 6 sales.

The commissions are split 80/20 on all sales after those first 6.

This happens on every single product and at every single level.

So you’re earning either 50% of all traffic package commissions made by your affiliate team or you’re earning 20% commission on all traffic package sales made by your affiliates.

Earning recurring big ticket commissions is an awesome game changer in itself, but also earning 50% and 20% override passive income on big ticket recurring commissions?

That’s just dirty.

That’s absolute compensation plan nirvana my friend.

And that’s why I love the comp plan and the way we market this comp plan inside the best, automated marketing funnel system I’ve ever seen.

Click here for a full review of the compensation plan…

Push Button Profits Guaranteed Buyers Traffic Authority


The company: Traffic Authority.

The system: Push Button Profits Funnel.

The product: Traffic (and traffic generation marketing training).

The comp plan: Infinite Leverage (Comp Plan Nirvana)

The retail option: Start your own traffic agency like this.

The purpose: Top Tier, Big Ticket Commissions for Freedom Living.

The icing on the cake: Recurring monthly income. Passive income leverage.

The link to review:

The traffic to buy:

The comp plan review: Click here for a full comp plan breakdown.

Questions? Call/Text me: Franco’s cell for text & calls – 760-271-2810 or reach me on Facebook.

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