The Qatar – Syria – Turkey Pipeline Hillary Clinton Barak Obama CIA Illegal Regime Change Proxy War in Syria for Massive Profit

by Franco on November 2, 2016

The Qatar – Syria – Turkey Pipeline: Hillary Clinton Barak Obama CIA Illegal ‘Regime Change’ Proxy War in Syria for Massive Profit via Clinton Foundation Scam

The Qatar – Syria – Turkey Pipeline: Hillary and Obama’s Illegal Proxy War (video 2)

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Qatar - Syria - Turkey - Pipeline Hillary Obama Proxy War Regime Change Assad Syria

The Qatar – Turkey Pipeline Story

Was Evan McMullen involved?

From the Tweet Storm…

Important to keep in mind that the Neocon & Neoliberal factions of both major parties are bought and paid for. They know about the pipeline.

HRC/Obama are the professional politicians for the Neoliberal warmongers in the Democratic party. They will always promote conflict for $.

Obama/HRC withdrew from Iraq because they knew it would lead to destabilization and give cover for FSA operation to overthrow Assad.

Obama/HRC are using DOJ with Loretta Lynch to obstruct FBI investigation into Qatar bribes to Clinton foundation.

Huma Abedin emails on Weiner computer will confirm corruption scandal involving Qatar pipeline, Syrian Civil War, CIA, Clinton Foundation.

Money from Iran Deal was sent to Russia in exchange for military support for opposing Iranian pipeline which restarted the cold war.

AMBO Stevens found out about the FSA plot to overthrow Assad while pursuing stinger missiles headed for ISIS and was murdered by HRC/Obama.

Obama/Kerry/HRC thought Iran deal could pay off Iranians to cease their pipeline efforts. Iranians double crossed them & gave to Putin.

Obama/HRC had no intention of leaving ME. They only repositioned themselves with Qatar because Qatar was highest bidder. Corrupt!

Sources in FBI say that Weiner wants immunity for underage sex crimes in exchange for Clinton foundation & email scandal re Qatar pipeline.

Other sources in DOJ say Loretta Lynch & Obama scrambling to use the Hatch Act to silence the FBI release of evidence from Weiner file.

FBI won’t charge HRC before election because Obama will use power to pardon her. “If we release Weiner file before Nov. 8th she’ll walk.”

Then HRC will use her power to pardon Obama and the heist will be 100% legal.

FBI sources, “Pro HRC faction within FBI trying to charge HRC this week so Obama can pardon. Pro Trump faction wants to wait till Nov 9th.”

I’ve been told to pencils down on this one. Too dangerous.

Last tweet, FBI Trump faction wants to drag it out till Trump is in office. If HRC wins they will charge her after inauguration. Going dark.

Wow! Sorry more crazy info. Just told that Obama moving forward with presidential pardon regardless of outcome. God help us all! Going dark.

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