Winning the Culture War with President Trump: Survival Guide

by Franco on March 21, 2017

SURVIVAL GUIDE: Winning the Culture War with President Donald Trump

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Lefists are in an existential fight and they’re throwing tantrums like it.

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It’s life or death for their globalism, collectivism, centralized goverment control agenda. They’re politically impotent. They’ve suffered one of the most massive and humiliating defeats in their sad, failed, murderous history. In the United States they lost the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and they’re about to lose the Judiciary up to and including the Supreme Court.

Across the world nationalism and populist movements are rising and gaining political power with more European peoples fighting to take back their national sovereignty and rejecting the fraud of the “European Union” and the globalism agenda. The people are waking up to the fraud and deception of the left’s march to power.

Here’s a survival guide on how to continue to win this political, philosophical and cultural war.

Stefan Molyneux delivers a quick class on what to expect from the desperate, failing left and how to maneuver through the political tantrums of the globalist’s massive and ongoing tantrums…

The ongoing culture war between the dark forces of globalism and the rising tide of nationalism has seen many battles fought within the political arena of the United States of America. As the ideological battle wages on, Stefan Molyneux explains what is truly on the line and how you can survive to continue fighting the good fight.

To win this culture war and celebrate a long term defeat of the fraudulent left and their globalism agenda, liberty enthusiasts will need to focus on a couple core things that make us ubeatable:

  1. A passionate focus on individual freedom. Teach liberty everywhere and at all times.
  2. Information and Media Wars: Never shut up. Never tire. Everyone is their own media channel. Share info.
  3. Financial Independence: Learn to create your own work. Learn to generate your own cash flow.

If you focus and succeed in these 3 core keys for winning this culture war, you can’t lose. There is absolutely no way the defeated leftists can impose their deceptive and fraudulent globalist agenda on a well educated, connected and communicating, financially independent society focused on the spread of individual freedom and personal liberty.

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And then there was this…

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