What is REALLY Happening in Syria – with David Icke

by Franco on October 8, 2015

The Truth About: Syria Civil War, Putin’s Russia Bombing ISIS in Syria and the United States National Interests in the Conflict

David Icke on What’s Really Happening (and why) in Syria. Bullet Points:

One: Syria is a piece of land where 22 million people live that’s roughly the size of North Dakota.

Two: In that little piece of land, we have USA bombing, France bombing, Turkey bombing, Israel bombing, Kurds attacking, CIA backed, funded and trained rebels bombing and attacking, we have ISIS bombing and attacking, we have Iran having a military presence there, and now we have Russia starting to bomb that land.

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Three: If anyone ever needed confirmation that we live in a lunatic asylum, then the events of Syria are the confirmation.

Four: Does anyone really think that all this is going on, all these countries involved, all this bombing, all this death and destruction, suffering and refugee creation is happening because the West, morally, feels that president Assad is a tyrant, oppressing his people, and therefore the opposition to him in the country must be supported?

Does ANYONE really believe that?

The idea, that the United States and Brittain alone, have any interest, whatsoever, in the oppression of people, when the British Empire and the American Empire, that is, but not named, have spent centuries oppressing people all over the world for their own economic benefit and accumulation of power.

They could not give a DAMN about what is happening in Syria, in terms of, oppression of the people, or whatever else they claim.

We have a situation where one of the greatest oppressors of humanity on the planet, Saudi Arabia, which executes someone, on average, about every two days at the moment, is part of the coalition to stop oppression in Syria?

We have ISIS, rightly, vilified and condemned for the practice of beheading as a tool of trauma and control and terror. And yet, we have Saudi Arabia beheading, with not a murmur from the same “moral” West.

They are bombing mercilessly, civilians in Yemen, without a murmur from the “moral” West that arms them and allows them to do it.

So, it’s pretty bloody clear that the cover story of…

“We must help the people of Syria!” is a load of freakin bullocks!

So there’s other reasons with many levels to it.

I am SICK beyond words at the moral hypocrisy of the Obamas and the Camerons and the Blairs and the Bushes and all these others. War criminals, the lot of them. Psychopaths… who talk about how they must stand for freedom and justice, while bombing the crap out of country after country and leaving mayhem and violence behind them.

So we have the next stage this week of the Syrian crisis, and that is the introduction of Russia.

Russia has gone in to support the Assad government so to protect Russian military and naval interests in Syria from the gathering chaos of evil and takeover.

Russian’s first bombing campaign were not only against ISIS targets but also rebel forces of Assad opponents.

The trigger of this whole conflict was due to actions by CIA trained, funded and armed “rebels,” many of which had just been shipped over from doing the same thing in Libya.

And so what we have now, in effect, is an emerging proxy war on that land between, definitely Russia (supported by China) and Iran who are attacking American backed “rebels” (mercenaries) which they call “moderates”…. there is no “moderation” in what any of them are doing in Syria.

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Syria Media Brainwashing

And it could go any way, but I am going to talk later about something that was protected a long time ago, which, current events are absolutely mirroring decades later.

Connecting the dots…

** The Hypocrisy is Breathtaking: We had the United States Defense Secretary say what Russia is doing is adding fuel to the fire. But the fire was started by the United States systematically and secondly, US has been pouring petrol on the fires all over the world for hundreds of years. What is happening now, is only a continuation of what has been happening for so long.

** The British Empire. They used force to go into countries and take them over. And they called it “The Great British Empire.”

** The US Empire. All US has been doing is the same. Going into countries, taking them over, for their own benefit.

** But what’s really happening… the real story isn’t being talked about. The heads of state and these governments are not really the ones calling the shots and controlling these events, including Russia’s Putin. You have to dig deeper to get to what’s really happening and who’s in real control.

** There is the “hidden hand” which has a global network, and networks within each country, in a structure that operates like a mult-national corporation. You have the central HQ of the web, and then you have the subsidiary webs in different countries all over the world, countries we call the United States, Brittain, France, Russia etc.

** The Puppets. Actors and the public faces of this play. And these heads of state like Obama, Cameron and Putin and the rest; they come into view in public and when we see them, we say that, “He’s in control.” “He’s running the country.” But he’s not. Because in the next election, this group will disapear, and another group will come up and be placed in those positions of public consumption.

