Speed Feeder Funnels

SPEED FEEDER: Your Share Codes, Funnels and Pages for Power Lead System Members

If you’re a Gold Member of Power Lead System, I have a marketing funnel and presentation pages I created a “Share Code” for you that you can use immediately for this offer.

Speed Feeder


Here’s what they look like:

  1. Lead Capture Page:
  2. Intro “Bridge” Page:
  3. Optional Presentation Page:

SPEED FEEDER AFFILIATE LINKS: How to Find Your Affiliate Links


  1. Install share code to your PLS back office.
  2. Create a subdomain for your lead capture page.
  3. Create COPY of Lead Capture Page: SPEED FEEDER LCP 1
  4. Link subdomain to lead capture page.
  5. Link lead capture page to your Speed Feeder affiliate link



  1. Install share code to your PLS back office: 344762-speed
  2. Create subdomain for your lead capture page.
  3. Create subdomain for your “bridge” page.
  4. Create COPY of “bridge” page.
  5. Link bridge page to your Speed Feeder Affiliate Link.
  6. Create COPY of Lead Capture Page: SPEED FEEDER LCP 1
  7. Link subdomain to your lead capture page.
  8. Link lead capture page to a “bridge” or “intro” page.


  1. Setup a comprehensive sales funnel.
  2. Follow the instructions to setup the Frank Calabro Jr. Funnel
  3. Go here for funnel setup instructions.
  4. Go here for setup instruction video.

Power Lead System: This is why being a member of Power Lead System is so powerful. We’re always creating pages, funnels and email campaigns you can replicate and use in your marketing.

To review Power Lead System (the marketing tool suite I use to create all my pages and funnels) click here. I love it because it’s easy for me to create and “share code” pages and selling funnels with my team instantly to help you generate more leads and make more sales.

NEED CAPTURE PAGE BUT TIGHT BUDGET? If you need a lead capture page for traffic but you’re on an extremely tight budget, just get this system here. It’s just a one-time $7. You get capture pages, presentation page and my training to show you how to get traffic. And you also get paid $6 per sale on every $7 sale. Use this page as your capture page and it sells whatever you want (THIS PROGRAM) on the back end for you. I show you exactly how to set it up. It’s easy.


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