Speed Feeder Update and Doubling My Bitcoin on Autopilot

by Franco on May 16, 2017

SPEED FEEDER UPDATE: How I Doubled My Bitcoin Holding on Autopilot Leveraging the Power of Affiliate Marketing and Direct Response…

So, while I was unplugged and completely offline this weekend, I cycled Level 3 Matrix of Speed Feeder and Earned another $1,850 – here’s how I set this offer up:

Speed Feeder. Always nice to have some affiliate leverage growing. Always nice to receive notifications like this one.

Speed Feeder Update Bitcoin Payouts

I set this program up (created by our own Clay Montgomery, who also owns the best traffic spot in the industry, DFYSolos)

I wanted to add a “one time price point,” affordable ($100) affiliate program but that worked internally with leverage.

Then we promoted it to our facebook and our email list, I bought a solo ad for it and then sent, again, about 3-5 emails to my list announcing that it was available in our affiliate marketing  list of options.

My focus was on explaining exactly WHY I added this kind of program so people would know with clarity why I offered it and if they resonated with the reasons behind it, they can choose to buy too and promote hard to “find their two”… and let “the power of two” work for them.

If you keep stuff simple to understand and use our fundamental training, it grows.

And it has…

Another cycle…

Franco Speed Feeder 2x2 Matrix Bitcoin Payouts

$1,850 from leverage with a cool affiliate program.

Now, here’s exactly what I’m going to do with these commissions:

1. Reinvest about $500 from this in more DFYSolos traffic to its funnel at www.SimpleFreedomBitcoin.com

2. Post this EXACT post and pic on my blog.

3. Send out at least 3-5 more emails to my list linking to #2, the blog post and also to this post on facebook.

4. Put this exact post on my fan page.

And with that…

We’ll work to cycle again with a batch of fresh, new entrepreneurs… and as I do that…

…there’s a LOT of existing teammates behind me that we’ll help push through the matrixes and they will cycle Level 1, Level 2 and Levl 3 BEFORE I cycle again.

I wanted a “team work” and “team build” option in my personal business to help teammates cash flow while we focus on our foundation and anchor programs of PLS, Simple Freedom Academy and Exitus Elite.

It’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do.

When you use strategy and take massive action, you can work options like this into your personal business.

Thanks Clay, for building Speed Feeder and DFYSolos for us.

Working perfectly.

You can check out Speed Feeder here:

Any questions, just ask below.

I’d recommend watching my presentation about it first though.

Pretty simple.

And then always take action to promtoe your capture page and build your email list… as you work daily to network and build your Facebook audienct too.

It’s all I do.

Have fun!


DID YOU KNOW? Speed Feeder now seamlessly integrates with Bitcoin – You can purchase using Bitcoin and affiliates can receive their sales commissions via Bitcoin as well. Very convenient. I created this Bitcoin branded affiliate marketing funnel too. Click here to review.

Speed Feeder Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

Speed Feeder Info Bitcoin Coinbase Blockchain



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