** Who is really in control? And then this new crop of “heads of state” will be perceived to be in control, but their not because “the hidden hand” is always there and it’s the one who is truly in control. Whoever the puppets are at the time is irrelevant.

** The shadow. The hidden hand. Or just a variety of forces acting on their own self interest? So it’s “the hidden hand” who is really driving this.

** Diving down the rabbit hole in Syria. So if you look at Syria, it can be seen on one level as Putin coming in to respond to what the United States with Brittain is doing in Syria. And on that level, it’s true. That is what’s happening. But if you go deeper, then, what appears to be one thing can actually be another.

** Albert Pike, Giuseppe Mazzini. 33rd degree Freemasons. And that brings me to the infamous letter from Albert Pike in 1871 that he sent to Giuseppe Mazzini, one of the original founders of the Mafia and one of the members of this “hidden hand” network I’m talking about.

** The Plan for 3 World Wars. In that letter, Pike details the long term plan to consolidate world control and power by the use of a variety of methods including Three World Wars. The third world war’s objective, stated in the letter, was to have the Muslim elements of the world fight against the “Zionist” elements of the world in the Middle East area to destroy each other.

** Perpetual Never Ending War. A perpetual and never ending state of war, chaos and regime change. The most profitable racket of all also is the most effective vehicle to gain control of entire nation states. He also mentioned releasing “Nihilism” into the world to continue the state of perpetual wars all over the world.

** Nihilism: War, Death and Destruction. Chaos on Purpose. A political belief or action that advocates or commits violence or terrorism without discernable, constructive goals. Is there a better description out there of ISIS and what it’s doing?

** The Destruction of National Culturalism. No more “national identities” are aloud. Mass Migration of Refugees away from the Middle East nations and into Europe where they can change the look of a nation’s cultural identity. There is still a strong national identity in Germany. Mass migration and absorption of refugees will change the national identity of Germany, which makes it easier to take down a nation state and take it over.

** The Biggest Mass Migration Since World War II. Now you have the biggest migration of masses of people since World War II into Europe.

He goes on to connect China interests, and even Facebook’s censorship of posts critical to the mass migration events.

If you’re serious about learning what’s really going on and why and by who…

You need to get information from alternative sources like the full video by David Icke.

To truly understand the level of organization and the depth of evil, deception and sociopathic strategies being used right now in the Middle East and Africa to do the same things as were done in Central and South America back in the 80s you have to study the people they quietly place in charge in the embassies.

Study Robert Stephen Ford and his mentor, the infamous, and one of the worlds pure psychopaths and war criminal mastermind, John Negroponte. Google them and their vicious history. The same exact person they put in charge of death squads and regime change in Central America was also appointed as Ambassador to Iraq after the war and in the Middle Easy. Coincidence?


8 Reasons Why: the United States (backed, financed and controlled by The Globalist Cartel:

International Banks, Defense Contractors and Multi-National Corporations and their Lobbyists are the “globalist cartel.” This ‘cartel’ is conducting ongoing overt and covert ‘regime change’ foreign policy in Syria in an attempt to take Assad out of power and install a puppet political ruler.


** Syria’s Central Bank is State Owned: Syria is not controlled by a “Rothschild Central Bank,” or a bank under the control of The Bank of International Settlements, which usually decides how much a nation’s currency is worth and how much debt a nation has.In Libya, one of the first things that happened after their “Regime Change” operation was executed was that their central bank was replaced by a “Rothschild Central Bank.”

** Syria Has No Debt to the IMF: The International Monetary Fund. Syria, before the conflict began, was a totally debt free country. Whenever it’s taken out loans, it was not from the IMF, but rather from one of its trusted ally like Russia.The first thing that Egypt’s new “Post Regime Change” president did was to saddle the people of Egypt with $4.8 billion of IMF debt.Because Syria owes no money or interest to foreign powers and its bank is free from foreign control, she’s able to choose her own foreign policy. This is why Syria can oppose imperialism unlike in Palestine, Libya and Iraq. And follow their own trade and dometic policy such as banning GMOs (Genetically Modified Food).

