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THE CLICK AGENCY: Automated Targeted Business Opportunity Traffic Sent Direct to Your Website…

The Click Agency Simple Freedom Clicks Traffic

The Lifeblood of Internet Marketing is Traffic: You need a steady and stable supply of targeted traffic to build your business…

The Click Agency is a full service internet advertising firm. They specialize in ‘business opportunity seeker’ traffic generation for the affiliate marketing and internet (home business) marketing niche. Even internet based network marketing business owners use this kind of traffic to create leads and build their email lists.

Their product is ‘Done-For-You’ bizop traffic sent to whatever offers you want.

The Click Agency Automated Traffic Simple Freedom

What kind of traffic is this?

This is targeted traffic for the ‘home based business’ niche and many affiliate marketing offers. You order your traffic package and submit the link of the landing page, blog or affiliate offer website you want that traffic to be sent to and The Click Agency does the advertising, generates the traffic and sends it to your link.

It’s a simple process and completely ‘done-for-you’.

This kind of service is best for entrepreneurs who wish to outsource a part of their advertising and traffic generation activities while they focus their time on prospecting, brand building or social media marketing.

Outsource ‘Done-For-You’ Traffic While You Master Social Media Marketing

Savvy affiliate marketers outsource advertising and traffic generation to agencies like The Click Agency while they focus on personal branding, networking and social media.

DUPLICATION: Network Marketing Pros Build XXL Distributor Teams with Autopilot Traffic

In the network marketing arena, professional network marketing team builders not only use The Click Agency traffic to generate customers and affiliates, but they also build duplication by teaching their affiliate teams to also utilize automated traffic from The Click Agency to generate sales in depth and build large sales organizations.

Create Profitable Traffic Coops for Your Sales Team

Another way marketers in affiliate sales teams use traffic like this is to pool their resources and create traffic coops where they can team up with 3-5 other sales affiliates and buy bigger traffic packages and share the traffic flow.

How Much Does this Traffic Cost?

The price of traffic varies but it averages out to about $1 per click.

The bigger the traffic package, the lower the per click cost.

Why would I want to buy traffic at $1 per click?

The Click Agency saves newbies money! The typical (inexperienced) internet marketer will waste hundreds of hours on internet marketing training videos or empty, non-productive time scrolling, liking, commenting and surfing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and get absolutely zero traffic or leads into their business (until they increase their skill level).

Some of these amateurs work under a false belief that this is how to create “free traffic” online.

It’s simply not true.

For many people, it’s just a complete waste of time because they’re not consistent, or lack the time to build a true social network, or they simply aren’t effective at attracting targeted people, building a network or attracting customers.

Social media marketing works… but not for everyone. 

Considering the additional fact that many new online entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars on “Social Media Marketing” and “Internet Marketing” training courses, only to wind up completely wasting time on social networks and not generating traffic or leads, this kind of quest for “free traffic” can also be a significant waste of money.

But, muh guru told me “only suckers buy traffic” and that I should ‘generate my own leads’ with my own paid advertising…

Yeah well, the guru lied his ass off.

Yet another reality that impacts the relatively inexperienced online entrepreneur is the considerable amount of money wasted on internet advertising courses which lead them to obsolete advertising methods where they waste large chunks of money “generating their own leads” with, for example, Facebook paid advertising methods, YouTube pay per view ads, Twitter and Instagram ads etc.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Facebook paid ads and other paid advertising definitely works… it just doesn’t work at all for most newbies because their advertising copywriting skills are HORRIBLE! And most newbies simply quit way before they increase their skill level. It takes, sometimes, a LOT of money in failed advertising to build up your skill level by trial and error. How much money do you have to lose on the learning curve?

This is a “One/Two Punch” in the face for most newbies as they blow money two ways:

  1. Expensive ($297 – $2997) coaching and training programs.
  2. Expensive advertising campaigns that don’t convert.

It’s not funny.

I’ve met hundreds of “home business” owners who have been led to these kinds of “generate your own leads” methods and have only blown thousands of dollars in wasteful, obsolete methods or strategies that were over their heads and clearly meant for more seasoned direct response marketing practitioners.

So, what’s your point?

So, with all that said, many times, marketers would be better served to set a steady, doable, monthly marketing budget they can stick to, especially for their first 90 days, and use a “done-for-you” advertising agency that knows how to generate the kind of targeted traffic they need, and have the traffic sent to your website or offers.

Doesn’t this make more sense?

After wasting thousands of dollars on complete lead generation failure, many people feel great about having an automated traffic and lead source on tap that can deliver consistent traffic for just $1 a click. It ends up saving them piles of cash and gets them what they actually wanted in the first place – TRAFFIC & LEADS!

When you’re a newbie and Facebook ads campaigns are kicking you in the teeth at $5-$9+ per click… a dependable $1 per click price on targeted traffic can be a God send.

That’s what The Click Agency is all about.

You can click here to order some traffic and test it on your own offers.

Who Wants to Start Their Own Internet Traffic Agency?

The Click Agency Automated Traffic Generation Simple Freedom

Be a Traffic Broker – Sell Traffic – Make Money

Get all the personal traffic you can handle for free!

Another option available at The Traffic Agency is the ability for entrepreneurs to become an agent for them and promote the service to other internet marketers.

As an agent of The Click Agency you can position yourself to earn commissions of 35% per click.

That’s potentially very lucrative as this plan has no income caps. You earn $350 on every $1,000 of traffic sold.

You also earn second tier overrides from your team of agents…

The Click Agency’s affiliate program is a simple 2-Tier plan which gives you the opportunity to be a broker agent and earn an additional 10% per click on all traffic packages sold by your own team of agents.

Earn Large Commissions by Recruiting Traffic Agents?

As a Broker Agent you also receive $500 per agent recruited and another $100 every time one of your agents recruits an agent. These bigger commissions are in addition to the commissions on traffic package sales.

You can use your traffic agency commissions to offset your own personal traffic purchases, thus getting all your own traffic “for free.”

The Click Agency Traffic Generation Simple Freedom Traffic

You can review the complete Agent Affiliate Program here.

Internet marketers will always need traffic to build their businesses.

Most marketers execute a variety of strategies to generate traffic and create leads.

The option of “done-for-you” automated traffic generation services is growing and will grow long term as marketers utilize more of these automated traffic generation firms while they focus on mastering their other social media and internet marketing strategies and skill sets.

Traffic Generation Brokerage is a Stable and Ever Green Business Model

The Click Agency Traffic Generation Simple Freedom Traffic

One of the most stable and lucrative niches in the arena of internet marketing is brokering quality traffic.

How can I start my own internet traffic agency right now?

You can click here to get informed and start your own traffic agency business.

Or visit

How can I order traffic for my own offers?

You can click here to order traffic.

Or visit

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick review about how I use The Click Agency in my own business and if you have any questions, just let me know.


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