** Syria Has No GMO: Syria has never had Genetically Modified Food and has recently formilized this into law. Companies like Monsanto are among the world profiteers or “The Dogs of War.” When Iraq was invaded, one of the first things that the United States’ Bremmer changed in the Iraqi constitution was to make it illegal for farmers to store their own seeds which forced them to buy GMO seed from Monsanto.

Genetically modified seed is very expensive and carry a promise of being better than natural seed. Many farmers in India who bought the GMO seed and had their crops fail that year, committed suicide because they had no money to buy new seed from Monsanto and couldn’t have saved their own seed because they had entered a contractual agreement to only purchase seed from Monsanto and not use their own natural seed.Famine reigned as a result.

Controlling food supply is yet another constraint used to keep countries and people in firm control. Syria has resisted this tactics to be put under foreign control.

** Syrian People Aware of Global Conspiracy: Syrian state media doesn’t shy away from discussion of “secret societies.” In Syria, talk about “secret societies” is not seen as a fringe conspiracy but, mainstream. Those who tell you it’s not significant that two US presidential candidates, Bush and Kerry, were both members of the same tiny secret society, Skull & Bones, are willingly blind.

** Syria Has Natural Gas and Plans to Build Pipelines: Control and manipulation of oil and energy flow is another way that nations are brought to their knees, and yet another convenient reason why Syria is a target. Syria recently discovered natural gas off its coast and she was working on a new pipeline going through Iran, Iraq and Syria to Europe that would rival the current pipeline currently going through Israel.Forcing oil and natural gas to pass through Israel through the BTC pipeline is the way in which the New World Order uses Israel as their hub of control of the oil flow between Europe, Asia and Africa.

They can turn off the tap whenever they want. And that brings nations under their umbrella.Syria’s attempt to give the world an alternative route for oil and natural gas could have been a way to free the world from and put a wrench in the plans of the global dominators.

** Syria Opposes “Zionism” and Israel: “And I have spoken about this at length. That Syria is one of the last countries left that does not recognize the apartheid state of Israel and resists the zionist agenda, which is a large part of the New World Order. This is one of the main reasons the NWO sees Syria as an obstable to its plans, and this point requires an individual video.

** Syria is The Last Secular Country in the Middle East: Another reason why the New World Order hates Syria is that it is a secular country in the Middle East. Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and much of North Africa were secular nations. But after the Iraq war, Iraq was given a more theocratic (religious) Shiite government. After the Arab Spring and the NATO bombardment of Libya, it was given a Wahabi extremist government. And recently, Egypt became a Muslim Brotherhood nation, another theocracy.

And with Israel being the extremist Jewish theocracy in the region, Syria is really the last secular country left in the Middle East.In Syria, asking someone what their religion is, is insulting. And if an outsider asks you what it is, you can’t help but feel a little bit defensive, and the common asnwer is, “I am Syrian.” All the primary religions have lived their in peace for hundreds of years and with freedom to practice.Divide and Conquer is a strategy which the world powers use to control nations and Syria’s unity has been a way to resist that.

** Syria Has a Strong National Identity: National pride was strong in Syria. Syria has a very strong cultural and national identity. If you have ever traveled the world, you will notice that you can find the same shops and the same culture being spread everywhere. You can find the same clothing items in a shop in Dubai, that you can find in France. This is not the case for Syria. Syria holds on to its uniqueness and its own production.

The New World Order hates Syria because Syria is (was) independent and free and won’t be bound or controlled by foreign interests over its own. So Orwellian it is when they shout “Free Syria!” when they’re really just trying to enslave her.

Evil world powers are playing BIG TIME global war, economic enslavement and total control in other countries around the world who don’t play by their rules. This is nothing new. But these days, the pretense is gone and they’re “robbing banks in plain daylight” with thinly veiled fairy tales of excuses.


LATEST UPDATE: The Qatar – Syria – Turkey Pipeline Scandal: How Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Clinton Foundation and CIA are Connected in a Massive Scheme to Instigate “Regime Change” War in Syria in Order to Profit from a Pipeline Project via Qatar…

SEE ALSO: The Truth About the U.S. Illegal Proxy War in Syria and Potential Nuclear War with Russia…

SEE ALSO: The Truth About Benghazi – How Hillary Clinton Brokered Illegal Advanced Arms Deals through Qatar to Libyan Rebels…




True Story



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